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We Must Change...

We Must Change...

America is dying.

Roughly 76% of the United States or 243-Million American men, women & children live month to month. One-paycheck and 30-days from being homeless.

More than half our Nation is dependent upon government assistance either through Obama Care or other programs.

Approximately 50-Million Americans receive Food Stamps or other food assistance.

The Unemployment and Underemployment Rate remains above 15%.

More than 10-million real jobs have been exported since 1979. Applying an average Job Multiplier of 5 and you quickly realize the devastation. In truth, America has lost more than 50-million jobs to export since 1979.

Roughly 80-Million Americans remain uninsured or under-insured thereby reducing or denying their ability to seek basic healthcare services.

America’s infrastructure is collapsing.

America has maintained a trade deficit since 1971.

Student Loan Debt exceeds $1.5-Trillion [our children are broke].

National Debt exceeds $20-Trillion or +-112% of GDP or +-$165,000.00 per tax payer [our Nation is broke].

There are more than 11.5-Million Illegal Aliens in the U.S.

More than 250,000 Illegal-Aliens were convicted of crimes last year.

1970 to 2015 - In just 45-years through political lies, incompetence and greed our elected officials have effectively gutted or allowed to be gutted what was once the greatest nation this earth has ever known. Not only did America lead in manufacturing, aerospace and farming we also lead in research & development, education and healthcare.

Out of 132 nations the U.S. ranks 70th in healthcare, 69th in ecosystem sustainability, 39th in basic education, 34th in access to water and sanitation and 31st in personal safety. More surprising is the fact that despite being the home country of global tech heavyweights Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, and so on, the U.S. ranks a disappointing 23rd in access to the Internet.

Our Nation has never been more imperiled than at this very moment.

We Must Change Or Surely Die Where We Stand.


Jared Wiese Oct 2, 2016 · #11

We Must Change..

Tradesman and skilled workers, IT - Information Technology, Administrative.

Philippe Collard Oct 2, 2016 · #8

Out of this hodge podge of factoids, I could not help but single out one: "Roughly 80-Million Americans remain uninsured or under-insured thereby reducing or denying their ability to seek basic healthcare services." First of all, this is not true. Thanks to Obamacare, the number went down substantially and never was 80M to begin with. But let us ask ourselves a question: whose fault is it in the first place? The uninsured? Most definitely not! The rest of us? In some sense yes because year after year, those elected in Congress have protected the interests of the health insurance companies, the health providers and the drug companies. Who are private businesses making a buck on everything from health care, to education to prison. And then Donald Trump shows up: the defender of the poor. Are you kidding me? He is part of the bunch who is actually benefiting the most from all of this. And would you believe for ONE New York second that he is going to do anything about it? Really? Seriously? What we are witnessing is a bunch of people who are trying to find a savior...and all they found is a false prophet. It has happened many times know someone who says that "all our problems are the faults of others", "some minorities are trying to scam the system", "other govt are ripping us apart", "we need to regain our national strength"...and "we will make Germany great again"...His name was Adolf Hitler and we know where it all lead...

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Andrew Goldman Oct 2, 2016 · #7

Never give up! Thank you for the interesting data, @Albert Gibel

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Jared Wiese Oct 2, 2016 · #6

Please, someone give any proof how The Dodge, oops, The Don will alleviate any of the woes you mention. I was Bernie or Bust, but at least Clinton has a foundation that helps, not an Organization that has a RIGHT to not pay workers for what was contracted.

She worked on affordable care before Mass or Obama. She has withstood drilling and investigations. The Don has to lash out at beauty pageants at 3AM.

You have a RIGHT to your opinion. So do I.
I'm going with facts AND gut to pick the best, REAL candidate.

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Albert Gibel Sep 28, 2016 · #5

Dear Mr. @Dean Owen , You will need to be more accurate if you intend to throw mud around.

The Trump Organization has been in business for more than 93-years. It was founded in 1923 by Mrs. Elizabeth Christ Trump.

Throughout its 93-year history The Trump Organization has only ever filed for (4) bankruptcies NOT (6) as you spuriously claim. Furthermore they were Chapter 11 Reorganization NOT liquidation which you spuriously infer. The RIGHT to seek Bankruptcy Protection under Chapter 11 Reorganization is just that, a RIGHT. In addition, the RIGHT to pay the least amount of Tax in the United States is just that also, a RIGHT. No one is under Rule of Law to pay the maximum amount of Tax, but I think you already know that.

Could you do me a favor ?

I am an Independent Voter and as such could you please answer the following question?

Hillary Clinton Has Been In Politics More Than 45-Years.

Could you please list her accomplishments or could you please elaborate how she has improved American lives over the past 45-years ?


Dean Owen Sep 28, 2016 · #4

#3 and you think Trump, who has filed for bankruptcy 6 times, is a tax evader (by his own admission), thinks it is pointless to pay taxes as the money would be squandered, you think he is the right candidate and shows fiscal responsibility?

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