Fake or Real

Fake or Real

One definite trend in our lives is the emergence of fake versus factual phenomenon. Examples include:

· Fake employees versus real employees

· Fake minerals versus real minerals

· Fake news versus real news

· Fake friends versus real friends

· Fake images versus real images

· Fake flowers versus real flowers

· Fake money versus real money

· Fake beauty versus real beauty

· Fake fear versus real fear

It is the last one (fake fear versus real fear) that prompted me to write this buzz.

In searching Google for fake fear, I ran across this terrific example. It is about inducing fake fear in employees to energize their minds and come up with creative solutions to possible future problems that they wouldn’t have thought about. It is the realization that it is the negative feelings such as fear that often lead us to be stronger and better-prepared than before facing them. It is self-trust and self-belief that become an integral part of solid people to continue with following their dreams no matter what disappointments and fear they face in life.

The story of success is like any other story has three acts: the beginning, the middle and the end.
Ali Anani

It is the battle between the predators (negative because we make them so and even more negative) with deepening conflicts till they are resolved by the hero. Read the history of people who failed, and you shall be surprised by the number of falls they experienced in their lives.

Great leaders can sort out real success from fake success and real workers from fake workers. They know that bubbly workers float, and gem-like performers sink. Real Amber should float in water easily while majority of fakes will sink fast. These leaders realize great achievers that are self-charged to pursue their dreams. They attract dirt when they are charged sufficiently. Because they collect dirt and become heavier and sink quicker doesn’t turn blind that the luster of the floating employees will not blind them to the real amber employees that even though they may have no luster from outside, they have it inside. Employees with luster might be like fake emeralds with very little value and high potential to deceive others.

Like we separate real gems from fake ones, so leaders need to distinguish between fake and real gem-like employees.
Ali Anani

Leaders, managers and directors alike need to realize that real gem (natural gems) are rarity and they always have their flaws. They aren’t cheated by workers who are like synthetic gems to the real thing because they are a fraction of the cost and are free of flaws. Great performers aren’t devoid of flaws and fake ones aren’t.

This is the paradox: the fakes look real and the reals look fake.
Ali Anani

So are friends- natural ones have their flaws. Accept friends with their flaws because they are real. Accept your wife with her flaws because this is the proof, she is the one worthy of joining you on your life voyage.

When workers seem to be perfect then be aware of the consequences because they may not be real.
Ali Anani

John Rylance Mar 9, 2019 · #35

#33 No, but it doesn't stop us from trying.


#32 My issue with #Metoo, is that there are real victims in the situation BUT the fakes jump on the bandwagon and ruin the initial intent. The entire movement loses credibility and the true victims get caught up in the chaos! Also, those that create fake GoFundMe platforms are right up there with the rest of the fakes that have no respect or sympathy for those that have a legitimate issue. My 4 cents!

And, @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, I doubt we can change human nature to rid ourselves of fakes. I feel there will always be those that practice deception, which it's unfortunate they don't use that energy to do something good. My 6 cents! :)


#31 @John Rylance- Do you think this is a possible hope "Until we can change human nature there will always be fakes in some form"?

Nick Mlatchkov Mar 3, 2019 · #32

#Metoo is a bright example of a totally fake trend!

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John Rylance Mar 7, 2019 · #31

#29 True Franci. The word which springs to mind is gullible. Much of what you described prays on a person's gullibility, linked to a desire for a "bargain."
To often if it's too good to be true it isn't. 
Until we can change human nature there will always be fakes in some form.

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#29 Thank you @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador for commenting and sharing the buzz. The mouse keeps evolving as we make better traps. Fakes are smart in evolving indeed.

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The fakes have become quite adept at being fake, and I am concerned. So many scams, fake goods, fake people, fake news that how does one determine what's real. What's more concerning is when the real thing presents itself, will we believe it to be true? All that energy spent being fake could be put to better use, indeed.

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