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How to write comparing two short stories essay example

How to write comparing two short stories essay example

You may have been asked a comparative essay at school or you need to compare and contrast two short stories for work purposes. To write an excellent paper where you compare short stories, you need to start by identifying two objects that have enough common features and differences that are amenable to meaningful comparison. The perfect example would be two sports teams or two forms of government. Then you need to find at least two or three points by which you can compare them, using research and facts with logical structuring of your work, will help to impress and captivate your readers. Writing a comparative essay is an important skill that is often useful in studies or even career. Before we begin, I would like to tell you that selling college papers always work. But if you prefer to do everything yourself, then my article is for you.

How to start a comparison essay

Carefully analyze the issue. You may have already come up with great ideas for writing, but if they do not exactly correspond to a given topic, you will lose main points. Read the wording of the task, the leading questions (or the heading, if any) and underline the key phrases. Keep a list of them in front of you throughout the work.

Often the fact that the essay should be comparative in nature is indicated by such words in the text of the assignment as “compare”, “similarities”, “differences” and so on.

Take your attention if there are any restrictions in the task.

Determine exactly what type of comparative essay you need to write. Sometimes everything is quite simple - you need to comparing two short stories with each other, but sometimes you need to start with such a comparison, and then work out an assessment or a reasonable position based on them. In such cases, simply pointing out the similarities and differences of objects will not be enough.

If an assignment implies that the comparison will be only part of your work, there will usually be questions pointing to it. For example: “Choose an idea or a theme — love, beauty, death, or time — and consider how it was reflected in the work of two poets of the Renaissance.” In other words, you need to choose two poets of the desired epoch and compare them, not in general, but specifically: how one of the proposed ideas is reflected in their creations. You can also see to comparing two short stories essay example so that on the exam you already had an idea of the upcoming task.

If the wording of the task is not very clear to you, ask the teacher for some help. It is better to ask a couple of questions than to write the whole essay wrong.

How to write a comparative essay

Select a basis for comparison. So you set the context: how exactly will you compare two objects? The comparison may be based, for example, on a certain theoretical approach (feminism, multiculturalism), a question or problem to which you are looking for an answer, a historical theme (colonialism, emancipation). The comparison should be based on a specific thesis or idea, which determine what you are comparing these two (or more) objects for.

  • The basis of comparison can be specified in the task. Be sure to read it carefully.

  • The basis of comparison may be related to the topic, individual features or details of the objects being compared.

  • The basis of comparison may be called differently, so do not get lost if your teacher does not use just such a formulation.

Keep in mind that if the objects of comparison are too similar, it will be difficult to write a good essay. The purpose of the comparison is to draw interesting parallels and push the reader to new conclusions. This means that for successful work you should choose objects that are quite different from each other.

Compare and contrast two stories essay example

It is quite logical that the first question you will ask yourself while writing such essay would be "how to compare and contrast two stories?"

Alternate objects from paragraph to paragraph. This means that the first paragraph will reveal one aspect of the subject, the second - the same aspect of another subject; in the third paragraph, the second aspect of the first subject will be described, in the fourth - the same aspect of the second subject, and so on, without interchanging objects.

The advantage of this structure is that it allows you to discuss various aspects of objects in great detail, and the transition from one object to another, if they are strikingly different, will not be so dramatic.

This method is especially recommended if you need to compare and contrast two short stories.