Chaotic Thinking

Chaotic ThinkingMillions of birds flying together and producing a V-shaped self-organizing patterns.

Thousand of fish swimming together with amazing repeating patterns.

And in both systems, there is no leader.

Birds and fish follow few simple rules the results of which is the observation of repeating behavioral patterns at all scales.

We need to be creative? We wish to see new “ideas structures” emerging from the confusion of having too many ideas. Well, the confusion is the signal that a new dawn of creative ideas is soon to emerge.

The role of a leader isn’t to lead, but to motivate the production of many ideas that first confuse, but then creative ideas shall emerge unexpectedly. This is paradoxical as this definition of great leaders is to create confusion and intense one too because these leaders realize that after confusion creative ideas emerge. More important, is the realization of these leaders that new thinking pattern shall emerge on all scales.

I was reading a great post on creativity and how confusion maybe the prelude to unexpected ideas that pay off.

The CEO of a software company realized the need to generate many ideas to upgrade the performance of the company and find new ideas for new products. However; he failed to motivate employees to engage actively and come up with inspiring ideas. At a dinner party the CEO was luck to listen to an idea by a stockbroker who suggested the establishment of a stock market for ideas and trade them as investors trade stocks in stock markets.

Did this idea create confusion in your mind? Well, it did for the CEO. He implemented the idea in his company. It was fun. After confusion relaxation began to emerge. Mixing fun with business is a great way to generate ideas if properly done. The company blended the architecture of the stock exchange with the internal architecture of their company’s internal market to create the company’s own stock exchange for ideas. Ideas were traded in the internal stock of ideas that proved successful and led to self-motivated engagement. Sometimes inspiration comes from the least expected places.

The business climate, and stock markets are among them resemble the weather climate; both are unpredictable; yet they produce emerging behaviors. We need to create a similar climate for ideas so that new ideas may emerge that are not just extensions of familiar ideas. The establishment of a stock market for ideas is a great idea in this respect. Ideas love surprises and wonderment. Create as many of ideas and they shall surprise you with their unpredictable behavior and the new ideas patterns that would emerge.

We don’t need similar ideas. There is a great quote on mosaics below for you to consider.

A mosaic consists of thousands of little stones. Some are blue, some are green, some are yellow, some are gold. When we bring our faces close to the mosaic, we can admire the beauty of each stone. But as we step back from it, we can see that all these little stones reveal to us a beautiful picture, telling a story none of these stones can tell by itself.” 
Henri Nouwen

Similarly, ideas come in different colors, different hats, different tastes and they may produce collectively a “mosaic of ideas” that you have never thought of before.

A system is a collection of objects that somehow interrelate with each other to function as a whole and produce some effect that no single object within the system could do on its own. So is the “system of ideas” being.

I dedicate this buzz to Fay Vietmeier for her exchange of comments with me inspired the idea of writing this buzz. Dear Fay, I am extremely elevated by your sharp mind and pure soul.

SAMANTHA SABATTOLI Oct 25, 2019 · #36

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Fay Vietmeier Oct 24, 2019 · #35

#34 @AliAnani
Thanks for the laugh: "the waterfall of ideas may sink me:
May it never be ;~)

+1 +1

#33 @Fay Vietmeier- yes, I meant you because you wrote in a previous comment #31 "I will share that during my swims ...". But,please watch for the waterfall of ideas may sink me.

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Fay Vietmeier Oct 23, 2019 · #33

Not sure if you meant me or Cyndi
But I plan on including my idea of a "Bee Convention" in my (in process) writing of "The Art of Being a Bee"
And I will keep swimming because the pool provides "waterfalls of ideas"

+1 +1

#31 @Cyndi wilkins- before I forget let me draw your great suggestion to @Javier 🐝 beBee. If I were Javier I would implement your idea. Imagine that in a gathering including A hive of bees sharing their disruptive mind. I can imagine the fun. Keep swimming my dear for more interesting ideas.
Great achievements start with a dream and if that dream becomes reality then that is the best of the two worlds.

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Fay Vietmeier Oct 23, 2019 · #31

@Cyndi wilkins
I had hoped to convey a seed-thought to apply to stay at IDEAS Island as a "fantasy challenge" to INCLUDE (Cyndi) and you (and of course your wife although I did not think to clarify that ;~)... unlikely she would want her husband to go off to some island with 2 unknown ladies ;~)
It was all in FUN ;~) and pure fantasy ;~)

I recognize how disruptive & unconventional it would be for people who have never met in person to be captive on some island for a week. It could be life-changing or a total disaster ;~)
And who would care for my "herd of cats"

I will share that during my swims ... the thought has come to mind: about how interesting it would be to have some kind of gathering of "bees" (in person) that richly & regularly contribute to beBee ... In short time I have observed that there are some like-minded bees that seem to be drawn to one another ... hive-like behavior as it were ... that at times seems to bar entry ... This is life;~)
"Bee convention" idea@Javiar

Thank you for sharing one of the ways you set a priority to to have "quiet solitude" so "'ideas' take shape and are transformed into writing"
A practice every thinking person would benefit from ... for the well-spring of ideas that spring forth
I like that your "quiet" place is "a humble little lake house in the Maine woods" ... reminds me of JD Salinger (if I'm remembering correctly he retired to a cabin in the woods after writing Catcher in the Rye ... expressing no desire to ever publish another book)
“People always clap for the wrong reasons.”
― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

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#29 @Oswaldo Enrique Diaz Delgado- you enrich the "party of ideas by defining virtual friends in an interesting way. "A distant friend makes himself known when the similarity of thoughts becomes a vital part of the commandments of existence. This feeling senses the value of feeling, of being able to look at the intimacy of another being in its most human senses"

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Oswaldo Enrique Diaz Delgado Oct 23, 2019 · #29

#27 Estimada Cyndi Wilkins & Familia / Dr. Ali Anani & Familia / Demás Colaboradores.

Y cito: 'fiesta de ideas' del siglo, agradando a mi corazón “En una humilde casita”

Conforme al pensamiento individual lo que nos complace en bienestares. Desde este punto sagrado avivar los sentimientos colectivos un regalo de Dios para compartir en familia y amistades.

Como ley sus mandatos, más claramente una mente abierta hacia todo aquello que acobija el corazón. Al hecho puntual siglo XXI para honrar la presencia de otros que se alegran desde el solo hecho de mencionarlos.

La cobertura que brindamos al prójimo establece su razón especial de existir. Es como pagar por adelantado las vacaciones personales en su esencia compartida, en lo relativo hacerlas extensivas sin limitaciones para expresar el lenguaje del corazón, es profundo y servicial para los deseos de participación.

No obstante surge el evento maravilloso que contagia a otros en sus sentidos más humildes.

A título personal consultamos al corazón y de una forma especial nos trasladamos en tiempo y espacio al mundo de otros. Es emocionante saber lo que piensa el prójimo cuando le regalamos una parte de su propio valor humano llamado existencia.


Un amigo lejano se hace conocer cuando la similitud de pensamientos se hacen parte vital de los mandamientos de existencia. Este sentimiento intuye el valor de sentir, de ser capaz de mirar lo intimo de otro ser en sus sentidos mas humanos.

Sosteniendo al prójimo alcanzamos la verdad y la justicia.

Fuentes: Dios y la Universidad de la vida por Oswaldo E. Diaz D & Familia – Martes 22-10-2019.

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