Buzzstorming more than Brainstorming

We seek for finding ideas blossoming to give flowers enriched with nectar and pollen so that they may get pollinated and spread fast. We brainstorm to get better ideas with greater potential to flourish.

Seeking an idea is not different from a bee seeking a new location. Great ideas carry us to new locations with new challenging landscape. Do we have the fitness to occupy the peaks of the new landscape? How do we know it is the fittest?

It is amazing how that the "bee-flower" metaphor may help us in answering these questions. When the space is filled with competition and movement becomes very restricted one option we have is to find a new location where we may have enough space to move more freely. We need new ideas to take us from the red ocean to the blue ocean. We may split groups like bees do and go in swarms finding a new location. Bees don't assume and are patient. They don't rely on one opinion. They scout different possibilities before choosing a new home. To do that they take first a temporary shelter like a tree branch. They stay there till they find a new home spacious and kind enough to attend to their needs. They send hundreds of scouts to find new places to live. Now, the bees have to select on place to live as we have to decide on one idea to work on. The scouting bees do a waggle dance that has significance. The dance points to the direction of the potential new home and its suitability. Not only have that, the scouting bees try by their waggling danced to attract the maximum number to its new-found location. The scouting bee that gets a critical number of bees wins. Still amazing is that the duration of the dance is proportional to how far the new-found would be home is. Depending on the richness of the food source, she may perform up to 100 waggle runs in a single dance.

In holding buzzstorming sessions the bees' model may serve us very well. The person who finds a great idea is the most authorized one to defend and do waggling dances to attract others to it. He/she needs to dance to his/her idea to show which direction it shall take us. Group storming suffers from peoples' tendency to conform. However; the bee avoids this as each bee is responsible for attracting others to its flower. Who is better equipped to do that than the owner of the idea?

Sara Jacobovici commented on my previous post by writing "I think your ebook should be titled Formulas for Success Ali Anani. This buzz, "strategy formulation" is an example of another formula you created. With your permission I would like to summarize it in the following way: Boundaries/space (where you stand, what your capacity is) over Direction (which way you are heading) minus Rationalized Fear ("ignorance based fear") plus Sense of Time = Positive Strategic Positioning. Is there a better way to describe this post with the same formula? I tend to believe it is also applicable to buzzstorming. I formulate this as "Strategy Consistency".


One step at a time. Do it well and make it big!

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#27 We all want beBee to be the only or the optimal choice dear @Mohamed Amroussi. Thank you for your good words

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#22 Indeed, @Franci Eugenia Hoffman- as I said our sweet ome is beBee

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#18 I surely look for that @Javier Cámara Rica. Home sweet home is beBee

Mohamed Amroussi 1/7/2016 · #27

Do Bees fear about the future? Do bees have conflict of interests ? Do bees make revolutions ? Do bees make strike and stop their Production?
and more others questions..., Thank you Bro @Ali Anani for your sharing mind food

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#25 They will all come. Let's take one at a time. Do it well, and move to the next. I always need to resist taking on too much at once.

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Javier 🐝 beBee 1/7/2016 · #25

#24 @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian exactly !! I WANT TO DO SO MANY THINGS ! slideshare is so poor !!!

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#21 By the way, I'm with you on SlideShare... Far too much work for far too little benefit. Re-purposing existing stuff may be a better bet.

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