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The tragedy of non-competitive Sales Managers

Are you one of those guys (girls) placing tens maybe hundreds of calls on a weekly basis? And besides that, you have this Sales Coach over your head (Manager, Rep, etc) pushing you to achieve your KPI’s and you constantly hear all these advice on how you should do this or that, what tricks you should use to succeed in cold calling or sales.

The tragedy of non-competitive Sales Managers

Fact is that those coaches, most of the time are uneducated idiots with a very limited perception of the world, people that because averagely did a little bit better as cold callers in the past were given this position.

I can explain to you why in those positions you find most of the times idiots with no sales management skills.

First, is the lack of a combined background.

With regards to a Sales Coach, Sales Managerial position you find 2 kinds of people. The ones that started as simple salespeople and climbed their way up. They started as simple salespeople because they did not have another choice. These ones are most of the times experienced, talented professionals that know the practical aspects of the work done, however their lack of theoretical education, limits them regarding their managerial role. Short-sighted, know how to solve the day in, day out issues, but lack vision and analytical thinking, and incapable of having what is needed for the role of sales manager.

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