Avoid Building Concrete Relationships

Avoid Building Concrete Relationships

The societal 4-cycle theory was put forward by the Indian philosopher and spiritual leader‚ Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar in the 1950s and expanded by‚ Ravi Batra‚ since the 1970s,‚ Johan Galtung‚ and‚ Sohail Inayatullah‚ since the 1990s.

 If we look carefully at the social cycle and ponder on when the social upheaval starts we find that it follows the acquisitor stage in which the wealth is distributed unequally. The rich becomes richer and the poor get poorer. The presence of unequal gaps in any society shall lead to its destabilization. This is a rule and to restore stability governments tend to use the rule of force. This solution might be temporarily successful, but shall eventually fail. It is then followed by the rule of ideas in which intellectuals with creative ideas start reshaping the society.

This makes me wonder sometimes when I read statements like "we need to cement our relationship", or "we are trying to build our relationship on a concrete ground". Both cement and concrete tend to form gaps in varying sizes. Once this is allowed the concrete shows ailing signs such as cracking. May be you have seen cracks in concrete that resemble a honeycomb. It is not only bees that build honeycombs; low-quality concrete does so as well.

Like we need to maintain the regularity of voids in concrete so that it retains its strength, we need to do the same with our social relationships. If we inspect social networks we shall find what we call structural gaps in which two nodes fail to connect. The presence of few gaps or voids with varying sizes is bound to weaken the social network structures as voids are detrimental to concrete if present in widely varying sizes.

Intentions don't build enduring concrete relationships; in contrast they may produce an adverse effect. I witness many gaps taking place on social platforms. I received a message from a bee apologizing that he doesn't share my buzzes because he doesn't like to be bombarded by notifications. The funny part of his message was that he requested me to share his buzz. He doesn't mind that I get bombarded by notifications to use his words.
One main reason for creating voids in our relationships is selfishness. This may only lead to the creation of voids in our concrete-like relationships and thus weakening the concrete to fall apart. Other factors include the freezing and thawing of our relationships. You may have noticed that some bees may show tremendous zeal and engagement to what you contribute only for this zeal to fade away. This cycling of freeze and thaw can cause the cracking of concrete upon which we worked hard to keep in good shape.

Premature asking for favors is another cause for weakening any social platform. Fresh concrete has pores which are filled with water. If we freeze a new relationship prematurely the water in the pores freezes and may cause the concrete to crack. Sometimes the wrong timing of freezing a relationship can be damaging to the concrete ground.

I dare say that what cracks concrete or cause it to flake is extensible to social networks. What keeps social networks structures isn't different from what keeps concrete in buildings strong.

Be careful when you say that we have a concrete-like structure or relationship unless you are aware of what it takes to keep concrete in good shape and strength.

Subikash Paul 6/5/2018 · #216

To be happy,is to feel happy.All of us in this professional world are running as per the schedule day after day.Everything seems to be artificial.At this age we are here to fulfill our commitment only.Any miss in responsibility you are questionable.Controlling your growing children's is now unwarranted.Parents growing old we should take full care of them.Amidst so many sequences you have to be happy and keep others happy.
To be happy don't compare with others.Be happy what you are. Correct your mistakes not to recur.while moving ahead take care of others falling behind.Thats the noble way of thinking and which actually gives happiness.

Lyon Brave 13/2/2018 · #215


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#213 as always, your thougbts are greatly appreciated @Isabella M H Wesoly. Yes. Even concrete without water is only a rigid mess. Water represents our life flows.

Isabella M H Wesoly 29/12/2017 · #213

Water, in my humble opinion, is the main ingredient for building relationships.

We may 'pool' our resources; get in the 'flow', etc. It's neither created nor destroyed, yet adapts to its surroundings/changes with variations in climate.
~ Water is the most significant likeness that we all have, within our body. Perhaps, with allusions to Noah's Ark, we may consider what 'vessel' is the best transporter of innovation and advocate for harmony in the meanderings of life.

Do we build concrete ships? Never.. and so I agree 100% with you @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee .. Sail On!

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#211 I truly enjoyed your honest comment @Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA. It is different from all previous comm÷nts. Yes, may be it is the weak ties on social media that keeps the flow. You remind me of the rubber metaphor. If rubber chains are slightly cross-liked they remain flexible. However; heavily cross-linking them make the rubber hard like tyres.
Very strong connections are also huge resonsibility which may preclude our movement.

Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA 28/12/2017 · #211

Thank you for this most interesting article Ali Anani, PhD. Regarding socially connecting - I've discovered over my many years of involvement on social platforms, unless you are a friend or relative of someone - a client or someone is a client of yours - it's difficult to socially develop more than 'friendly and business-type relationships' online. Most of us rarely share our deepest thoughts and personal issues with those we socially connect with as we would with family and friends we physically connect with. That said, it's my belief it's next to impossible to create more than a casual relationship with people we socially connect with, although we may have spirited conversations through posts. Most we connect with have families and businesses to contend with. And, unlike our Facebook friends, most are busy continuing to develop and market their business. If someone I've been connecting with 'falls off the grid' so to speak, there may be a variety of reasons for this. I discovered, along the way, there was little possibility of developing 'concrete' relationships. And take what works for me from what they share and move forward. As always, I positively re-connect when they resurface.

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#208 First, I want to thank dear @Debasish Majumder for sharing this buzz and drawing more great comments.
Thank you @Proma 🐝 Nautiyal Your writing "they need to think long term and base their actions on those thoughts" inspired me with an idea for a buzz. Thank you

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#207 Thank you @Harvey Lloyd. Your assurance is of high importance to me.

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