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Apptha Magento 2 Airhotels Software - A Complete Solution for Vacation Rental & Booking Business

Would You Like to Build a Vacation Rental & Booking Website in Magento 2?

Yes Alex Sam,

I would like to build a holiday property or home rental business in my country? I want elaborate details about holiday rental business and Magento 2 platform.

Why I Should Prefer to Magento 2 for Vacation Rental Website?

Magento 2 is a one of the most popular platform for all kinds of vacation, property , house, cottage travel booking & rental business.  Magento 1 is slowly fading out, since it is unable to catch up with change in needs of the Internet. Secondly, Magento 1 has serious page loading speed challenges, which has inspired experts to adopt page optimization techniques that will make Magento sites run faster. Magento 2 seems to dispel this challenge once and for all by retracing the entire platform with a modular architecture that is swift and agile.

Few Highlights of Magento 2 Platform:

  • Improved Performance

  • User Friendly checkout

  • Key Integrations

  • Better Admin Interface

  • Mobile friendly

If you want to develop a holiday property or home rental business, Apptha Readymade vacation rental software fulfill to all your business needs.

Apptha Magento 2 Airhotels - A Complete Solution for Vacation Rental & Booking Business

Apptha Magento 2 Airhotels Software - A Complete Solution for Vacation Rental & Booking BusinessIdeas became reality with the right set of tools. If you have been dreaming of build an online vacation, property, house, cottage, travel booking & rental website like Airbnb, then Apptha Airhotels software is the best fit for it. Apptha Airhotels is designed as a readymade clone script that looks and functions identical to Airbnb online booking website. It is available in Magento 1.x and Magento 2 editions and can be used to launch an online booking & rental website complete with payment integration, property management & calendar.

The Workflow That Runs Apptha Airhotels Magento 2 Vacation Rental Software

Apptha Airhotels takes the position of a bridge that connects property owners, site admins and travelers who want to make booking. It displays property listings compiled from all property owner submissions. The site owner reviews and approves properties that can go online. Travelers book properties based on location, user ratings, amenities and other filter criteria.

Few Highlights Features of Vacation Rental Software:

1. Per night booking

2. Calendar availability checking

3. Admin to add custom attributes

4. Banner image can be added from backend by admin

5. Cities with images can be added from admin

                                                And More Features avail on Apptha Magento 2 Vacation Rental Software

Don't Wait & Don't Waste Your Time!!!

                                          Build Your Own Vacation Rental & Booking Website on Magento 2 Platform

                                             Try Apptha Vacation Rental Software!

Still curious? Know more about Aihotels Vacation Rental & Booking Software from this video:

If you are also planning to develop your own dream vacation, travel booking & rental website then you should consult our experts.

sofia brown Sep 20, 2017 · #7

I would like you to provide me with your best quotation for such travel or tour booking and rental website . Moreover, I would like you to include all technical proposal and how long it will take for such website to be live in the Internet."

Alex Sam Sep 15, 2017 · #6

#1 Thanks sofia , It’s great to hear your requirements for making a home rental & booking business . Kindly contact our team at,

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Alex Sam Sep 15, 2017 · #5

#3 Thanks for your interest in building a property rental business. If you need further assistance, contact our team at,

Bhuvana Eswari Sep 15, 2017 · #4

Perfect script for developing online vacation rental booking site. it includes enormous features that let you build a site within hours. Good review by @Alex Sam!

Denny Farhan Sep 15, 2017 · #3

I'm interested on opening a property rental booking site in my local place, I do have a lot of questions like installation process, hosting & also stands out in the crowd and so on.

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Naveen Krishnan Sep 15, 2017 · #2

An excellent airhotels software for vacation rental websites in Magento 2. This type of pre-built booking engine is very helpful and it saves a lot of time.

sofia brown Sep 14, 2017 · #1

Magento 2 Vacation Rental & Booking Software is one the very hot. How much cost?

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