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BeBee Censorship - Pay Attention America !

Despite having the inherent ability to not look or not read an article ; despite having the inherent ability to Hide Buzz ; despite having the inherent ability to Unfollow ; beBee and its staff disgustingly censor Articles and Share Buzz that DO NOT violate the Harm Principle and ARE NOT Pornography, Hate Speech or Spam.

Censorship is defined as : the control of information and ideas circulated within a society -- it has been a hallmark of dictatorships throughout history. In the 20th Century, censorship was achieved through the examination of books, plays, films, television and radio programs, news reports, and other forms of communication for the purpose of altering or suppressing ideas and free thought. The rationales for censorship have varied, with some censors targeting material deemed to be indecent or obscene; heretical or blasphemous; or seditious or treasonous. Thus, ideas and free thought have been suppressed under the false guise of protecting three basic social institutions: the family, the church, and the state.

With more than 2,000 Views, more than a dozen Relevant's, more than a dozen Comments and 6 Shares, one Bee found the following Truth / Article offensive and decided to Censor it. The Bee anonymously complained and had the article deleted without ever notifying the author - me.

Days later, the following article was republished. Within 10-minutes it had already been viewed by 300 people, had 2 Relevant's and had 2 comments.

Within those 10-minutes beBee had already taken steps to Censor the article [again] by blocking my ability to comment or respond to the comments that had already been made and by suppressing or burying the article towards the bottom beBee's feed despite being just 10-minutes old.

By the end of the day the following article was disgustingly Censored, Suppressed and Deleted [again] by beBee and its staff.

No matter what you may call it, censorship is a very dangerous path. You need look no further than American history.



We Must Change...

beBee Censorship - Pay Attention America !

America is dying.

1970 to 2015 - In just 45-years through political lies, incompetence and greed our elected officials have effectively gutted or allowed to be gutted what was once the greatest nation this earth has ever known. Not only did America lead in manufacturing, aerospace and farming we also lead in research & development, education and healthcare.


• Roughly 76% of the United States or 243-Million American men, women & children live month to month. One-paycheck and 30-days from being homeless.

• More than half our Nation is dependent upon government assistance either through Obama Care or other programs.

• Approximately 50-Million Americans receive Food Stamps or other food assistance.

• The Unemployment and Underemployment Rate remains above 15%.

• More than 10-million jobs have been exported since 1979. Applying an average Job Multiplier of 5 and you quickly realize that in fact 50-million jobs have been lost since 1979.

• Roughly 80-Million Americans remain uninsured or under-insured thereby reducing or denying their ability to seek basic healthcare services.

• America’s infrastructure is collapsing.

• America has maintained a trade deficit since 1971.

• Student Loan Debt exceeds $1.5-Trillion [our children are broke].

• National Debt exceeds $20-Trillion or +-112% of GDP or +-$165,000.00 per tax payer [our Nation is broke].

• There are more than 11.5-Million Illegal Aliens in the U.S.

• More than 250,000 Illegal-Aliens were convicted of crimes last year.

Out of 132 nations the U.S. ranks 70th in healthcare, 69th in ecosystem sustainability, 39th in basic education, 34th in access to water and sanitation and 31st in personal safety. More surprising is the fact that despite being the home country of global tech heavyweights Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, and so on, the U.S. ranks a disappointing 23rd in access to the Internet.

Our Nation has never been more imperiled than at this very moment.



• The article that one Bee found offensive and the article that beBee and its staff blocked, suppressed and deleted twice.

• A rudimentary agglomeration of FACTS in current day America.

By November 8th, Election Day, Americans will have spent more than a Billion Dollars on Free Speech. If you want America to embrace and join beBee, you had better understand and embrace Free Speech [period]


Milos Djukic Oct 11, 2016 · #96

There's no Beebe censorship, since it is a self-organizing complex system, within which the emergence of order is inevitable phenomenon.

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#90 @Don Kerr West Pointer here. Not much offends me. No, that's not true. I don't like Candice Galek advertising style on beBee. She did the same thing on LinkedIn. Not cool. Thank you for your service Don !


#38 Hi Lori ! My daughter put a stupid pic of me before I had my coffee. It is so ugly, it should be censored. I have makeup smudged from a party the night before, uncombed hair, and one eye half mast. Is there a place I can go to so I can delete it. It's a post she put on. bwahahah.....true story ! HELP. I will be censored for sure !


@@Don Kerr How Ironic. No censorship of half naked bikini clad girls with their legs spread wide sitting on a motorcycle from the Candice Galek ad, BUT,.....yet this is censored. What a messed up world.

Don Kerr Oct 10, 2016 · #92

#87 sure. We could even hug it out Randy

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Andrew Porter Oct 10, 2016 · #91

Well I do not find anything offensive with the original post! we all know that politics are a part of everyday life and work but let's keep it where it belongs, there are hives for pretty much every regardless of how many bees populate the hives then ones post should be shared with the appropriate hive and not to hives that are heavily populated and unrelated to the content just so the post will generate more relevance, views and comments, if one does share with a hive that may not be relevant to the content of the post then one should be aware that there may be some backlash whether it's a complaint or reclassification take it on the chin for goodness sake and move on to the next page!! I thought we had left this sort of thing on the dark side!!!

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Dom De Bellis Oct 10, 2016 · #90

I'm 100% in support of free speech, even if (especially if) I find your speech abhorrent. That's what I put on a uniform to defend with my life and sacred honor. That's what America is all about. I know we're not all Americans here, but those are my values and I bring them to my business and my social network, too.

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