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7 principles to boost your professional career according to Steve Jobs

7 principles to boost your professional career according to Steve Jobs

Serendipity is the act of making an unexpected discovery that was not originally planned. There are many opportunities throughout a professional career. You just have to dare and take advantage of these opportunities to move to a higher level. We must also know that chance has its share of responsibility for success, but there are a number of actions that help to provoke it. For a long time Steve Jobs inspired marketing and communication. He can also give some clues to apply for success that he had in his career.

In Steve Jobs's book on innovation secrets, "The 7 Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs.¨ Carmine Gallo developed the 7 principles inspired by the founder of Apple to see things differently and go forward professionally.

1. Do what you love

Well-being at work has become a key element of professional success. For a company, retaining to its resources is essential to be able to give more value to your business brand.

Although many companies open up business colleges and offer training to their workers so that they can progress, the balance between personal and professional life has become a critical element in having stable staff and attracting new talent.

To advance and highlight our profile, we must know how to properly identify our skills and take advantage of our main strengths. To move forward, we need to be in an environment that encourages the desire to go beyond what we already have.

2. Put a dent in the universe.

Each professional sector integrates a multitude of ways facilitating the expression and the contribution of innovative ideas in the company. We should share with our colleagues, use the forces of collaborative work mode and be interested in innovations that are presented to us by opportunities.

Today we have a multitude of tools that allow us to access this constructive evasion and that opens us to new doors. In a few clicks we can move forward faster. It is adapting to concepts and imagining new ideas that present opportunities. We must multiply the number of connections to the external world.

3. Creativity is connecting things

It is confronting and teaming up with companions and trying to bring your own "stone" to the building, that the reactivity increases quickly. Thanks to many nodes, digital arrays of connections provide us with a multitude of solutions that must be treated in a pragmatic way.

It is imagining ideas, expressing them, proving them and wishing them, that we get to see things in a different way and leave the common sector.

4. Sell dreams, not products

Professional social networks have become essential tools in showcasing our skills. Thanks to these digital interfaces and a few keywords, we can direct searches to our profile.

In the modern digital world, it is almost dangerous to live in hiding. There is no one who is sure that you will not have to go through a crisis during your professional career. Working life is no longer a long calm river.

Through our personal brand we can all connect with more and build a kind of "life insurance".

5. Say no to 1,000 things

Express your opinions and contribute to the progress of projects, these are excellent ways to add value through your knowledge and for others to recognize your work. Professional life is made up of decisions. The way to express your ideas in internal and external ways has become an indispensable tool to manage.

In the work environment we also have to learn how to manage contacts and be able to see the short, medium and long term. To go further, it is imperative that our partners respect us and recognize our value.

6. Create insanely great experiences

In every job, that is directly linked to clients or support, there is always an orientation to a supplementary and qualitative service that is provided to the clients of the company.  Sometimes it is difficult to understand the real needs of our clients or the peculiarities of an unknown sector.

In a professional career, you have to take advantage of the opportunities of change of, route and pass to the sector of its clients to be able to understand them better. Once your learning is done, you can always go back with a different view on the mechanisms of the game.

7. Master the message

Knowing how to manage the art of communication is an essential key to progress in the digital world where absolutely everything is heard and read. Every professional should be trained to know their rudiments and then be able to take advantage of them to progress.

There are a lot of easy solutions to training yourself to squeeze out and gradually make your knowledge known. More and more companies are looking for ambassadors who convey a positive image through interventions and writing.

Getting into a positive communication cycle can be extremely beneficial for both parties. In this world of ultra communication, each one becomes a bridge that allows to multiply the signals.

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Yogesh Sukal Mar 27, 2017 · #1

Thank you so much @Alban JARRY for the post.
I admire Steve Jobs for making difference in the world. Indeed non conformity, creativity, passion, being humble and Noble simultaneously, "staying hungry and stupid" as he said. Respect and indeed these qualities can't be explained but experienced in autocatalytic way, more you be more you become.

In fact I mentioned him as a analogical singularity in my blog below,

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