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What is a splash screen and its importance

A splash screen is an image you can see when app or web page is loading. Usually, you see the full screen covered with an animated picture or logo of a specific brand. it is a well-thought marketing approach since it is the start of your first acquaintance with the app loading. As for marketing, you can also be interested in influencer marketing trends for 2018 to promote your product, so mind to read it.
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Today there is no precise information regarding the app that used splash screen first. But it was implemented with a strong reason in mind. A splash screen animation is necessary to take the time required for app loading. Moreover, advanced apps used a more interesting design of splash screen, for example, you could see all files that are loading at this moment. Previously, it was a vital practice since Internet connection was much slower, and, besides that, it has increased users' interest towards new product.
Application splash screen is just some kind of visual element that can hold or even entertain you for the time needed for an app to be loaded. The origin of the idea refers to the generation of opinion that the app is quick and responsive. When you don't see any screen while loading the app, it is likely that you will simply shut down the app after a few seconds of waiting, according to Google statement.


Why is splash screen necessary?

As a result, splash screen helps improve the user interface, enhance its aesthetic part while maintaining the same functionality. So all important IT companies like Google, Apple and others started using a splash screen.
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Moreover, Google and Apple state that they use splash screen just to improve the UX, but not for promotion of their brands. However, most brands use their logos on both Android and iOS launch screen and it makes a good contribution to the promotional strategy of their companies. Every time users see the same logo, and it helps building up relations with the brand.
Slow Internet connection seems a relic today, any developed country can boast about high-speed Internet whether you are using PC or surfing the web with a mobile device. That is why Google and Apple changed their mind and came to a thought that a custom splash screen should be used only when it is really necessary. There is no need to add this screen to each app.
Google made it possible for you to find a detailed description of a wise splash screen creation in Material Design specification. Besides that, Android apps don't launch very fast, especially for the first time. There is a delay where splash screen can really help you catch the attention of the user. And this is the right case where Google recommends to use a splash screen. The user will be satisfied for sure.
Look at YouTube app below just as an example of Android launch screen:

Watching splash screen requires the same amount of time the app needs to load. If you do it for the first time, waiting can take longer, but then it will take less time.

Splash screen: how it was used successfully

We already came to the conclusion that splash screen should be used with apps that are loading longer than usual or if you want to increase customers' loyalty towards your brand. Let's check out successful examples of splash screen design.
YouTube and Google splash screens
So, YouTube and Google Docs are the apps that need more time for loading, and they have relevant splash screens examples, as you see above.
Nike splash screen with a racetrack
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Nike + Running has a really fascinating mobile app splash screen since there is a red background with a white logo - this contrast is daring. Also, you can see a racetrack that shows the main goal of the app.
Adobe splash screen of web app
Above you can see what Adobe did when you are waiting for it to be loaded. It shows the process of loading and various pictures to entertain you. It allows the user to see that the app is loading, no hang or bugs occurred. It is highly important for a high-quality user experience.
SlidingTutorial from Cleveroad
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Keep in mind to give your user the confidence towards your app, so the loading process should be accompanied by app splash screen design with specific pictures or icons depending on your brand particularities.