Ideas Transferring

Ideas Transferring

Writers suffer from small nudges that take them into paths that they didn't imagine. One ideas that I read on LinkedIn is by Angelina Kukkamalla, EPC🌏, in which she wrote commenting on an image shard below by saying "This picture says a million words.... Do you understand why you must shine light in the darkness? Because LIGHT HAS NO SHADOW".

Ideas Transferring

@ Sara Jacobovici was quicker than I in responding to the above post by publishing her own on post titled "Illuminating a Shadow". However; I got nudged away by another post on beBee by Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD in which she shared the following image:

Ideas Transferring

Comparing the two images above inspired me with the idea: what if light falls on broken hearts like light falling on broken glass? Broken hearts are dim and are less bright than the light source. What shadows these hearts shall reflect? We know the sun makes the stars fade away during the day because the sun is greatly brighter than anything else. Bright bodies don't show shadows. How about dark and broken hearts?

The quote from Chekhov in the image above tells us that in writing show it rather than say it. I say show the effect rather than the cause. Show the reflections and diffractions of light rather than showing the light source. A light falling on a sunny person has different effects than same light falling on a cloudy or gloomy person. The cause or source is the same, but the effect is different. Reena Saxena commented on Sara's post by saying "Shall I equate this phenomenon with a teacher-disciple relationship? We do not see flaws in our thinking process, till we come across a higher source of knowledge. The teacher need not be human. A book, an article, a website, an opinion or argument can all ignite these sudden insights. Synergy is not created till one agrees to merge". By the same token, we need a brighter idea to question a bright one.

A new nudge breaks in now as the image of broken glass reminds me of the "Broken Windows Theory". This theory states that maintaining and monitoring urban environments to prevent small crimes such as vandalism, public drinking, and toll-jumping helps to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness, thereby preventing more serious crimes from happening. There are some doubts about the validity of this theory. I have my own. This is because a smaller act is preventing bigger criminal acts. But it is the brighter sun that hides the stars. Will by the same token only bigger acts eclipse smaller ones? This thinking works in the opposite direction of the Broken Windows Theory.

Your thoughts are greatly welcome.

Max🐝 J. Carter 1/8/2016 · #52

There is an untruth that many who are in the business of spirituality cling to and propagate.

Love and light.

If there is love there is no "and' needed. It is used to create elitism and judgement. It is a way to avoid truly knowing the depths of the dark of oneself and hide from the truth of existence.

I wrote a fiction series of shorts from the perspective of the devil, let me share the fictional view I came up with for just this kind of discussion.

"I was created to be God’s counterbalance. The Yin to God’s Yang. Those who came before me where called The Light Bringer as it was Lucifer that was the light that God first spoke into existence from the void that is God. To be that light had cut me off from God as I could only illuminate that which only God could love.

My light showed that which should never be seen.

Yes, even those things are loved by God.

In the past I could only show the temptation and be the voice in your ear that says “It’s over there, why wait?” I cast light on what was around you for you to decide what to do.

When I understood this I cursed God and took my light to the very depths to see what truly only God could love. There was no end that could be found in the void of God.

When I understood this I asked God to change me.

I asked God to let me be Silver so that I may reflect the light and be part of it and yet still know and touch God’s love and be able to peer into the void without having to see what is there and find the bliss of God’s Unconditional love."

Ignorance is bliss and love is never ignorant.

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Darkness gives birth to light.Darkness to me is like our adversities and light is the ladder we can step on to overcome and climb over these adversities.A broken heart to me dear @Ali Ananiis like a cloth that has a tear in it, because a peice of it was taken and the light to me is the thread that stitches this heart together and this cannot be achieved with just one stitch. We give shape to darkness and it is we who can determine what our darkness can be ! Thank you for this interesting buzz. Wonder how I missed it :) I wish I had 48 hours in a day !

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#48 Now, I know why your maturity has such high levels dear @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD. It is a combination of you and inflaming your capabilities with such bright kids.

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#47 #46 @Jeet Sarkar, @Mamen Delgado, @Franci Eugenia Hoffman: Incredible 'WoWs" throughout. In 7th Grade, one of my girlfriends posed this thought: "What if there actually were no stars at all, but the nighttime "sky" was a black piece of paper with holes punched in it...and the source of the light was on the other side, from a 'grand' sun?"

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#46 Dear @Joanne Swecker- this is truly amazing "Light is dependent upon the darkness for illumination". How deep thinking this is. Darkness is the independent factor. WOW! A lot to think about.

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Joanne Swecker 13/7/2016 · #46

Darkness is indeed a much deeper phenomenon than light, which comes and goes . It is always present, never leaving. Light is dependent upon the darkness for illumination. With great affection, thank you Ali Anani, ignite a curiosity that pulls my thinking further outward and it's more than delightful to engage in this ocean of thoughts with you!

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#44 Dear Joanne @Joanne Swecker- you wrote "Close your eyes and darkness is always there, blow out a candle, darkness is there". Amazing as I cover myself with a blanket to think of creative ideas. Darkness needs no effort as you said and, paradoxically, it illuminates my mind. No matter what color your comment has, it illuminated me and filled me with light inside. Amazing comment is yours my dear friend.

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Joanne Swecker 13/7/2016 · #44

Many thoughts come to mind such as, power verses force, light verses darkness. To become more conscious is the greatest gift one can give to the world as it comes back to it's source..a ripple effect. Much is said about light and it's many layers and effects, but have we taken notice of the mystery of darkness? Light comes and it goes, whereas darkness always is, it is not an effect like light and seems not to need any fuel. Close your eyes and darkness is always there, blow out a candle, darkness is there. Darkness cannot be seen in the light, light blocks our vision. Is not light caused by something, dependent on something, a source to fuel it? Darkness is silence,we feel our aloneness, in light we are busy, we see everyone, we appear separate. The other side of the coin...thank you as always dear Ali Anani . My deep gratitude.

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