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The Manager as Coach

The Manager as CoachA recent opinion poll showed that 87% of employees worldwide are unmotivated, disengaged and under-performing.

The economic repercussions of having employees who do not feel engaged and committed to supporting a company's goals are staggering.

Employee engagement – or rather the lack of –remains a key issue for employers.

The latest HR trends are predicted to include a shift of focus from ‘employee engagement’ to 'employee experience' including employee engagement, culture and performance management.

The Manager as Coach Workshop can help!

Coaching is an effective leadership tool. It enables managers to cultivate their people’s abilities by- taking a genuine interest, understanding their hopes, dreams, strengths and growth needs. You empower them to find their own solutions.

You will help your employees to understand “what they do and why it matters”.

Manager as Coach Learning Outcomes

This one-day workshop will help managers boost their effectiveness as leaders, and drive team success by inspiring and developing their people through coaching.

Attending this workshop will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of coaching and how it has direct benefits in the workplace. It

will provide participants with a practical understanding of coaching, and the application and benefits in the workplace.

Participants will learn and practice essential core coaching skills.

We can hold this session at your offices worldwide.

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