Introvert or Extrovert- which is better?

Introvert or Extrovert- which is better?

We are living in the age of increased tension. This is manifested in many facets of our lives such as:

· Less time

· Less employee loyalty

· Less employee engagement

· Less passion for work and increased turnover rates

· Leadership of control and more control and less room for creativity

· Less tolerance

· Less owning of a technology and more throw-away of fairly recent products to buy new ones

· Less stability at work

· Less ‘durable” marriages and increased cases of divorce that exceeded marriages in few countries.

· Less focusing and increased interruptions

Increased tension brings us nearer to the bifurcation point and we find ourselves progressively moving towards more bifurcation that eventually leads to chaos.

Which path to take among the available ones? The “tension of choice” is increasing at an alarming rate. Not only that, but also the “tension of unpredictability” is also increasing.

In these turbulent circumstances- would it be better to be an extrovert or introvert? What brought this question and even the idea of this buzz is the extraordinary quality of comments exchanged on a previous buzz of mine between the brainy Harvey Lloyd and Louise Smith. In one of her comments Louise wrote:

5 Myths
1.Extroverts get energy from social interaction while introverts get energy from privately reflecting on their thoughts and feelings.
2. Introverts are plagued by public speaking anxiety
3. Extroverts are better leaders than introverts
4. Extroverts are better networkers than introverts
5. Extroverts are better salespeople than introverts

Louise cited the link for further elaboration:

The above comment came as a response to an earlier comment by Harvey in an answer to a question I addressed to him. Harvey wrote “Introverts focus their energy in the subsystems of social activities, seeing the people, relationships and the story behind the story. Extroverts focus their energy on the next thing or activity while working in groups. The details of the group are not typically thought of by extroverts, they see the whole and its journey. Introverts expel energy within the activities while extroverts get energy from the activities”. Harvey is stating that introverts are exothermic whereas extroverts are endothermic. This is a paradox which I haven’t thought of before. Introverts release energy to the environment. Self-organizing reactions get energy from the environment to release it. Do we need more introverts so that our chaotic lives may self-organize?

A new thinking is emerging. Hearing the word introvert might give the false feelings of passiveness. If all people were extroverts and take energy from the environment then introverts are the balancing factor by releasing energy to the environment.

May be the answer is not being an introvert or extrovert- more it is being both by bifurcating from one to the other as situations unfold. It is being BOTH extrovert and introvert. This reminds me of using the left mind (logical mind) or the right mind (creative mind). Why not both?

I shall enjoy your comments on above issues.

#292 @Deborah Levine

Nothing pleases my heart as reading a comment like yours. If a post of mine maybe of help to you or others than I am genuinely satisfied.

I deeply thank you for sharing your feeling post to your reading this article.

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Deborah Levine 4 d ago · #292

As a "social introvert" - an introvert who has learned extrovert skills, I greatly appreciate this conversation. Thank you @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee I find myself being asked to take a more visible leadership role in these COVID-19 times and I better appreciate why reading your post..

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#290 Appreciate your feedback and I am happy with the work you do as outlined in your link. Keep healthy.

Neeraj Chauhan Jan 28, 2020 · #290

Thank you Sir for sharing this useful information

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#288 I agree and I add it is better to be both

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Bernard Poulin Jan 1, 2020 · #288

Extrovert: "Who gives a shit!". . . . Introvert: "I vant to be alone!". . . . (Basically, I am whatever I feel that particular day. . . ) :)

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Luke Visser Chappaqua Nov 18, 2019 · #286

Thanks for sharing!

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