Death of Distance between Opposites

Death of Distance between Opposites

One idea that struck my mind while drafting a buzz is the idea of this buzz. It is the death of distance not between countries, people and events, but also between opposites. I give two examples that resulted in the blending of opposites to form combined words of opposite pairs. These two examples are friend and enemy, leading to the word frenemy.

         15 Signs You Have A "Frenemy"

The other word is chaos and order leading to inventing the combined word Chaordic organization- a term that was coined by Dee Hock. I call these the Venn diagram of words as is shown in the image below:

                                                                    Venn diagram of opposites

The neighboring of opposites and the conflict they bring put as on the edge of chaos. It is the edge that is followed by self-organization to form new resilient and adaptive structures, or the organization goes into complete chaos and instead of self-organizing it becomes self-destructive. The challenge is how organizations would reach self-organization with people of different ethics, origins, religions, values, cultures and aspirations working together. If the organization fails to find a grand purpose so that employees would not work in different directions and all focus their effort in one direction it shall fail to self-organize. Not only this as the managements of these organizations realize the need to drop old and long-held practices such as command and control.

Maybe I am right to coin a new word here- that is comrol. It is the combination of command and control. This is in keeping with the increasing trend to combine words. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following.

Sitcom- combination of situation and comedy

Emoticon- combination of emotions and icon

Workaholic- combination of work and alcoholic

Chocoholic- combination of chocolate and alcoholic

Motel- combination of motor and hotel

And I coin another word:

Ignoledge- combination of ignorance and knowledge for I keep saying the more we know, the more ignorant we become because we become more self-aware of our increasing ignorance.

Is a new language emerging by blending words together?

#36 @Jerry Fletcher- It is acceptable because it is used. In Arabic we have some combination specially in words derived from science and technology.

Jerry Fletcher Hace 4 d · #36

Dr. Ali, I'm at odds because I don't speak or write in other languages but my perception is that this combining of words both from English and other languages is one of the peculiarities of English speakers. I believe it is characteristic of what has become the lingua-Franca of this century. Is this behavior even acceptable in other languages?

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#34 Thank you dear @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador for your appreciation and adding a new word to the list "Spanglish). Maybe this shall stir a wave of new words for bilingual people. For example, Gerglish for German-English speaking people!!!

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I believe a new language is emerging by combining words - offers some more examples. (This link deemed safe by my virus program.)

I encountered Spanglish when I lived in South Florida in the 1970s. Can you imagine what it is like to learn any language in a classroom?

Outstanding post, @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee.

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#32 Thank you and I shall review it later today.

CityVP 🐝 Manjit Hace 7 d · #32

#31 There are many slides in this Prezi that underscore your point.

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#30 The trend of fusion spills over from one language to another. In Arabic we started following the trend. It is epidemic

CityVP 🐝 Manjit Hace 7 d · #30

It is only when we know a language that is not English that we find just how much we cannot describe in the English which for people like me, has become our primary language - or at least the language that I think thoughts. Only recently the word "idiocracy" was accepted into the Oxford English dictionary - and we know from the world of Chaucer (Old English) and Shakespeare (middle-age English) just how English itself has evolved over the centuries. Now that we live in an ever increasing portmanteau world where English is being both truncated into short-form and creative fusion, who knows how any language will change.

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