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The YouTube Algorithm Explained in 7 Videos

The YouTube Algorithm is this magic mythical beast that powers the 2nd largest search engine on the internet. This mythical beast is like the Fountain Of Youth - everyone want to be the person to find it and prove it works!

That's why I decided to break it down into 7 parts for you to digest as part of my YouTube Algorithm Explained Series...

1 - What Is An Algorithm?

What is an Algorithm? How Does It Work? In this video I drill down into the YouTube Search Algorithm for 2018. What it does and how you can optimise your videos to feed the search results with Video SEO, Metadata and Keyword Tagging.
The YouTube Algorithm Explained in 7 Videos

2 - YouTube Search & Discover - Ranking Your Videos

Picking the right keywords can tags can help you teach the YouTube Algorithm what your video is about. You need to tag for the category, you channel niche and for the related phases for your video - I use TUBE BUDDY to help me -

3 - Suggested Videos - Make YouTube Work For You

Getting on the YouTube Suggested Videos can help rapidly grow your channel but you have you teach the YouTube Algorithm what to suggest you against. The YouTube Algorithm in 2018 forms habits based on viewers behaviours. In other words, if you teach the YouTube Algorithm to expect people to watch your video and then go to a set other video, it will start suggesting that video more in future. 

4 - Master The YouTube Homepage

YouTube's Home Page used to be the making and breaking factor on many early YouTuber's careers back in the day. In the early years on YouTube the homepage was manually selected and globally viewed. YouTube Home Page in 2018 heavily influenced by the YouTube Algorithm your viewing habits and related content.

5 - Get Trending, Get Rapid Views

Getting on the YouTube Trending Tab is not something you can can learn from YouTube Tips and YouTube Hacks videos. The Trending Tab is the top 1% of the sites viral content for the last 24-48 hours. This normally includes top level creators, movie trailers, music videos and topical content.

6 - YouTube Subscribers Are YOUR Life Blood

YouTube uses the initial reactions to a newly published video as a way to ranking your video in the search and discovery algorithm. Getting more youtube subscribers in 2018 to watch your videos in the first 24-48 hours shows youtube how engaging that video is and how likely it is to retain viewers. Not only how long they watch that video but how long they stay on YouTube in general.

7 - Notifications Can KICK START Your Brand and Growth

The notification icon or bell icon is fairly new to YouTube. Late 2016 it is a way to guarantee push notifications are sent to your viewers and so you don't miss any videos from your favourite YouTubers. This is effectively the new subscribe button if you always want to see a YouTubers content.

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Although YT is fascinating as a SE and as a video repository, I think putting all this *continuous* effort in a channel there is a very inefficient way to spend one's resources. Yes, you can make some cash from the ads, but YT is very strongly biased towards regular content, meaning that if you don't publish vids on your channel fairly frequently, you are less likely to receive any help from YT. Also, the way it's changing its policies, who is to say that it will continue paying you a couple of years from now?

Perhaps some people need to be reminded that if you are not paying for a product, that's because you are the product. So, in that sense, the producers are the cheap labor for all this to continue making money for the people who run it (i.e. Google). There are other, more self-respecting ways to make money off one's videos than YT, esp. if they are of any decent quality.