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BeBee or LinkedIn- Inert and Active Indicators

BeBee or LinkedIn- Inert and Active Indicators

The real success of any social media platform is truly measured by the degree of ideas pollination and metamorphosis into new and honey-like ideas. There are inert indicators such as number of views. Views are like nitrogen that is the main constituent of air (about 78%) whereas oxygen is about 20%. This reminds me of Pareto Rule in which 20% of say employees produce 80% of the work output. The number of views is an inert indicator as much nitrogen is.

The real active and oxygen-like indicators are not pertinent to the number of new ideas and their impact. Buzzes are molecules, and what we do with these buzzes is what really counts. Or, buzzes are honey and exposing this honey to readers may improve or degrade the quality of honey. The number of views shall not change the quality of honey; it is actions that do change honey are the impacting ones. Commenting that leads to generating new ideas/perspectives from published buzzes is the real power of a social platform.

We may denature the quality of a buzz by being over-zealous and rushing it to gain wide popularity. This is because we do this to support a manager, over-reacting to a buzz because it conforms to our ideas or whatever reason for doing that. Without intending so, we may in fact kill the idea. Trees that grow fast die sooner than trees that grow slowly to become very tall. The reason for that is the need to balance the supply of water and having the correct vessel design to carry water from the roots to the top of the tree. In very fast growth, trapped air (air locks) blocks water transportation and the tree dies. We may have viral growth in the number of views, but what guarantees do we have that we may be forming air pockets that kill the tree. Just think of how many fade ideas we had over the years. To grow tall is not necessarily to grow fast. We need to balance the opposite needs of growth so that growth may be lasting. Rapid earnings in the stock markets lead to bubble formations like the water bubbles in the vessels of trees that eventually kill them. I would extend the same to the rapid growth of followers on social media and any fast growth in general. The very rapid in the number of followers could be harmful and may lead to bursting.

Honey ideas may be spoiled by the heated discussion like honey gets denatured by rapid heating and cooling cycles. As with honey, heating and cooling the spread too many times can cause it to lose its color and aroma. After multiple heating sessions, it is a good idea to throw the honey away. Sometimes we may need to throw some ideas away because of our own actions in spoiling honey ideas. What value does number of views have if they they end up in wasting a honey idea?

Honey wax is viscous and doesn't flow easily. Bees know his fact. They gradually form hexagon honeycombs by a subtle flow of the wax, which is turned semi-molten by the heat generated by the waggling bee workers. It is not enough to produce buzzes; equally important is housing these ideas into friendly structures that allow for the good keeping of those ideas and handling them properly. A real indicator of success for any social platform is how ideas are preserved without hindering their flow.

There are people who make honey wine by fermenting honey. If the resulting wine is too alcoholic, pouring the wine in a glass shall soon show wine tears. The tears will not show if we only have water or alcohol in the glass, but will show if we have enough alcohol (15%). We ferment the produced honey by commenting and exchanging views. In doing so, I hope we produce the tears of joy. I am writing this buzz as reflection on the buzz "BeBee vs. LinkedIn: Some Numbers Behind the Writing Buzz" by Christine Stevens.

BeBee or LinkedIn- Inert and Active Indicators

If pollination and metamorphosis of ideas are the goals of a social media platform then the chosen indicators must reflect these objectives. We aren't after very rapid processes as much as learning processes that self-adjust continually. If these are accepted key indicators then beBee is a forerunner. This is evidenced by the new hives formed and writing buzzes on published buzzes on this platform. I dare say beBee is an emerging winner.

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#22 I am glad to read your assuring comment dear @Savvy Raj. Thank you

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Savvy Raj 6/10/2016 · #22

As always an insightful and thought provoking read @Ali Anani . .

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Ali Anani 5/10/2016 · #21

#20 Dear @Sara Jacobovici- you have added a new cup to my previous buzz with an edge between " "reality" versus the "perception "". Absolutely and you inspires me with a new way to look at this pair. You explained this so well in your comment. Your examples are spot on and I now wonder who is in reality the great "weaver". I greatly enjoy reading your comments and as always you make new ideas spring in my mind. You write quality comments because you take your time to make your "product" of high quality. This is true engagement.

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Sara Jacobovici 5/10/2016 · #20

On top of everything else @Ali Anani, you are also a weaver. You have done a tremendous job weaving the threads of ideas to enable us to understand the "reality" versus the "perception". Time, as a sense, has been very distorted by the speed of technology. As we are product oriented, we want our product to get to the most people in the fastest time. This is good for business. But....this product based scenario is 2 dimensional. The process based approach fills in the added dimension of outcome, after the product reaches the consumer. Yes, we want our product to reach as many people as soon as possible but we still need to do the work prior to producing that product and the necessary followup once we put that product out. As well, if we dilute the product in order for it to be "absorbed" by as many people as possible, we produce a sub-quality product. What a waste! We need to return to the actual drawing board; see what we want to produce and why, how will it be used best and by whom, how will it be packaged and what will we do once the product is shipped out. Then we can take advantage of technology's speed and reach. We can't substitute quality and work with access and speed. I agree that it looks like beBee is offering just the right means and environment in which we can be match the quality of our work with the potential of success.

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Paul Walters 5/10/2016 · #19

@Ali Anani really cool post...thank you

Aurorasa Sima 5/10/2016 · #18

Every tree produces fruits that someone will like. There is never a reason for zealousy. If two trees produce the same kind of apple they will taste different. Trying to hinder other tree´s growth will only make our own fruits taste bitter.

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Ali Anani 5/10/2016 · #17

#16 BeBee buzzes progress dear @Franci Eugenia Hoffman

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Outstanding post, Ali @Ali Anani. beBee's continuous movement forward will insure tgeir success, indeed.

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