Are Ideas Measurable?

Are Ideas Measurable?

Last week I exchanged comments on the title of my post “Ideas Stock Markets”. The discussions centered around how could eye place ideas for trading in a stock market if their value is immeasurable?

As valid as this question is in reality it is not true. Creativity is to make the immeasurable measurable, the impossible possible and the unfamiliar familiar?

This is a hugely-important issue. If an employee suggests a creative idea to solve a long-lasting problem how do you know the value of this idea? Such a question is not limited to one interest. Its importance extends to writing quality, marketing campaigns, management of business and evaluation of employees just to give few examples. So, I decided to share this post with the readers so that they may benefit from the ideas shared in this post.

You write a title for your post and you wonder if it has a “high emotional value” to move the hearts of your readers. Is there a way to do that?

You write a tweet hoping that shall touch the hearts of its readers and maybe then rush to retweet it. But, how do you know? Is it simply almost a shot in the dark- either it does or doesn’t?

You have written a creative idea suggesting a solution to a problem to your supervisor. You know she is a spiritual person. You need a measure for the spiritual merit of this idea. Is it possible.

You have written a post addressed to the Business Hive. How do you know that bees in this hive would be interested in the post. Do we have a measure for this post?
The Good News

The good news is there are many ways to do that. I published few presentations and posts to show how to do this.

The advancement of science in several fields has made this possible, including neuroscience.

If you raise your eyebrows in surprise I assure you may do this. I am sharing just two examples of my published works.

Example 1

Heart-Grabbing Titles

You write possible titles for a post and then you ask which is the most heart-grabbing title one? I took the challenge to answer this question.

Before publishing a post, I came up with the list of titles. I manipulated a commercial software to empower it to measure the emotional value of my suggested title using the Clusterizer Software and compared the results with two other methods using excel software and surveys.

To measure the consistency of these results I interviewed a sample of people and asked them to describe their experience being emotionally-moved by the titles.

The reader may respond by saying this approach is subjective. My response is as long as I keep consistency, it is accepted. We have many examples of this consistency such as measuring the Customer Net Score. By simply asking one question you may measure the satisfaction of your readers or customers. I am sharing the next example to show how I did this. For now, I Can tell you that this work resulted in not only finding the candidate title using three different methods but also the company owning the software putting summary of my several publications on their website.


As mentioned earlier, I then extended this approach to other fields such as election campaign. The owner of the software has for many years now these examples shown on his website, If you click the User button shown in the image below it shall give you a summary of these publications for more details with links to the publications source.


Example 2

Visits to Hospitals

I extended the above-mentioned technique to measure the emotions people feel towards an eye hospital. Guess what- I got a consultancy contract to improve the customers’ Journey Map to the Hospital. This analysis is very important for hospitals because both patients, visitors and even the hospital staff are subject to emotional fluctuations. If we may find a creative approach to monitor and measure these fluctuations then the hospital shall know when emotions became dangerously explosive and then find solutions for them.

You may find details on this work here “Coupling Customers Journey Maps with Twitter”.



It is enough to share just two examples here of my work that shows ideas are measurable. If somebody tells you that a problem is not solvable or measurable then it is your golden opportunity to find a creative solution, methodology or processes to make them measurable.

Impossibility is possible with creativity. If you stretch your imagination and the power of your creativity flow then solutions shall emerge in front of your eyes.
Ali Anani
Creativity gives you the niche to find a footage for you in the crowded fields.
Ali Anani

Impossibilities are the gaps in our knowledge. You must firm up your mind that there is a solution hiding somewhere. It is the missing pearl that you are searching for.

Next opportunities are hiding in the rings. Just find a way to the rings.

Jerry Fletcher May 31, 2020 · #55

Dr. Ali, Tried again. Working now.

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@Jerry Fletcher

Thank you for your feedback. I have just clicked both image and they work

Jerry Fletcher May 31, 2020 · #53

Dr. Ali, Fascinating conceptually. Unfortunately I could not open the software site examples. And so it goes.

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#50 @Edward Lewellen

You are right my friend. This is known as "The Observer Effect"

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#49 @Fay Vietmeier

I told you you need wheels to attach to your famous Pearl-Holder

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Edward Lewellen May 25, 2020 · #50

Dear friend,
This popped into my mind as I finished reading your article and I don't know if, or how, this may apply.

Quantum Physics says that when you observe anything, you can't help but change it because of the interaction. For instance, light is a wave until you measure it. It then becomes particles. This means that our observation is never 100% genuine.

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Fay Vietmeier May 25, 2020 · #49

#47 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
I shall add that to my "pearl-holder"
"Planting seeds of hope" ... I like this very much

I like the idea about a poem that follows ee cummings "i carry your heart"
... will tuck that into my "pearl-holder" as well ... why not ... it has so many others to keep company with ;~)

I have been slowly working on "Thoughts are seeds" ... which contains a poem ... which I'm also working on
"Pearls of promise" which is about IDEAS (not 100 % sure on the title because I have had many titles flow through my mind)

You are quoted in both and inspired the one on IDEAS

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Fay Vietmeier May 25, 2020 · #48

@Ned McDonnell
Enjoyed you well laid comment on measuring sentiment
Very good insight:
"The second difficulty is that most products, ideas and sentiments are transactional rather than collaborative"

Thank you ...

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