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The world of social media in 28 ideas (2nd part)

The world of social media in 28 ideas (2nd part)

From an ecosystem to it’s own universe, social networks materialize the changes that impact our society. Increasingly pushing the boundaries of connections that have been integrated into our daily lives. In this second part of the article, we continue to explore these.


Humanity can’t live in an anarchic world. Internet, created by the hands of computer scientists, is based on a logic and a willingness to organize new human relationships. Social networks give us an image of freedom thanks to the conglomerates that manage them. They are part of a logical whole.

Bernard Calvet said that "even the most perfect organization has to evolve every ten years." With social networks, newcomers keep emerging to try to replace the established ones. An infinite round-trip returns to drawing the contours of this organization to the constant nucleus. Do you think that this boiling magma could cause an uncontrollable eruption?


"While we continue to listen and share, we live together" (Simone Veil), new social media operate according to an open model, communicative and free. The Internet is the deepest reflection of the philanthropic and considerate human being.

Some try to transform this model to take away their philanthropy of origin, colliding against barriers and eventually disappearing. Social networks bring humans closer to each other. Reinforcing the social connection that can be cultivated according to real relationships. We can’t go against our nature of care and solidarity.

"Having knowledge without sharing it is like descending into a level of no ideas" (Thucydides in "The History of the Peloponnesian War")

QR code

Or facilitator of links to the internet. QR codes are square symbols that, scanned by smartphones, redirect you to predefined pages. Behind a business card, there can be a descriptive file or a CV. In a conference, they are an easy navigation support for references.

Speed being the symbol of web 3.0, QR codes accelerate access to information. The consumer undergoes the laws of writing, the machine makes him his interface work. Our consumer society makes decisions quickly, changes from one product to another and sells it as fast as it is purchased. Do you think that technological advances could transform the human being into a dependent sloth?


The strength of a network is in knowing its users, identifying the elements that provide connections and in knowing how to transmit information effectively. The internet and real-world networks have become preponderant elements of our lives.

Barack Obama knew how to use them to become president and for his reelection campaign. He will remain forever in American history as the President of social networks, as the President was connected continuously. As the President he was able to mobilize his teams  in a few characters. Twitter will always remember the 620,000 retweets announcing his victory and his ability to overtake traditional media.

Exploited as such, you can also hack into this network because you have been able to enter this announcement stream.


SlideShare has millions of slideshows available in just a few clicks. Companies are accustomed to using PowerPoint and will have to manage SlideShare and its new modes of communication. Presentations are integrated into blogs, websites, or LinkedIn: the era of mass dissemination of professional content has arrived.

An affair that is fashionable. Dozens of presentations illustrated with graphics immediately. Like a bud during spring, human nature needs to live a new cycle. During the conferences, hundreds of those privileged could read the content. With SlideShare, thousands of readers are interested. We are thirsty to learn, do you think SlideShare could satisfy this thirst?


It is the network of speed and spontaneity. You have to reduce the content to 140 characters per message and find words that can generate retweets by thousands of followers. Algorithms scan tweets to determine trends. They provoke all the excesses when in 3 minutes they generate a loss of 136 billion dollars at Wall Street.

Albert Camus said that "we want to inform ourselves quickly rather than inform ourselves well. The truth does not win." Twitter transmits information faster than any other medium. The Press Agencies are surpassed and they become witnesses of old times through the overtaking of this giant transmitter of news.

By facilitating both communication, Twitter can even destabilize a political regime or help organize demonstrations. The world can shake through the use of this powerful tool.


What would social networks be without the hundreds of thousands of users? China is small in comparison to social networks who know how to bring the planet together through a common organization. Little by little, the world learns to use this new unprecedented attack force that connects us. Free exchange has been invented again and is now universal.

Networks will have to learn to channel their forces and give value to their potency. Users of the 21st century are volatile and continue to evolve in this world in continuous movement. Do you think they could learn to be stable?


It is a professional French social network that connects professional users. It failed to find new growth facilitators to rival LinkedIn. LinkedIn, has international growth which is more important.

These two rival networks sought to extend themselves by penetrating the professional sphere and offering new services. Unfortunately, the Frenchman was unable to surpass that of its competitor and failed to become the essential element of each professional's job.


It’s a blog system that allows you to integrate dynamic content, even from SlideShare. Communication through blogs has become indispensable to publish in the professional world. Many of the heads of companies and public personalities currently manage their own blog.

It is quickly becoming the central atom of interaction with social networks. It has to evolve regularly, and be attractive because a blog without content is a blog without a reader.

Since 2007, the world of blogging seems to have been overtaken by social networking. Twitter, can often used as a supplement due to the limited 140 characters; It's survival goes through the evolution of its positioning.

Xhtml Or the modern evolution of html, some terms that may seem a bit barbaric but without them, there would be no internet pages and social networks. Language is the source of all communication.

Jakobson has identified 6 functions of language: expressive (reader's feelings), conative (willingness to receive the message), phatic (extend communication), referential (connection with the external world), metalinguistic (transforms message code into its object ) and poetic (the form of content becomes the message).

The virtual world in which we project ourselves in is based on some functions and our willingness to try to get our partners to understand us.


Of of whom the slogan is "Broadcast Yourself," uses a new cross-border view of social networks. The image became somewhat omnipresent and a means of approaching people. Each month, there are thousands of users who connect on Youtube.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" said Confucius and since September 11, 2001 humanity has learnt to live fearing images that could make us tremble. The image reflects the evolution of our society and the omnipresence of visual versus writing. Instantaneousness is our daily routine and social networks forget just as fast as they believe, they are here to remind us.

Like Dorian Gray said we have to take care of our image and how it effects us. What memories will we have of the 21st century? Do you think we will look back with hedonism?

Generation Z

The last letter for a new generation. Natives of the 90s, have lived through the birth of the internet and through the beginning of getting connected. They are free to go where they want in this virtual world in which limits are continuously pushed. They were succeeded by Generation Y, which companies had difficulty in understanding, as they again change the codes.

Fusion in a world still unknown to many, will revolutionize the way you see work. The boundaries of Enterprise 3.0 will be universal. The connection between professionals will be the engine of this new generation. Finally, continuous training will be a reality through this opportunity for daily learning. Challenged with competitors, companies will have to reinvent their models if they want to survive.


Via Twitter or email, this character became a nourishment of our computerized world. It is a symbol of destiny that guides us in this world of instant information.

A Chinese legend says that "an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread can stretch or contract, but never break. " Signs connect us and are essential elements between us, they are at the center of e-mails and timeless relationships created by internet users.

or hashtag is an object of the Tweetosphere. It is the key to discussions, the one that opens doors to move from a message to another. The hashtag makes reading universal and instant on each item. It extends the network by connecting new users together.
The # has become a symbol of instantaneity. It reflects the latest news and the latest trends. However, sometimes it would be necessary to temporize in this world because "patience is the key to well-being”, said Muhammad. By accelerating reading, would we lose the essential of the substance?

28 Words
wouldn´t sum up social networks and this new world in which we are toppling into. Progress is accelerating and man is insatiable. "The world is new to me every morning", said Colette. With each connection, the user discovers a new interactive space from which he ignored the existence a few minutes before. The space-time advances tirelessly, can we be able to apprehend it? The challenge of social networks will be to bring back together the real world and the virtual world and transform this modern-day Far West into a civilized space.

Alban Jarry 

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