Dancing Ideas in Teaching

Dancing Ideas in Teaching            Source- Pixabay

Ideas and how we perceive them are important for creating new ideas from existing ones. A recent buzz by Savvy Raj Outlined the need for us to dance and give ourselves “permission to begin movements, in whatever way you think best…”. Dancing ideas are great because they give the ideas the permission to begin movement. This is not a fanciful idea. It is reality. Molecules in our bodies dance. Molecules love to dance. They find their rhythm in dancing. Glass molecules dance.

It has been possible to synthesize dancing molecules. I dare say “To be living is to be dancing”. Like a painter paints a lady dancing, chemists are not different and they may paint dancing molecules. This is going with nature and not against it. Teaching students on how to make dancing molecules increased their love to chemistry.

                                                                                       Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NanoPutian 

Dancing serves as a great teaching tool. In another example, teaching physics becomes more popular if we create joy of learning such as teaching different physical concepts through dancing cork.

Have you ever heard a coin that can dance? No…… well try this little easy experiment and you will have your coin use the magic of air pressure to dance the night away!

Dancing is fun and mixing fun with teaching is a great way to spur new ideas and make students at all levels fond of learning. Teachers must search for creative dancing ideas that make their subjects of teaching likable to their students. Like research has confirmed the value of fun in increasing productivity, so is teaching. It needs funny dancing ideas to make students more understanding and willing to learn with fun and anticipation.

I shall discuss in my next buzz approaching to spreading ideas and the search-based fact how to spread them like the idea presented here of mixing dancing with teaching. This is an intriguing topic and is of great interest. Spreading ideas alone isn’t enough as they have to be coupled with their implementation. The main issue I want to emphasize in this buzz is that we need dancing ideas to advance learning. The basic fact that describes organizations today is that they are learning organizations. I dare to say that:

To be living is to be learning. To be learning is to be dancing. If water molecules dance in our bodies so we must generate dancing teaching ideas in our heads”.
Ali Anani

I end this buzz with a quote.

Since 95 percent of the people are imitators and only 5 percent initiators, people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer".
Cavett Robert

Teaching with dancing ideas may help in restoring balance so that we may have more originators than imitators.

At least, this is what I hope for in writing this buzz.

Jan Brich Feb 23, 2020 · #46

#45 Interesting point, my pleasure.

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Thank you with great appreciation @Jan Brich, Timixi for your resharing the post.

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#43 Your words dance in harmony and I shall join you in dancing, Jerry. How could I resist in view of your great thought " interactivity and putting bodies in motion always generates greater results"?

Jerry Fletcher May 14, 2019 · #43

Dr. Ali, I'm a proud member of the organization Cavett Robert started called NSA (National Speakers Association). One of the the things he taught was that "our job as speakers is not to cut the pie (available business) but to make it bigger." We do that by getting audiences to learn new behaviors whether we keynote or train. In my experience, interactivity and putting bodies in motion always generates greater results. Shall we dance?

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Cubic Logics May 6, 2019 · #42

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#40 What you say is scientifically proven @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador. Thank you for sharing your expertise and sharing the buzz as well.

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Thank you for tagging me @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, and you're always welcome to do so. I've always believed dance is good for the soul. Dance puts the body in motion and the mind at peace. It is also excellent exercise and helps with coordination and balance. Plus, for those like the lovely @Savvy Raj, it is a beautiful form of artistic expression.

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@Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador- it is very rarely I tag you, but thought of you and the interest you may have in reading this buzz. I think you are very qualified to write a rewarding comment.