Following simple Rules of life

Following simple Rules of life

The comments on my last two buzzes sent me into a deep journey with myself. I know that every day passes my existence on earth will be closer. Has my purpose in life has changed? When I was young I had more time to live than now. Does having a purpose in life change with age? I tried to be honest with myself I answering these questions. Sometimes we answer questions by asking more questions. I found myself in this situation.

Life has its own complexity that may emerge from following simple rules. So, what are the simple rules that guided my life so far? I say without realizing this before that the simple rules I followed were:

1. Treat others as I would love them to treat me.

2. Do what you have passion for and act on it

3. In serving others I serve myself.

These simple guiding rules don't change with time except for what we I am passionate for. I used to love doing research and then my passion changed to understanding peoples' behaviors. However; these rules interact and feedback to each other. For example, the better I treat people, the more they shall be willing to serve me and vice versa. When I do what I have passion for I shall be in peace with myself and more ready to serve self and others.

My intentions become purposeful without even planning for them to be. Purpose is an emerging result of my following these simple rules. Here I question the validity of designing our purpose when it is simply an emerging one. It is in a way like culture- an emerging property resulting from how people interact with each other. 
Ali Anani, PhD

It is following simple rules that lead to discovering the meaning of life. It is self-driven and isn't imposed from an outside force. These rules are what cause us to self-organize and find meaning to my life. These rules give me my authenticity and who I am. We need to grow the realization that not only birds, for example, follow simple rules that lead to the emergence of their beautiful flying patterns. We may have our own simple rules that would give our lives a flying pattern. It this conclusion is true then it negates my long-standing belief that I should find a purpose for my life. We don't plan for emerging properties; otherwise why do we call them emerging?

Do what you are passionate about and then look how to make it useful for the world all within respect for others and treating them the way you like to be treated. My purpose in life shall then find me.

What do you think?

#56 They say those who appreciate beautiful are too beautiful. So you are my friend @Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA

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Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA May 5, 2017 · #56

My parents instilled within us the importance of respecting others. Your article points out - without belaboring the fact - before we can respect others we must respect self. In respecting self we are able - as your 3 short - but invaluable statements conspicuously point out - 1. Treat others as I would love them to treat me; 2. Do what you have passion for and act on it; 3. In serving others I serve myself". Thanks for another wonderful share, Ali. You are an example, to us all, of a life well-lived. And still working on refining it!!

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#53 My dear friend @David Navarro López- we have been connected on social media for more than six years now. During this period we developed enough trust between us even to exchange our private concerns. So, your comments have their unique value to me. Your comment here is so pleasing because I know it comes from your own experiences. You put in it a practical meaning. Yes, we set the rules for our behaviors and these rules later shape our behavior and even unknown and unexpected results. I know even in the darkest our something great out of nowhere emerges. I know one thing for sure- love for your manners and human quality fill my heart towards you.

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#52 gain, I am very touched and boosted morally with your encouraging words dear @Tausif Mundrawala

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David Navarro López May 5, 2017 · #53

What do I think? That you have described with very little and wise words something I have tried to explain many times, which is, the path my parents taught me and I have been following mainly due to some inculcated instinct. Many times we have concurred in similar questions along with many posts, on which I always wanted to escape from being tightened to patterns, claiming that putting my energies on stitching to high human values instead of trying to discover a formula or a pattern that explains the human behaviour was the wise thing to do.
Human behaviour is by far one of the most complex issues we can face. In order to master it, instead of trying to understand it, we need to make it happen, that is, overwhelming our soul with the things we decide we want to have in our life, and our path on it will have no other option than following the rules we imposed. If we target love, love is what we are going to get.
Bravo Ali, you are the one.

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Tausif Mundrawala May 5, 2017 · #52

#51 You deserve all the praises and applause of all our bees here. May Almighty bless you with long and healthy life so that you serve this mankind with your intellectuality.

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#48 Thank you dear @Tausif Mundrawala- you never fail to move me with your comprehension and support

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#47 @Harvey Lloyd- the subtleness of your filters and their differentiation are wonderful. I thank you for your supportive words and coming from you I trust them fully.

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