Adore Small Steps

Adore Small Steps

I want to share a personal story first. Upon completing my PhD, I attended a university as a lecturer. The university had great entertainment center, which included great swimming pools. That time I couldn’t swim. My peers invited me on one weekend to a lunch party by the swimming pool. A while after lunch everybody threw himself in the swimming pool while I was watching them. The kids of my peers made fun of me because I couldn’t swim.

That I couldn’t swim wasn’t my fault as I lived in a place where there were no swimming sites. I didn’t wish to be mocked at again. My initial thoughts were to stop going to the entertainment center. Those negative thoughts for a little while. And then I changed my thoughts to “if kids could swim, couldn’t I”? I was shy to learn swimming in front of others. So, I decided to go first to a shallow pool at night and float first. I needed to be light to float like cork. The first steps we difficult. However; I kept trying till finally I floated successfully. Synchronizing my body movement with my breath was my next step. Next week I went to the Olympic swimming pools to join my peers.

I remembered this story this morning and the great lessons it taught me unconsciously. It reminded me of what Gandhi said, which I depict in the image below.

First is first. Only when we change our thoughts we may change our words. If our thoughts are negative, so shall be our words. When I changed my thoughts from being misfortunate not to have learnt swimming as a kid to if kids can swim, and so I can my paralysis to try changed to try and act. I acted only to form the habit of swimming every day. My value of myself increased and so my destiny did.

We can improve by changing our thoughts. This is a must. We don’t need to change in big steps. This is the fortunate thing because these changes are affordable and manageable. We might think they are tiny, unimportant and worthless. This is far from reality. A change in thoughts will lead eventually to changing our paths in life and our destiny accordingly. Never belittle small positive changes because they may have great impacts in the future. When I change today I am a better person tomorrow. When I change tomorrow I am a better person the day after tomorrow. At first results will be small and unnoticeable, but with time acceleration will happen naturally and all of a sudden, I shall find myself on a springboard to a better destiny.

Look at how small differences make huge changes from real life examples. Two chemicals with the same chemical structure how they differ in one form turning polarized light to the right and the other to the left. Small differences but could have great impact such as one form will safe and the other could be devastating to our health. Look at your right hand and left hand and even though they look similar; still we mostly use the right hand far more efficiently than we use the left hand. Same with us, two slightly different thoughts might have adverse effects with one being great for us and the other taking us astray.

It is the poverty of thoughts that separate people. One person with the thought I can and the other with the thought I can’t. Today they might be on equal footage, but in the distant future they shall be significantly different on their paths.
Ali Anani

Change your thoughts to change your destiny.

#49 One thought I wish to express here. This is @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador is a great human and writer with a great sense.

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Lyon Brave May 4, 2018 · #51


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we are not our thoughts but they matter for sure!

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let's say no to separation, and create the best thoughts that can be @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee adore this topic, well written article and very inspiring!

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Edward Lewellen Apr 27, 2018 · #48

Dear Ali,
Viktor Frankl's book, "Man's Search for Meaning", well describes what you wrote in this post. Under the worst of the worst Nazi concentration camps, Frankl was able to survive and thrive because of the thoughts he allowed himself to have.

Bruce Lipton, a Cellular Biologist, writes in his book, "Biology of Belief", that our beliefs and thoughts have frequencies and these frequencies affect our cells, positively or negatively.

As you no doubt remember from my book, "The 90-Second Mind Manager", we have only UP TO 90 seconds to choose what we will do with our thoughts before they become elicit a neural pathway for them to exist within. What we choose, or not choose, to do within those 90 seconds can be life changing!


#46 I can say your comment is just great @Jerry Fletcher. Absolutely, the attitude and mindset make huge differences. If there is will there is way. Your story says it loudly.