Germination of Ideas

Germination of Ideas

A great source for seeds of ideas is the exchange of messages between the thoughtful minds of Harvey Lloyd and I. In a rather old message that stayed dormant in my mind is what Harvey wrote “I only direct you to the comments you are drawing. You "pierced a few through the heart". A writer could only hope for such an achievement”.

I found myself asking if ideas germinate in our minds or hearts or even in both of them. Does germination of ideas to produce “ideas Seedlings” require what good seeds need to germinate in farms? If our minds are compacted with ideas will these ideas compete as seeds compete for resources and space? Is it good to keep piling ideas in our limited mind space? How will these ideas germinate?

I found myself considering the “Paradox of Enrichment”. This means that sometimes increasing the food to a living body may actually lead to its extinction. Ideas are “food for thought” and hence I kept asking myself if such food may lead to depriving our minds rather than enriching them. The other paradox that popped up is the “Paradox of Plenty”. Countries with rich natural resources tend to be less progressed than countries who import them. Even countries with heavy rains tend to have less drinking water available than countries with less rainfall, but with more available drinking water. Is this the curse of plenty? Is there in analogy the “paradox of plenty of ideas”?

We are bombarded of new resources to generate plentiful ideas such as:

· From having many engaged followers

· From plentiful posts to read

· From plentiful free e-books to download

· From many free new tools to download

· From plentiful and continuing supplies of free Aps.

· From the exchange of messages and comments

· And the list expands and new resources of ideas keep emerging

Plentiful milk causes problem for breasts-feeding babies. Plentiful rain tends to have issues such as their dampening of the soils and the seeds tend to spoil because of bacterial growth.

The paradox is that having rich resource may lead to poverty. I call this “The Paradox of the free” as it may slave us.
Ali Anani

It is not enough to have rich free resources to cause rainy ideas in our minds. This could lead to the opposite and cause poverty of ideas. Seeds of ideas are living bodies and have therefore a limited longevity. Such ideas may age and lose their value. Like seeds of plants as they are affected by environmental and internal factors deciding the longevity of these seeds. Ideas in our minds are affected by the same factors. Allow ideas to germinate and try to provide them with a friendly mind so that they may germinate.

I return to the comment of Harvey that I mentioned earlier. I hope the many questions asked in this post would help you in piercing the hearts of these ideas so that they may germinate.

#123 @Fay Vietmeier

I love the way you mixed what @Harvey Lloyd described the importance of soil and your thought here to produce a new type of seed. This is creativity

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Fay Vietmeier Jan 30, 2020 · #123

#122 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
And may it be ;~)
That God grant favorable winds to carry the "seeds" to be an "Implanting of Hope" in "good soil" ... and the "new lands" become fruitful ;~)

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#121 We need to spread great post dear @Fay Vietmeier as the wind disperses seeds to new lands.

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Fay Vietmeier Jan 30, 2020 · #121

@Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
Just as "feedback is honey" ... so is sharing ;~) very meaningful to the "bee called me" ;~)

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I refer he readers to a post by @Fay Vietmeier, in which she responded to this post. It is a very rich post to read and it shall engage your hearts and minds too.

“The heart of the matter IS the matter of the heart”

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#118 Great analogy and the bat metaphor is explicit.
You wrote that no top exists. Yes, because when we reach a top a new one emerges. I am saying that what we call the fitness peak is not the same as the terrain emerges new ones constantly. What is top today isn't tomorrow.

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Harvey Lloyd Jan 28, 2020 · #118

#117 I remember in the school yard we used the bat with each person grabbing the bat just above the other until one could claim the top. This what decided who got to bat first.

I see the idea thing as the same except the bat is infinite. Everyone is attempting to get to the top of something that no top exists. Lots of philosophy in the statement that supports the idea of the variations in confirmation bias leads to limiting beliefs that keeps the bat infinite.

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#116 :You have tapped into something here as we consider the quick cycles of media and their need for exponentially more ideas". This idea has ingenuity idea dear @Harvey Lloyd,

I want to add my thoughts. You rightly ended the line by mentioning need for exponentially more ideas" The "ideas rabbit", that comes to my mind. What happens following exponential growth> Going back to the logistic equation- rapid bifurcation of the ideas into two groups doubling to four and again doubling to eight and then soon we are on the edge of chaos. Either ideas rearrange into new structures or go chaotic.
Is the society of ideas similar ti human societies?

Deep thinking here

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