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Python vs Other Programming Languages

The technology you choose to study is as important as a University you enter. If you make the wrong decision you'll get a pile of troubles instead of a well-paid job you enjoy doing. If you opened this article it means you've already considered choosing Python development as a future profession. In this article, we want to dot the I's and cross the T's and find out what are the benefits of Python compared to other languages. We will find all the differences between Python and Java, Ruby, PHP and C# to understand what technology you need. But before we do that, let's find out what is Python used, who uses it and why.

Python vs Other Programming Languages

Where, why and for what Python is used for

Python was created almost 40 years ago. Since then, we've got thousands of sites and other software projects based on this technology. Developers all over the world like it due to its peculiarities which make Python stand out from other programming languages.

What are the advantages of Python?

Below, we've named the most obvious bright sides of Python. All these benefits made the language super popular and because of them, huge multinational companies chose Python for their programs, more about these companies you can read in one of our previous articles.

We can say that Python is a minimalistic language. It is very easy to write and read. And when it is time to think about a problem, a developer can focus on the issue, not on the language and its syntax.
It's free
Python is free and open source. It means that the developers don't have to pay for anything. They can share, copy and change it. This fact has also helped Python to create a very strong community around itself which only makes it stronger and develops the technology very fast. The community allows professionals to share their knowledge and experience with beginners.
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Python is compatible with numerous platforms, so a developer doesn't have to bother about any issues which often occurs with other languages.
Python supports procedure-oriented as well as object-oriented programming. In the procedure-oriented programming, a developer applies reusable pieces of code. The object-oriented programming uses objects which are based on data and functionality. Despite the fact that OOP languages are usually very complex, Python managed to stay simple and neat.
Python community has created a huge pile of various libraries for Python. With their help, you can manage documentation, perform unit testing, databases, web browsers, email, cryptography, graphical user interface and many more things. All there stuff is included in the standard library, however, except it, there are a lot of other libraries available.

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Python is compatible with numerous platforms, so the developer does not have to worry about any problems that often arise with other languages. фтв Python has created many different libraries for Python. For help with documentation, automated testing ( ).