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Moving To Prague, See You Soon?

Moving To Prague, See You Soon?

My wife Nisha and I are moving to our next destination as digital nomads- Prague. We have enjoyed living in Las Palmas, Berlin and Lisbon on our adventure so far, you can see more on our website here and here is a summary of what we’ve been up to.

We run the biggest group for digital nomads on LinkedIn, please join if you are interested in finding out more.

We’ve both been to Prague before and really liked it. In my case it was quite a long time ago when I was at university and I attended an international youth leadership conference near Prague. That time I went all the way from London by coach, it was an adventure and the whole experience gave me the bug for travelling a lot more.

We’ll arrive in Prague in mid-June and stay for a month. I can’t wait to see the centre of the city again, I found it so beautiful. I'm fascinated to see what has changed. Also, I’m a huge fan of Czech beer so I think I’ll enjoy that!

I got a lovely response when I posted on LinkedIn about us moving to Lisbon. We won’t be in Prague nearly as long but I’d certainly be up for grabbing a coffee with a few people if you’re around. Please let me know in the comments.

Plus if anyone runs an organisation in Prague and would like me to give a speech, please let me know too. Here are some recent speeches I have given in London (at Second Home), Berlin (at betahaus) and Las Palmas (for Gran Canaria Business Week), while this was at an international charity conference in Jersey. The main topic I speak about is how you can grow your influence so that you can have a bigger impact on the world.

Oh- and please also let me know if there are any people in Prague- or the Czech Republic in general- who should be included in my social good interview series, Social Good Six. I found someone brilliant in Portugal that I was introduced to on LinkedIn- I can’t wait to feature them in the series.

After Prague our plan is to go to another destination for a month- hopefully Budapest, before heading back to the UK for a bit.

So, if you are in/are going to Budapest, or if you’d like to meet in the UK, please say hello too.

If you have any tips about Prague or Budapest I would really appreciate you leaving them in the comments....

Alex Swallow is The Influence Expert and author of 'How To Become An Influencer'. A free copy of the book and many tips about growing your influence can be found at You can join his online course, 'How To Network' free here. He is the Owner of the social good interview series, Social Good Six, you can access all the interviews here.

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Nicole Leigh West Jun 8, 2017 · #1

How lovely! I lived in Prague for three months and loved every second. Enjoy!