Expanding the Intangibles

Expanding the Intangibles

My quote in my previous post engaged few sharp minds. I wrote in my quote:

“We need to expand internally with *intentionality to see the world expanding and full of potential possibilities. We also live in the error that the heart has no capacity to see for itself, giving credit only to what our eyes see.”
Ali Anani

Fay Vietmeier highlighted that to expand is to grow, She extended her thoughts to the components of growth by writing “"intentionality" is a component of growth as is purposeful & determined attentiveness”.
… a desire to grow ;~) these are as petals on a flower called “Growth”
as "bee-editor in chief" ... I have acted: expanded & enriched your quote herein my "wind-mill of thought & inspiration". This coment was reinforced by
Joel Anderson then highlighted the value of intentionality in an earlier comment and a buzz. 

Expanding the capacity of an organization to grow entails “Organizational Capacity and Growth- Your organization will grow or wither based on the organizational system and your capacity to develop and sustain what works while eliminating what doesn't work”. To expand means enhancing the capacity of an individual or organization only if expansion is carried out with intentionality, purposeful attentiveness that make us do what is necessary and leave out what isn’t. 

Capacity for growth includes enhancing the ability of people to and teams to make collective decisions by self. This is in line with what Joel mentioned in his comment. It is not enough to expand; it is what to expand and in which direction. There are intangible factors that we need to expand and we should be aware of them such as attentiveness.

Beliefs may limit our capacities to expand. Inferiority complex is a horrible restricting factor for shrinking our capacities and make us unable to perform what otherwise we could do well if we weren’t restricted by inhibiting beliefs. This thought was highlighted by Harvey Lloyd in a recent exchange of messages between us. In another message Harvey highlighted the value of expanding the intangible belief force. He wrote "Human group dynamics are driven by the belief systems of the individuals within the group. A good leader knows this and attempts to develop a belief system around the goals of the company or goals”. Comparing the thoughts of Joel and Harvey it becomes clear that both gentlemen focus on expanding the intangibles.

In organizations increasing the capacity is determined by many interacting factors such as Education level, years of experience, research linkages, and perceived adequacy of resources and management plans are consistently significant capacity factors in explaining productivity in the agricultural sector. It is interesting that the intangible factor perceived adequacy was found to be significant in determining organizational capacity and expanding it to new levels.

We live in a world of increasing competition. Enhancing organizational capacities to compete is of paramount importance. Having a limited capacity will only lead an organization to bifurcate into different trajectories and soon enough find it immersed in complexity and chaos. Limited growth is beautifully explained in this reference. An interesting video that discusses capacities and tendencies to reach chaos is again beautifully described in this fantastic video:

And this video:

For an organization to be able to make predictions on future performance it has to expand its capacities without being attentive to the intangible factors that enhance these capacities greatly. Organizations will change if the employees believe in themselves and that the goals set out are achievable. Beliefs are crucial to expanding the capacities of organizations. The adaptive capacity of organizations was researched. The findings cast light on how the emotions, identities, values and goals of the individual affect not only their interpretation of climate change information but also the actual form that their adaptive (or maladaptive) behavior will take”.

We need to expand our “emotional capacities”.

No matter what form of capacity we are discussing such as competitive capacity, production capacity, emotional capacity or whatever capacity intangible factors have their say.

#37 @Fay Vietmeier

We are now seeing the issue eye-to-eye. The two separated sharp irond produce less effect each on its own than when allowed to sharpen each other. There is a synergistic effect.

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Fay Vietmeier Mar 1, 2020 · #37

@Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
How very true Ali ~ as "iron-sharpens-iron" you often stretch my thinking capacity
Not just mine ... but all the thinking "bees" who buzz about with you day by day ;~)

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#35 As your mind and mine in separation is less than their sum when they interact my dear @Fay Vietmeier

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Fay Vietmeier Mar 1, 2020 · #35

#34 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
Thank you my dear Professor ... I appreciate your further explanation.
I am a "coachable cat" ... and you a patient "Herdsman" '~)
I see and I agree ;~) "in successful organizations the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual capacities of the employees"

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#30 @Fay Vietmeier

If I wrote " the sum of the whole is NOT greater than the sum of the individual capacities of the employees" it is a mistake because the result is greater than the sum of the parts. The whole is much greater than the mere summation of parts. Like human beings If we sum their parts together we don't have a human being. We are greater than the summation of our parts. It not not "NOT". In cars you assemble pieces and you have a car. Humans you assemble the parts that make a human and still you don't have a human because this is the characteristic of complex systems as humans are; cares are complicated, but not complex.

I hope I explained my thoughts here to your satisfaction my friend.

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#29 Thank you for commenting and re-sharing the post dear @Joel Anderson

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#31 @Fay Vietmeier

The added lines are so sweet my friend. Your imagination is one of your definite strengths.
The running water never visits the same place again. You expressed this so beautifully "SCULPTING lines that are born breaking, erupting & jutting".

With such imagination no wonder that you are an established poet and songs writer.

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 29, 2020 · #31

@Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
I sent the notice to you in the comments yesterday (I have not been getting comments either ... periodically I'll return to posts I've commented in and check that way )

These added lines were for you my dear Professor
Oceans & seas have clearly defined shore lines
“This far & no further” … the Great design
Water meets rocks like a SONG ... in fractal fury ART is formed & ever changes
SCULPTING lines that are born breaking, erupting & jutting
When we are gone ... these GLORIOUS wonders remain & rearrange

Thank you my dearest Professor for your sweet sharing of my "Lines"

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