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Objections – the 2 main categories

Objections – the 2 main categories

A. Objections

B. Excuses (disguised as objections)

What is the difference?

Objections have to do with real questions, problems, misunderstandings, point of views and perceptions of the product or service we are selling, from the prospect. Once you have those objections from the customer, then YOU KNOW that there is a real chance to have a potential client or that there is NOT an opportunity, if the objection that the customer has reflects a reality that your products or solution cannot satisfy.

Let me tell you a real-life example from my own experience.

When I was selling Telephone Cards on the Greek Islands, I heard all kind of different objections. By doing this job every day for years, I got the experience to be able to distinguish the real objections from the false ones.

Once I was on a Minimarket on the island of Ios, a well-located spot where tons of tourists passed by every day. The owner of this business, a smart young entrepreneur, although he understood the benefits of my product, said this: “I understand the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your product, however, I am not going to buy it because, the Mini Market opposite is owned by my brother-in-law, and he sells similar products, and I don’t want to compete him.” This statement of his was as honest as it could be and I think there is no point trying to convince him anymore because his argument is a real argument. READ MORE >>>