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Creative Metabolism of Ideas

Creative Metabolism of Ideas

Trees are amazing as they turn limited resources into a huge variety of chemicals that serve strategic purposes such as growth and survival. Trees utilize sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into sugar and then convert this sugar into varieties of products (primary and secondary metabolites). Basically trees use sixteen chemicals (derived from soil and fertilizers) to produce so many products and each with a strategic purpose. Trees are the best cook on earth.

Creative Metabolism of Ideas

For me, trees are the mother of all creative metaphors. Trees are able to link what they produce to their requirements. Not only may that as trees produce some chemicals selectively and when needed to push off predators, to give one example. If we probe on the strategies that trees developed to defend themselves it becomes obvious their ingenuity in charting out defensive strategies that we humans have a great opportunity to learn from.

This is one reason I don't greatly welcome representing creative ideas as light bulbs. Sunlight is essential for trees to produce creative as well as commonly needed chemicals. Sunlight is an ingredient of creativity and isn't creativity. I think we need to rediscover the real meaning of creativity.

Take beBee as an example. It is a vivid platform to illumination with daily "ideas radiation" over the globe. We bees are the trees that get exposed to this ideas radiation and we are therefore responsible for taking this radiation purposefully to activate low-quality ideas into purposeful products that evolve with the emerging needs. Trees use water and carbon dioxide to produce sugar that is a source of stored energy to "cook" other reactions using its own produced-sugar as a starting material, and including the building of cells' walls. A tree knows that somebody's waste is somebody's starting material.

BeBee is a rich forest connecting different trees around the globe. BeBee success, like any other startup, is linked to its ability to produce products that serve a purpose. No matter what, beBee eventual success shall depend on the quality of individual bees or trees to produce what is appropriate with the timespace requirements of a tree. We need an enriched soil to provide the microelements for trees to synthesize the requirements needed for a tree to grow and face environmental challenges. The idea of establishing affinity hives is simply brilliant because each hive may enrich the soil as much as other ideas may act as the equivalent to sunshine for photosynthesis to take place. We need "transportation ideas" so that they may carry watery ideas from the soil to the top of the tree. We need ideas to protect intellectual rights from predators. We need to do what a tree does so that we may have a fully integrated beBee platform.

Trees are better cooks than humans as they make so many different varieties of chemicals and compounds from very few available resources. Trees found creative methods to change the paths of chemical reactions to produce strategically desired compounds. I am going to show by examples what we may learn from trees in my forthcoming buzzes.

I believe that representing creativity with a light bulb is a reductionist approach because we made the part more important than the living whole- the tree. We are trees who convert shining ideas as an energy source to convert conventional ideas into useful ones. To do that we need the structure of trees and far more importantly to learn from the trees on when to produce, to grow, to truncate, to drop and to survive. I shall dedicate few buzzes to look into these possibilities.

Ali Anani 9/10/2016 · #52

Appreciate as always your support dear @Sara Jacobovici. I am sure @Deb Lange shall be equally pleased.

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Sara Jacobovici 9/10/2016 · #51

#47 Great initiative (and cooperative exchange with @Ali Anani) @Deb Lange. I look forward to joining (this triadic hive). I also like the idea of approaching groups we like and asking them to contribute to the hives. Nice work Bees!! Keep up the great work.

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Aurorasa Sima 9/10/2016 · #50

#49 You can just type the name of the new hive when you share a post and it will then create the hive. All you have to do is "accept" when you receive an email asking you if you want to be the administrator of the hive.

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Deb🐝 Lange 9/10/2016 · #49

#48 I have sent a message to Bebee administrators about creating a hive. I don't know how to create one. Be back in touch soon @Ali Anani

Ali Anani 9/10/2016 · #48

#47 Great idea @Deb Lange. I love it. It is our isolation from nature that paralyzes our creativity. Nature has the solution and we need to adapt it.

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Deb🐝 Lange 9/10/2016 · #47

#45 Good Idea @Ali Anani - what about a Humans , Mother Nature & Creativity Hive - why I am thinking about putting these together? To re-connect the inter-connection between humans and mother nature and creativity. We are born to create, as is nature and we are nature, and I sense we are in another transition to re-birth our creativity by making new connections. I am choosing "Mother" Nature - as when we call nature a name and a gender we are more likely to have empathy, compassion and a connection than if we approach nature as if it is not a part of us. And the word Humans not people as Hu-mans comes from "the earth". humous. What do you think Ali?

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Irene Hackett 7/10/2016 · #46

#44 And I feel in harmony whenever I enter your "idea" buzzes, for which I extend my gratitude to you, dear brother. Words are not adequate ❤️

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Ali Anani 7/10/2016 · #45

#41 I feel the need and to cover also the creative aspects of conserving nature dear @Deb Lange. One hive shall not do it alone. We need hives within hives to do that. I still feel the need. Thank you so much for your interest.

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