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How Can You Influence Other People?

How Can You Influence Other People?How could your ability to influence others help you to reach your dreams?

I work on the subject of influence and wanted to share a few resources with you.

I believe that everyone– including individuals, companies and institutions- needs to grow their influence if they are going to have the greatest impact possible on the things that matter to them.

In essence, influence is getting people to do what you want them to, without forcing them to do so or being in a position of authority over them.

My latest video, with a key influence tip, is here:

....and you can watch all my videos about influence here.

You can get a book about influence for free at my website here.

You can also access a completely free online course about networking here.

The core to my work is a model I’ve put together, which is exclusive to The Influence Expert.

It is called the LEAPS Model:

L- Likeability

E- Expertise

A- Authenticity

P- Personal Brand

S- Synthesis

In my training, courses, publications and 1-1 work, I will explain this model in depth. I think it and all of the insights I will share with you have the potential to make a huge difference to your career and ultimately to your whole life.

We are now in what I call ‘The Influence Century’- if you want to make waves in the world, influence is only going to increase in importance. The earlier you start the more that you stand to gain. 

Hope you find the resources useful and they help you to make a difference to the world.

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I've just published this article with some of my key resources about #influence

Hope you find it useful!