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The YouTube Algorithm Explained in 7 Videos

The YouTube Algorithm is this magic mythical beast that powers the 2nd largest search engine on the internet. This mythical beast is like the Fountain Of Youth - everyone want to be the person to find it and prove it works!

That's why I decided to break it down into 7 parts for you to digest as part of my YouTube Algorithm Explained Series...

1 - What Is An Algorithm?

What is an Algorithm? How Does It Work? In this video I drill down into the YouTube Search Algorithm for 2018. What it does and how you can optimise your videos to feed the search results with Video SEO, Metadata and Keyword Tagging.
The YouTube Algorithm Explained in 7 Videos

2 - YouTube Search & Discover - Ranking Your Videos

Picking the right keywords can tags can help you teach the YouTube Algorithm what your video is about. You need to tag for the category, you channel niche and for the related phases for your video - I use TUBE BUDDY to help me -