Finding Answers to Simple Questions

Finding Answers to Simple Questions

Did you experience any of the following?

· Chasing a dream girl till she accepted you only to lose interest in her afterwards

· Chasing for a creative idea and once it sparks in your mind you didn't care to document it only to find that you have lost it

· Searched for a key and once you found it you misplaced it only to lose it again.

· Looked for connecting with a bee on beBee and once you succeeded you lost interest. By reviewing your contacts you shall surprise yourself with how many you stopped exchanging of comments and reading buzzes of bees with whom you had great interest before.

· You aspired to work for a company and tried hard to get a job there only to lose interest in it soon afterwards.

· Work so hard to lose weight and look in shape, only to lose your shape by gaining weight again

· You dared to invest in the stock market and made huge profits only to lose it and feel the agony of your losses.

· Your company tried hard to reach profitable customers and finally it succeeded only to lose those customers soon afterwards.

· You tried hard to quit smoking, but then you started smoking again by losing your willpower

· Had health problems that forced you to quit smoking. Once you felt better you started smoking again.

· You had illusions about something and once you discovered the truth you felt you became wiser. But then you lost the truth and went back to your illusions.

These are few examples of things we try hard to find and then to lose them. The amazing thing here is that we humans try to avert losses, but then we lose what is good for us. Why do we insist on doing the wrong things when we know the right answers? For example, we know that creative ideas have short life spans; paradoxically, we keep ignoring recording them on the spot and only to feel their loss and regret afterwards. This causes us to suffer and yet we continue repeating the same.

This reminds me of a buzz that my friend David Navarro López wrote on forging of characters. In cold forging we change the shape like we change our shapes by exercising and dieting. Cold forging may lead to revert to type. It is hot forging that introduces new characters, new behaviors and new us.

I wish you would help me and others find answers to my question. I promise not to lose you for whatever feedback you may contribute

#94 @Erroll -EL- Warner- you remind me of it is not what you know, it is more whom you connect with. Yes, when we have no passion for the customers we lose them.

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Erroll -EL- Warner 24/11/2016 · #94

"Girl, keep on running, just got to be your man". Having a great customer base only to lose them because of incompetent associates who got their positions through connect.

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David Navarro López 24/11/2016 · #91

#47 Navarro Loop almost done....

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#87 Thank you, perfect tie in with our current discussions.

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#88 Dear @Sara Jacobovici- I am not less exited than you are to read those inspiring exchange of comments. Like you, I am pondering on those emerging ideas and I am so happy that we are all learning from each other. Yes, the complexity of movement needs to grow like tree fractal. I am joining you in pursuing this issue.

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