A Shrinking World Metaphor

A Shrinking World Metaphor

A recent buzz by @Renee Iseli - Smits evoked many thoughts and ideas in my head. I commented on the buzz by writing You know that your buzz is great metaphor for the world that collapsed into a pub. Here you find people with many languages, different hobbies and behaviors, different cultures, different ages and interests and any think you might think of. How to get rid of the resulting chaos? An idea for a buzz and soon”.

The buzz reminded me of a metaphor that I used along with Bas de Baar, which I described in a recent buzz. The world is becoming like fish that used to live in the ocean and is now confined to living in a pond with the challenges this new life brings.

The pub metaphor jumped to my mind as we confine the world to people gathering in a pub. This is the World Pub in which rich and poor, locals and foreigners, old and young, blak and white and male and female may meet in one place.

People tend to behave differently in groups than when alone. Interestingly, this phenomenon is not limited to human, even metal and ionic clusters do the same. The clusters have variability of properties depending on the number of their constituent particles, which in turn are different from the bulk matter. Groups of people in a pub behave similarly and show variances in behavior that are unlike those properties in their medium (pub). There are some interesting publications that support this assumption.

There is a general understanding in science that there exists no direct bond between two bodies; it is always stronger through a third party. I liken this to a wife and husband who have a real bond through their association with their kids. This idea is augmented by considering pubs as the third space between home and work. A "third space" that encourages socialization. Pubs are the third place where people may exhibit their social value. AS the pub isn’t a home or a work place; more it is the intersection of the two. It has therefore its own spice.

We can see pubs as the mirrors of social movement. In the past, pubs were restricted to males. Females weren’t allowed in. Now not only women are permitted to walk in, but their kids too. Pubs reflected segregation in societies with bars limited to the poor class, others to the medium class and others for the elite class.

Pubs reflect the impact of policies on the society. Because there are more restrictions now on licensing new pubs there is a growing tendency to establish big bars to accommodate as many guests as possible. The policy makers make rules and businesspeople find new ways to limit their impact ion their businesses.

There is a close relationship between heavy drinking and consumption of alcohols in pubs and the peoples’ economic status. The more disposable money people have, the more they tend to consume alcohol in bars.

Some people consider pubs as a source of preserving social capital. What goes in a pub reflects what goes in a society. For example, the specialty clubs tendency is growing with pubs assigned for the gays, families, sports people. The increased liberties of individuals to express their views that aren’t in conformity with the prevailing social values has led to the establishment of such clubs.

I may dare to say that “tell me to which club you go, and I can tell who you are”.

#32 It shall be nice to study the profiles of people who do business in pubs and including their ages @Jerry Fletcher

Jerry Fletcher 16/2/2018 · #32

Dr Ali, I'm curious as to how age affects pub use. AS I've grown older I tend ot be less interested in the atmosphere of the local watering holes although I find them perfect for business development lunches.

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#29 You are right @Joanne Gardocki and there are no places left for people to meet in relaxed atmosphere. As important as virtual grouping is important still it lacks the face-to-face encounter and the body language effect. May be a shrewd business person would find the new third place. The attraction of the pubs is losing its impact because they are no more within walking distances from home and work. May be some place physical which will have the "local effect" will come by.
As for your writing "One of the things I valued most about attending university was the exposure to so many different people"- I agree fully. I graduated from the university of East Anglia where we enjoyed people from all continents. That enriched our knowledge and exposed us to the unfamiliar. This was truly a life-time experience.

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Joanne Gardocki 14/2/2018 · #30

#4 @Pascal Derrien, "I am of the club of those who don't belong to a club." The fish that doesn't belong is more likely connect with others who do not exactly fit the mold. One who is welcome everywhere but owes allegance to none is a rare and priceless fish indeed.

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Joanne Gardocki 14/2/2018 · #29

There are so many levels of thought swimming in this pond. Thank you for another thought provoking buzz, @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. It would seem that the human condition tends to sorting into the similar. We gather for a sense of belonging, trust and safety. Before mail delivery, the post office was the place to gather and gossip.

The more we study the more we find individual behaviors are processed in the lower level areas of the brain. Now that the pubs are no longer a melting pot of diverse thought and experience, where will those few aware minds gather next to discuss a more inclusive future? Will our fish grow legs searching for new options? Are we more like farmed trout needing moving water to survive? Moving water brings fresh supplies of oxygen and naturally removes waste.

One of the things I valued most about attending university was the exposure to so many different people; it is something keenly missed. I have been feeling called to more face-to-face contacts and find myself exchanging ideas in unexpected places with divergent groups. One such group is gathering tomorrow. The LinkedIn Local concept may help us gather for the simple joy of exchanging ideas with people we might not otherwise meet. Finding or creating that “third place” allowing our authentic self to take chances and be vulnerable with others is a treasure well worth the hunt.

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Tausif Mundrawala 13/2/2018 · #28

#27 You have constantly challenged me to anyhow participate in these intellectual discussions. Something keeps reminding me to read your buzz properly and to form a rational comment.

Thank you once again for constantly challenging my intellectual self, Sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

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#25 There are two quotes in your comment that deserve inclusion in the next Nuggets of Quotes dear @Tausif Mundrawala. These are:
I think getting stuck in a pond is like halting the engine of life which should flow with each new current.
and,' "People from different walks of life come under one roof to attain respite and peace from the rush of daily life".
You have a way of sharing your wisdom.

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#24 Very nice grouping of pub attendants @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador. Yes, happy hour customers are different from late visitors. People seek different reasons for attending and including those people seeking escape from life. I thank you for your important contribution of a slide in the presentation

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