Corona- Threats and Opportunities

Corona- Threats and Opportunities

The widespread of corona virus worldwide has spurred fear and worry. The number of infected people and the fatalities are alarming. It is these times that we need to keep our balance between avoiding exposure to the virus and reduce its devastating effects while not ignoring the opportunities this virus offers in developing health awareness, advancement of new technologies and improve our lifestyles. I published over the last few days few mini posts on LinkedIn. I thought it is advantageous to pool them in one post to cover few of these threats and opportunities.

Knowing what to do and not to do

Coping with the corona virus requires balance between mild worry and excessive worry to do the right things and avoid what actions not to do. There is a sweet zone between the extremes.

The Lotus Effect and the Corona Effect

The Lotus Effect refers to the self-cleaning properties of the lotus flower due to the structure of its leaves that make water form easily-running droplets on their surface. These droplets don’t adhere firmly to the leaves’ surfaces and flow easily carrying the dirt with them. These are the times that we need to have a social structure that is self-cleaning not only to halt the spread of the corona virus, but also to clean us from the dirt of bad actions and intentions. We need to clean our minds and bodies from spreading rumors, fake news to blowout fear so that our minds and bodies remain healthy and possess greater immunity to the alarming virus.

The Strangeness of a Paradox

There are certain materials and species found in nature such as the Lotus flower and the wings of butterflies that amaze me with their paradox. Even though these materials and species are extremely hydrophobic (water-hating); yet they are the cleanest because they have the structure and chemicals to make water roll off their surfaces. In the process the running water carries with it dust, bacteria and dirt and make these surfaces self-cleaning. This is what we are experiencing with corona- as much as we hate it water in Sicily is purified and the environment is less polluted. What we hate most may be of much benefit to us. Our worst enemy may show up as our friend. Let us exercise self-cleaning by turning the corona that we hate most as our inspiration for cleaning our bodies and souls from harmful behaviors that benefit no body. Let the disruption of corona virus lead to the creation of new life styles. This is the way to go and it has all to generate from within every one of us.

Corona and the Relations Pyramid

Disruption may turn this pyramid upside down. Instead of bonding we need detachment. Instead of closeness we need separation. The corona virus is turning our understandings upside down. Can we cope with this challenge?

Lean Manufacturing and Blue Ocean Strategy of Self

These are difficult times fighting against the corona virus. This is an enemy that emerged suddenly and confused our minds. One condition for controlling this virus is keeping the environment hygiene. However; more important is keeping us hygienic. This requires that we only do activities that increase the value of keeping protected against the virus by refraining from throwing the wastes of our thoughts, habits and resulting behaviors on others. It is lean self-manufacturing that produces hardly any waste and increases the value of living a healthy life. In emulation of lean manufacturing we need to follow the 5S steps. These are sorting out our habits and behaviors to dispense with the wasteful ones. Nest is setting in order what we need to do. Sweeping is next to map our activities and visualize the value chain. Nest is to standardize our activities to keep them uniform. Last is sustaining and strengthening the good habits and behaviors. This way we may drop many activities such as smoking, making false claims and spreading rumors that weaken the society. A second approach is to apply the Blue Ocean Strategy on what we think, believe and behave. We need to remove or eliminate the bad ones and increase the good ones and be able to create new us

Emerging Social Character

While individual character describes the richness of the character structure of an individual, the social character describes the emotional attitudes common to people in a society. Hit is how people perform under the grinding of a catastrophe or an epidemic such as the one we are experiencing now. The prevailing culture of a society is the emerging result of the interactions among individuals. The character of a society as determined by its tenacity- resistance to break- under extremely unfavorable conditions- is possibly the result of the interactions of the characters of the individuals in that society. The Chinese people proved they have a high tenacity and solid social character. They challenged the outbreak of corona together and worked in harmony to contain the virus. In some societies the social tenacity is questioned because of the acts of some individuals who do acts that are harmful to them and the society. They spread rumors, they expose themselves to unnecessarily to the corona risk, hide their health status and meanwhile carry the risk to others and even to their loved ones or create social hysteria such as that of the emerging toilet tissues . The weakest social group unfortunately determines the overall character of a society.

Turning the Cracks in Our Hearts to Beauty

Two posts aroused my attention back to what we need to do to combat the corona virus. The post by Anne Thornley-Brown, In her post Anne wrote “"I emerged stronger than ever with prayer, peer support, and expert advice". This reminded me of my post in which I defined “creativity as to identify the hidden pearls of harmful traits and find new uses for them”. The big challenge in life s to turn weakness to strength that is greater than the weakness. This is what Nassim Taleb defined as antifragility. The challenge even gets bigger when it comes to broken hearts and how to not only amend them, but make them stronger than they were before becoming broken. The Japanese know well how to turn broken items into objects that are authentic and more attractive than they were before. The cracks in our hearts are what we may repair uniquely, depending on what cracks we have and finding a way to stick the cracked pieces together. This is the highest level of antifragility I can think of. Even if our hearts are broken with spreading corona and its cracking effects, we may piece together the cracks into new and upgraded selves. It is a testing time for us to turn the cracks into golden opportunities. Together we succeed.

Corona Halting Strategies

The World Health Organization published a graph showing that corona is retreating in China, but spreading alarmingly in other countries. I thank Dr. Mohammed A. AlAnsari for sharing the graph. This brought to my mind the strategy that infected trees follow to containing the virus even though trees have no immune system as humans do, Trees do this by a three-pronged strategy. These are: 1- Minimizing the spread of damage to other parts of the infected tree and nearby trees- and by producing chemicals to halt the damage 2- By building new walls so that the trees may confine the damage, and 3- By growing new tissues around the infected zone to overtake further infection What strategies we follow is not different from what trees do. The major difference is that trees follow the recommendation for that serves their common interest. I read in the news today that somebody inflicted with corona escaped his confinement for he felt bored. It is these acts that make the spread of corona easier among humans than it is probably among trees

Social Communication Funnel

I propose a "Social Communication Funnel as experienced from the corona virus and by what nature teaches us. I hope this collection of posts finds you all in good health.

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