Enhancing the Performers

Enhancing the Performers

Few years back I wrote a presentation on Strategy Race Model to upgrade the performance of your employees. This was a two-pronged approach. In the first one the metaphor of burning coal and its relevance to the enhancement of the performance of employees. In the second approach I used racing as the metaphor for enhancing employees’ performances. I looked back on these two metaphors and I find them applicable today more than they were years ago. I shall explain why soon.

The process for improving the burning of coal involves the following steps and as outlined in the figure below.

Extending the same thinking to enhancing employees’ performance is reflected in the next image.

The process sequence includes Review, Avoidance, Conversion and Employment and hence the acronym RACE.

Like we need to review the quality of coal, we need to review the quality of employees. The presence of impurities may retard the good burning of coal. Likewise; the presence of reckless employees may down the firing potential of good ones. The type of impurities in coal may differ depending on the origin of coal and its environment. Employees when they move from one place to another may carry with them the seeds of their previous environment. If these seeds are bad, they are prone to downgrade the performance of the organization.

The burning of coal is influenced by the burning environment. Likewise, the burning of employees shall cause the burning out of good employees if the work culture is unhealthy. The bad employees shall expel the good ones. Employees increasingly come from different origins. Watch out for effect on performance. The wide range in properties of coal results from coal’s diverse origins and this needs proper attention.

Like we upgrade coal to a higher burning one, so we need to upgrade the performance of employees. This is only possible if we don’t allow the low performing coal (employees) from downgrading the performance. Only then it shall be advantageous to upgrade coal (employees) performances and then convert them to other uses of higher value-added. The better the quality of coal gets, the more it is possible to covert it to worthy products. The same logic extends to employees. We may get more insights if we consider racing sport. One lesson we may conclude that runners with similar average speed win the race because the way they distribute their efforts. There are claims that fastest business wins. This isn’t always true. The rabbit may run very fast till it meets water to cross. The rabbit can’t swim and the tortoise can swim to win the race. The slow beats the fast. It is like running a racing car that runs into heavy traffic.

The enhancement of employees’ performances to reach the performance potential of an organization has new realities to digest.

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#44 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
Thanks Ali for that clarification ...
Blessings upon your week ;~) Fay

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#43 Great share of experiences @Fay Vietmeier.
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#42 @AliAnani
Thank you for sharing your methodology ;~)
"If I try to do many things at one time I end up doing nothing"
I can say "Amen & Amen"
As an "army of one" ... I often find myself overwhelmed
I'd like to sell my house (to which I've become a slave) and simplify
Move to a cottage by the sea with a maid, a gardener, and a personal assistance to "enhance my performance"
Be blessed ;~)

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#41 @Fay Vietmeier
Hi Fay- I have a file called Ideas for Buzzes. Honestly, I have a stream of them. What I do I select an idea and work on it till I publish it. If I try to do many things at one time I end up doing nothing. When I have a material to fit one if my registered ideas I add it for a later date. Sometimes I find I added too many possible topics to one idea than I need to. That is fine with me because I select the points that are most relevant to what I intend to write. As @Jerry Fletcher says "and so it goes".

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#40 @AliAnani
Your struck a cord: "self-organize"
If given my druthers, I'd write all day ... I have an endless list of ideas and topics which include a couple on beBee and
"Wisdom is not stupid" ... my style is to think and write ... prayerfully edit ... think and write ... and so it goes till its done;~)
Plus I write poetry ... I'm going to try and share some of my poetry in beBee posts
The challenge is time management ... to do the other things that require attention and action
Thank you for being a "Barnabas" ... one who encourages

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#39 I am sure by now dear @Fay Vietmeier you have many more ideas to write about. You experience the need for inspiration so that those ideas may self-organize. My best wishes to you.

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#38 @AliAnani
Ali~ as always ... "iron sharpens iron"
I have SO many thoughts buzzing around in my mind ;~)
I have been writing about attitudes in the workplace and will be sharing them in future days. ("Be a human-sunflower" was one)
So MUCH to write ... so little time ;~)
I will look at your RACE presentation...

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#37 This inequality of rewards among "enhancers" and top management dear @Fay Vietmeier reminds me of Pareto Rule in which 80% of employees get 20% of rewards. This is the top management- even they act as "dampening agents: to the enhancers, get 80% of rewards. This is a built-in character in humans in all scopes of life.
But having you worked for so long as a member of the staffing industry makes me wonder why don't you write on this topic. Your experience is well-reflected in your comment such as:
"Employment is just a role ... but "performance" is more: When you hire a person you hire the whole person this “treasure in a jar of clay” (body-soul-spirit)
Everything that is in that “jar of clay” (or “coal” ) travels to work with them every day
To get more ... requires more understanding".
My presentation on RACE (the link is provided in the buzz) highlights communication as rightly you do in your comment,
Great comment my friend yours is.