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The 10 People You Need To Know In 2018

The 10 People You Need To Know In 2018

First, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year!

I hope that 2017 has been a good one for you both personally and professionally.

My ten professional highlights of 2017 have been:

-         Living and working in 5 countries this year- Portugal, The Czech Republic, Hungary and India as well as the UK. Also encouraging others to try this lifestyle. Having amazing experiences like this and this

-         Publishing my first ever article to go viral online- this one

-         Speaking about influence at the British Embassies in Lisbon and Budapest and a university in India.

-         Celebrating Year 1 of my business and Year 1 of my first book

-         Publishing my first online course, which has now had more than 3000 students

-         Launching Good News Shared Agency with my wife, Nisha

-         Working with more people and getting testimonials for my work while also finding ways to explain what I really care about and want to achieve through my workand bringing my work to new audiences

-         Getting shortlisted for an entrepreneurial competition and having lots of kind people vote for me

-         Experiencing my ‘perfect day’ and even being part of the perfect day of someone else!

-         Finding the time to give back a little through my work as the Founder of Young Charity Trustees and also enjoying working for a charity in Sao Paulo (my guest article here is for them)

Of course, especially coping with a variable internet connection and different time zones while working and travelling, not everything has been smooth sailing, (to put it mildly!) but looking back it feels like I’ve achieved a lot and challenged myself.

The 10 key people you need to know in 2018

I am lucky to meet with a lot of people in a lot of different countries. If I was trying to recommend everyone I think is interesting to you, this would be a dissertation, not an article!

With that in mind, I’ve picked ten people I admire and who I also think demonstrate something special that we can all learn from. I’ll explain what for each one.

In no particular order:

1-     Dorie Clark- Dorie is one of the world’s top leadership and branding experts

Why? Dorie is one of the most accomplished people I know and represents everything I want to be as a professional. I particularly admire that she thinks big and achieves so much yet always seems to keep herself grounded and is unfailingly polite and generous to others.

2-     Julia Hobsbawm- Julia is a networking expert who runs the best events I’ve ever been to. I’ve written a whole article about Julia’s work, which you can find here. She is one of my biggest inspirations and it has been such a pleasure to learn more from her this year.

Why? Because aside from her own amazing work, I don’t know anyone who brings good people together like Julia. How can you bring more people together in 2018?

3-     Sally Eaves- Sally is a thought leader in emergent technology (Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR)

Why? Sally is one of those people who you know would be a success in any era- and yet in many ways her career is such a product of our time. The fields in which she is making such an important contribution didn’t even exist until recently. I can’t wait to see where her career goes next.

4-     Nisha Kotecha- Nisha is my wife and I am always inspired by her work as the Founder of Good News Shared, the Creator of The Moments Journal and more. This year she was on The Independent’s Happy List of people making a positive difference, I couldn’t be prouder.

Why? I think negativity- negative thinking and being surrounded by negative news- is a real barrier in the way of humanity at the moment. Nisha is doing her bit to change that and working with others who have the same aim.

5-     Marcus Aurelius Anderson- Marcus is a mindset coach with an incredible story (and maybe the coolest name on the Internet)

Why? Marcus is one of those people you just have to follow on LinkedIn. You learn as much from what he does as what he says- that for me is the best type of leader.

6-     Scott Allsop- Scott, a friend from university, is an educator, innovator and author

Why? Scott represents for me an amazing model of a modern professional. He has a seemingly traditional ‘day job’ as a teacher but approaches his career in a totally unconventional way- both because he has lived and worked in a number of countries but also because his innovative approach to teaching and his passion for getting his ideas out to students beyond those in his classroom represent something very special.

7-     Robbie Swale- Robbie is a coach and deep thinker whose work I have seen totally take off in 2017

Why? Robbie writes in an inspiring way about starting his new career as a full-time coach and shows the importance of following your dreams. He is one of the most thought-provoking writers I know.

8-     Sam Priestley- Sam is a serial entrepreneur with a very popular blog and an eye for an opportunity (and an adventure)

Why? I think Sam is a one-off. I always find his take on the world so refreshing and was really pleased to finally meet him in person the last time I was in London. Whether he is playing table tennis every day for a year or perfecting his new gin brand, he always has something amazing to share.

9-     Janet Murray- Janet is a PR Expert and amazing tribe-builder

Why? Janet is an unquestioned expert who constantly finds ways to share that expert knowledge with others. I was particularly inspired by a recent post of hers and look forward to learning more about her work in 2018.

10-  Noam Kostucki- Noam is an award-winning restaurateur (in the Costa Rican Jungle, natch), a coach, trainer, author, photographer, speaker and social changemaker

Why? If I had many lifetimes, I think I would devote my professional space in one of them to nothing but conversations with Noam. The way he sees the world and constantly reinvents himself is totally fascinating to me.

Remember, I also have a handy Twitter list of the influencers featured in my book that you might find of interest.

So, what are my key professional plans for 2018?

Three things:

One- Challenge myself (as I did in 2017) to try a few new things in 2018 like my first, self-run webinar

Two- Start making some more products/resources that I know will help The Influencer Tribe and my wider networks

Three- Nurture and strengthen The Influencer Tribe, building a community of people who want to grow their influence and help others to grow theirs

Finally, a special offer for the New Year!

If you contact me by the 15th of January 2018 (my contact details are here) I will give you 25% off my usual prices for 1-1 work, helping you to grow your influence and your personal brand.

Thanks everyone for your amazing support and kindness this year, hope you have a brilliant New Year and 2018.

If you would like to share any of your reflections on 2017, hopes for 2018 or people that you think others should watch out for in the next year- as ever, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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