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Hairy Ideas

Hairy Ideas

Shape adaptions has always struck me with its far-reaching effects. Just by examining the shapes of plants and their parts we realize the importance of shape adaptations. In this post I am only focusing on one shape- that is the hairy shapes of leaves and roots and what me may learn from them. leaves of plants have at least twenty one different shapes depending on the environment and soil where they grow.

Humans can only improve their body shapes by exercising and building muscles. Or, by risking cosmetic surgeries. However; our brains change shape without us noticing. The brain is not static. With more than one hundred billions of neurons and even a far more staggering numbers of synapses the number of possible connections in our minds are baffling. These interactions change in their arrangement and connectivity. Proteins in our bodies change shape too for a reason.

Mindsets Changing Shape

So what we can change in humans is the shape of our mindsets. Fixed mindsets are limiting; growing mindsets vary their shapes. When I held the idea for long times that I can’t write poetry I fixed my mindset and never wrote one line of poetry till I connected with my “poetry mentor Fay Vietmeier. In few days she persuaded me to try. She managed to change my mindset and the way I shaped my beliefs to “why not give a try”. This resulted in my publishing my first co—authored with Fay. You can read the story as written by Fay here. I stretched my experience with a second poem describing my reshaped mindset. I share it here.

To my poetry-mentor Fay Vietmeier I dedicate this poem:

"The Emergence of the Unexpected"

To live the experience of a new birth
at an old age with poetry-writing in dearth
is like longtime dormant seeds
mushrooming with new creeds
ineptness of writing poetry turned into
the breakthrough of what is accrue
a life lesson never to say I can’t
till you try with pure passion

new possibility is born
to say I can’t is dead now
and to new reality I bow
the heavy soil of not knowing how
is broken now with a blow
in the furrows of soil they vow

The seeds of poetry are flourishing buds
filling me to the brim with new bloods
great flowery ideas emerging in the mud

Maybe the reconfiguration of neurons in our minds yield domains of hairy structures that find their way in difficult situations and still thrive. Like pectin, which has hairy domains in its complex structure.

This led me to the idea of this post. Hairy roots and hairy ideas and what they share. This post attempts to answer this question.

The Panarchy of Ideas

Let ideas grow in your mind till you feel you are overwhelmed with them. Let ideas crowd your mind and progressively become interconnected. You might think you have a rigidity gap because of the excessive interactions among ideas. You feel uneasy. It is this moment the ideas shall release chaotically to relieve them from this tension. Like plant roots find a way to self-organize their structure into hair ice, so the ideas might do. Hairy ideas emerging to provide new possibilities for them to find the “nutrients of new possibilities”.

Think positively

Consider obstacles as the stones that make the hairy roots of a plant thrive among stones that both absorb the sun's heat and provide shelter for the roots.

Sleep on your ideas so that they may interconnect unconsciously in the backyard of your mind. These ideas feeling deserted in their isolation due to their rejection may look for nutrients to grow in the desert of isolation. Like plants living in rocky mountains with very few nutrient resources they find a way out. These plants reshape into hairy roots and produce acids to dissolve the rocks and reach for the scare nutrients by extracting them no matter how scarce they are.

This what we should be doing. Dissolve obstacles. Chemicals that we generate depend on our mindsets and our attitude to obstacles. Fixed mindsets fail to do this; flexible minds adapt to the unexpected needs.

Be aware of growing the wrong roots

For example, Our tongues experience the formation of hair. The tongue may look hairy. It is associated mostly with bad habits such as smoking, lack of mouth hygiene, not drinking enough water leading to dry mouths, drinking alcohol and some soft drinks. Dryness means stickier and less watery soil and thus inhibiting the idea roots from reaching the nutrients. We don’t want to contaminate our minds with similarly non-hygienic habits so that the idea hairs may only trap genuine nutrients. Negative thinking are the bacteria that pollute the nutrients that the ideas hair search for.

Growing mindsets produce healthy hairy ideas; Fixed Mindsets may grow unhealthy hairy ideas. They are like hairy tongues.

Fay Vietmeier May 8, 2020 · #36

#35 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

The "poetry-mentor" is SMILING

I LOVE "An emerging new birth" ... which echos "Breaking through" @CityVP Manjit

+2 +2

#34 @Fay Vietmeier

Thank you for your evaluation of the title.

Dear Fay,
I would also tirte the poem as you suggested. However; I would also consider a little change to read "An emerging new birth".

Thank you

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Fay Vietmeier May 8, 2020 · #34

#33 @CityVP Manjit
You too, are an attentive bee ;~) ... I do like "Breaking through" a very poetic title to me ;~)

At the beginning I noted the missing of a title ...
I chose "An unexpected new birth" because the lines reflect birth ... awakening ... new life ... growth

I pose: “An unexpected new birth”
I love these lines:
... “To live the experience of a new birth
... is like longtime dormant seeds
... mushrooming with new creeds
... a life lesson never to say “I can’t”
... the breakthrough of what is accrue

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Thank you @Javier 🐝 CR for your reshare

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With both my hands full with thanks I say thank you dear @🐝 Fatima G. Williams for your reshare

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#30 @CityVP Manjit

Thank you for your encouragement. @Fay Vietmeier also suggested a title for the poem.
If I suggest a name I think now of "Breaking the Impossible cycle".

I shall seriously consider your suggestion regarding publishing poems on their own. However; this was my first poem ever. The one with Fay was co-authored and so I wasn't sure of how the readers would react to my "poetry instinct".

Your hairy roots of ideas has penetrated my soil.

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CityVP Manjit May 8, 2020 · #30

You exhibit a natural flair for poetry but a good poem must have a name, so I am assuming this poem is called "Hairy Ideas", though when I read the poem the title I would expect would be more like "Breaking Through", which itself is not a particularly poetic title. I would like to see the poems to be a separate stand alone buzz the way that @Debasish Majumder does. Then I can place them in my Poetics hive, though I did place Fay's buzz in Poetics since that one was predominantly led by a discourse on poetry. The hyperlink stretches our experience to new places, the hyperlink is the hairy root of the Internet.

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Fay Vietmeier May 8, 2020 · #29

#28 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
I hope she visits ... I know this poetic-bee always looks forward to Franci reading & responding ;~)
... in her time ... she will '~)

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