Feeling the Endurance of Others

Feeling the Endurance of Others

We exchange comments on beBee like nowhere else. We build relations. We admire some buzzes and author bees. We think we know them. We feel strongly attached to them. We see the “iceberg” of their lives and that is less than 10% of what is hidden below the surface.

I have had an enormous amount of exchange of comments with the Lisa Vanderburg. I thought I “knew” her well till I ran across a recent interview with her. The interview is available in voice recording and in text. I decided to read the text first and I couldn’t believe how much pain Lisa has been enduring for years. I felt I hardly knew Lisa. While listening later to her interview I was chocked because I expected this lady to tremble while talking about her difficult life with a husband that fell sick for long times and yet she was as stable as the pyramids of Egypt.

I shall give evey quotes of her masterful and shockingly saddening interview. Lisa proved to me she is a great example of antifragility. She came out stronger surmounting the difficulties of life with such confidence and patience. I sometimes feel mountains could not endure what she endured.

Below are few of quotes of the interview:

As I like to say in presentations: ‘Pete’s primary disease is unbridled optimism. Served him well in our 35 years of very high-risk business, I expect. Drove me batty…rose-tinted glasses do not pick out the proverbial comin’ your way!”

"the Pete we knew was slowly dissolving as he tried to re-define himself time & time again". And,
"for me to watch them as Pete aged to an old man in front of our eyes broke my heart…all the playful interactions he’d always had with me and especially his sons, had long stopped"

The interview is available here:

Casualties of Parkinson’s: Interview with Lisa Vanderburg

Tausif Mundrawala Hace 2 d · #71

#69 It's an absolute honor of mine that you conferred a title of an important person, Sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

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#63 We are the grateful ones to you my dear friend @Lisa Vanderburg for making it possible to write this buzz and share your experience. It is such a touching one

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#66 Whenever you don't comment on a buzz dear @Tausif Mundrawala I feel some emptiness. You are most welcome to comment at any time.

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Lisa Vanderburg Hace 3 d · #68

#65 ALWAYS got your back my friend! DM me anytime @Tausif Mundrawala :)

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Lisa Vanderburg Hace 3 d · #67

#64 Oh My Soul - how wonderful to see you, fabulous @🐝 Fatima G. Williams - I LOVE the new pic!

Thank you so much for your deeply genuine empathy towards both me AND Pete; I will make sure he sees this too! Funny, t'was just chatting with a lady with Parkinson's - her husband is in denial which is just heart-breaking. I know he'll come 'round...just can't imagine how anyone goes through this alone?? Horrifying.
Enough; oh you brig my heart such joy, sweetheart!

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Tausif Mundrawala Hace 3 d · #66

#57 I am looking forward to that buzz and can't wait to comment on it, Sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

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Tausif Mundrawala Hace 3 d · #65

#60 Again I can't thank you enough to what you did for me. A few words could do wonders to the person whose grief very few could understand. Am glad that you were one among them, my friend @Lisa Vanderburg

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#36 @Lisa Vanderburg A big hug to you. You show us what it means to live and to have lived well. A unique angel to Pete. Behind every strong woman (like your amazing self) is battle she silently fights. It's not a battle for victories or treasures of the world but a battle to be herself unique self! To shine as we shed our light on others to shine, and be a teacher of love, goodness, and hope:) You are a beautiful soul inside out and I love you for that.

PS - I can see the smile that knocked Pete off his feet :)

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