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Ideas shared by humans and other living species are amazing. I want to share an example with you.

In my last post on beBee and shared on LinkedIn describes the OTHERS Loop, the product of the ingenious mind of Rod King, Ph.D.

I extended the idea to represent it as Fibonacci rectangles leading to the formation of a spiral. For reasoning and great discussions on this suggest you may refer to my LinkedIn post published in November 2015.

                                Published by Ali Anani in 2017

While doing some research I found a post published by Chris Lawer in 2017that offers thinking along the same line Image below). The author presents great ideas on improving the value of health services and the reasoning for suggesting a Fibonacci-based structure.

                                    Post published by Chris Lawer (2017)

I believe that there exists nothing in nature that nobody else didn’t think of. I was surprised while searching information to run across a post that describes how falcons catch their preys. Falcons have a problem as they need to turn their heads 40 degrees to be able to constantly observe their prey. This is energy-exhausting demand. To overcome it, falcons follow a bath that is again a Fibonacci-based rectangular path. This is explained in this splendid post. “falcons have developed an energy efficient spiral to keep their prey always in eye line. Pretty ingenious!

So, falcons make a spiral down to their prey. I encourage you to imagine a Nautilus Shell with is outer point stretched toward the prey and the wider sections of the shell spiraling up into the air. The falcon follows a spiral down to the prey on the exact same path of the imaginary Nautilus shell. The falcon’s flight path of least resistance that allows full view of their prey always is the same spiral that creates sea shells! Nature is amazing to be so consistent”!

To emulate the Nautilus Shell, I redrew the OTHER Loop in a similar fashion.

This comparison brings the attention to a hugely-important point that Harvey Lloyd mentioned in his comments on my previous post (when it was still accessible). He wrote “I also liked the way you used the fractal to describe a process. Very tangible. I have to go back to my pie picture and state that what happens when you have four or five of these fractals playing out in the same conversation? Some may spell other backwards within the fractal. Placing O in section 5. This is where leaders can use your fractal in ensuring that all are on the same page of the process”.

The falcons are like a Nautilus Shell with is outer point stretched toward the prey and the wider sections of the shell spiraling up into the air. Would you place the O of Observe in section 1, or preferably in section 5 and generate a downward fractal? I leave this for discussions. I can think also of other applications that make this question very important. If a writer is a falcon chasing an idea (prey) would he/she put Observe in section 1 or section 5?

Our world is amazing. Falcons have discovered the Fibonacci-based paths before we humans did.

#20 Thank you so much for your great comment @Harvey Lloyd. Yes, in soaring high we should never lose sight of the prey (goal in our case). We should keep our eyes open to see the goal and never lose sight of it.
WE may learn a lot from mother nature.

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Harvey Lloyd Oct 26, 2018 · #20

When leading and wanting get back to fundamentals.....A 40,000 ft view is presented by @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. It is an encouraging post that gets us back to the fundamental elements of success, focuses us on the team and in very specific ways. This post is not only directional but actionable. Join the discussion and add to these fundamental concepts.

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#18 True and necessity isn't limited to humans.
@Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris- what I enjoy about your comments is that you read the buzz and single out a focal point. Yes, you are correct and we need to rival the know-how of eagles, bees, ants and so many other species.

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris Oct 26, 2018 · #18

Necessity is the mother of invention. Apparently falcons needed this know-how before we found use for it (or at least some serious interest in knowing it). Bees have made equally remarkable discoveries as a species. Perhaps we may one day come up with something original to rival this know-how...

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Clau Valerio Oct 24, 2018 · #17

#16 It is a pleasure for me, to be able to share all your extensive knowledge. You know that I do it with all my affection and respect.

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Thank you dear @Clau Valerio for sharing this buzz in a Spanish hive. Greatly appreciated

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Clau Valerio Oct 22, 2018 · #15

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