Creative Marketing Attractions

Creative Marketing Attractions

It is a dream for a business to attract repeat customers and keep their loyalty. Not only that, but also to waggle dance to their friend to attract them to your business. This is a form which I call "Perfect Marketing" because the business owner has his clients do the marketing for him willingly and at no cost to the owner.

It is amazing how bee-flower metaphor may teach us how to arrive at this perfect marketing. It happens because the bee and flower maker a perfect "lock-key" mutual and beneficial symbiosis between them. Till recently, our apprehension of this relationship was missing newly-found facts. What we knew is that the flower has many cues to attract bees such as smell and color. Recent research findings have disclosed astonishing facts. The flowers send electric signals to the bees inviting them for to their nectar and pollen. To build trust, the flowers change their electric signals to inform the bees that their nectar has almost depleted so that the bees do waste time visiting an empty source. I just wonder how many businesses tell their customers they are out of stock!

Plants generate a very slight negative electric charge from their connection to the ground. That is not the only way as I shall explain later. Bees generate slightly positive charges by their physical movement. Waggle dance is very hectic physical movement. Now, you may imagine the attraction between flowers with negative electric charge a positively-charged bee! It is attraction. Even more surprising this attraction has a three-pronged advantage. It helps the pollen stick to the bee to pollinate other plants and to make it easier for the bee to find the flower. But more dazzling is that the flower let the bee know when to visit the flower or not. The flowers send a different electric signal once their nectar has been consumed. Bonding the bee to a flower serves as a great metaphor for bonding customers to a business. Will businesses move fast enough to create signals that invite the customers to them? Flowers try to stand out from the crowd by using different electric signals. Are bees the originators of the Blue Ocean Strategy?

Plants generate electricity from photosynthesis. These electrons may be trapped and used for power generation. It is possible to harvest electrons to generate electricity. In fact, every photon of sunlight that is captured by plants is converted to electrons. Pilot plants have been successful in capturing these electrons and generate electricity. The electrons may be connected directly to a power source or captured as a chemical reactant to control the behavior of plants. See the video below as an example.

The bee-flower metaphor is of great value for us to capture the sunlight of information so as to generate not only electricity to light the lamps, but also to lighten our way to finding more creative ways to attract, keep and build lasting relationship with customers. Electrify your customers and send them the right signals to stay within your "electric field".  

What electric signals is beBee sending? 

#34 Absolutely and your comprehension is beyond description dear @namita sinha. Excellent summary of the buzz your comment is.

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namita sinha 21/5/2016 · #34

@Ali Anani Very interesting post.., Sir ! The metaphors here, in the context of strong customer attraction and retention can best be exercised by acknowledging the single most important act of " authentic communication and unending dedication which comes because of , well defined alignments and integration towards serving their cause ", in the case of bees and flowers. Businesses and marketing teams too can achieve this through authentic communication, good customer service and ensuring they are internally as a team well aligned to the goals and purpose of their existence.

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Sue Chien Lee 19/5/2016 · #33

#18 @CityVP Manjit , you rock!

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You remind me of an important issue with your lovely comment @William King. Dandelion does it in reverse. The wind blows its pollen so that the wind carries them. If the bee doesn't come, then I go for it.

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William King 19/5/2016 · #30

#18 Great point CityVP Manjit. Maybe it was the plant which was originator of the Blue Ocean Strategy. Other insects may have been the early adapters and the bees are the early and late majority. With the vanilla orchid that would make humans the laggards , when we learned to hand pollinate the flower.

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The bees toll to all great spirits here like yours @Sue Chien Lee. I am enjoying the music

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Sue Chien Lee 19/5/2016 · #28

"To whom the bees toll? " @Ali Anani @Qamar Ali KhanTo you all sensitive sensible people involved herein ☺

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Anees Zaidi 19/5/2016 · #26

#25 As I said earlier @Ali Anani, it took over 40 years for me to discover you :))

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