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Transparency: The secret to engaging talent on an emotional level.

Transparency: The secret to engaging talent on an emotional level.

With the rise of social media, anonymous reviews, and video interviewing, a strong bridge of communication with the external workforce has been established. To the point now, where it is difficult to grow a successful business venture in an opaque environment.

Platforms like Glassdoor have completely altered the nature of candidate impressions and the source of info used to make career decisions. Without much of a choice, employers have begun embracing this new phenomenon of hiring transparency.

Alison Covarrubias, Manager of Sales Recruiting at Box thinks that “Glassdoor should be embraced as opposed to feared. If there are reviews, positive or negative, it’s so important to build on those reviews and join the conversation.”

Over the last decade, the practice of being open, honest, and detail oriented with candidates has actually proven to be one of the most effective methods of attracting and retaining top level talent.


Transparency is what allows a candidate to form an accurate perception about the company, its mission, and the people they will be working with.

  • Will they enjoy their work?
  • Will they work well with other employees?
  • How will they set their own goals and expectations?

When a candidate subconsciously processes these thoughts, you’d better hope they have acquired enough rich information on your company to fulfill their imminent career desires. If a competing employer triggers a more authentic perception, you can bet your candidates will be turning their heads and walking away pretty quickly (no matter what your perks are).

To eliminate the chances of this happening, you must become more aware of types of feelings and emotions that sway a candidate towards (or away from) a positive employer bond:

Excitement - The best emotion to target if you are looking to trigger a positive reaction. If you can succeed at boosting the initial excitement level, there is a very good chance that your company has just gained a new raving fan.

Motivation - Will play an important role, primarily because it directly determines how much information you are able to derive during the screening process. If an applicant feels moti