Lopsided Thinking

Lopsided Thinking

We tend to see things from one side and label them as good or bad. We ask questions such as:

· Do you prefer to be introvert or extrovert?

· Is it better to take choices now or defer them for a later time?

· Is it better to marry at a younger age or better wait till you mature enough?

· Is it better to be tall or short?

· Is it better to grow slow or fast?

· Is it better to focus on your strong traits or weak ones?

· Is it better to have a logical mind versus a creative one?

In reality, this is a lopsided thinking. There are weaknesses and strengths in each one of the above. I call for performing SWOT analysis for each choice we take, every decision we make to identify the opportunities and threats of each. This is a logical thinking and if coupled by creative thinking we turn opportunities to reality and handle threats more efficiently.

I start with the SWOT analysis of being introvert. I highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of being introvert. This is not a comprehensive list.

The same applies to decision and choices and their strengths and weaknesses as well the threats and opportunities they offer. Examples include deferred payments, deferred marriage, and deferred therapy, deferred revenue, deferred server actions and deferred prosecution. Every choice has a bright and dark side to it.

Creativity is to find ideas to turn the weakness into strength. I give the example of my poor handwriting that cost me a lot. Realizing that no matter what effort I made, my handwriting lacked beauty that obstructed my advancement. This weakness was the main factor for me to learn about computer skills when computers were still in their early developments. I gained tremendous advantage of being a proficient use of computers. I could present my work in attractive format.

Another example is considering scratches of paint in new cars. This is weakness and brings the threat of discounting the selling price. A car manufacturer turned this weakness to gain new customers who became loyal fast. The manufacturer advertised the scratches by offering discounts to customers who found the scratches.

The deferred emotions of the customers resulted in great results for the car manufacturer (as shown in the image below)

There is an opportunity in every weakness. It is our attitude that may allow us to see these opportunities. With creativity you can have the best ideas and profits from weakness that are discarded as useless.

Don’t say I am weak in this. Instead ask yourself what opportunity is hiding in it.
Ali Anani

Kevin Baker 1 h ago · #45

#42 @🐝 Fatima G. Williams I like your sharing of vulnerability and self example. All students can excel, if not, that is the environment. Right brain is different then left. Both have the same equal potential, however, comparing them is a mute exercise. Right brain thinkers do better at math, left brain thinkers do better at the arts. Same goes for people, the only fair comparison is compare you to who you were before. Happy for you that you rose to the challenge.

John Rylance 6 h ago · #44

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#42 It is great to read your comments again my dear friend@🐝 Fatima G. Williams.
When we perceive a weakness as a weakness then it gets hold of us and we become its prisoners. It is when we see the weakness as a strength disguised in weakness that we may be creative enough to turn this weakness around. Your great personal achievement story testifies with my perception.

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#21 @Kevin Baker When we were in School there was a study to prove if left handed writers were smarter than the rest and many of the right handed students challenged the same and it was an interesting project. In the end the teachers/student both came to the conclusion yes everyone is smart as long as we choose how we channel what others perceive as a weakness but is infact not a weakness, is or will be a strength. But the fact was, it didn’t matter right or left, the tigger of creativity made even the average students rise up to the occasion and many heads were turned in the teacher section. One such example is me. A below average student till grade 8 turned out to be an outstanding student after this incident. It proved that it didn’t matter where, what or how the student came or did. What mattered was the tigger of creativity that Dr. Anani portrays in his post. And in my case an emotional blackmail both from the teacher, my friends and my mom that challenged me. It’s an extensive topic that we can discuss all day 😀 Thank you Dr. @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee a blessing for me would be to meet you in person soon.

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#40 Very-well formulated comment and to the point.You are not Pollyanna. To the contrast, you are very realistic. Opportunities don't only come from our strengths. There could be more opportunities in our weaknesses than we may imagine.

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Well, I don't want to sound like a Pollyanna, but I feel there is an opportunity in every weakness. Weaknesses give us something to work on; strive for; room for self-improvement; mindset adjustments, etc. With that said, we have to have an open mind to see our weaknesses and the will to take action. “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.” Scott Adams

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#34 @Fay Vietmeier- you made me smile my "spiritual leader with first tagging me right this time.
I scribbled the letters because of smiling in my previous comment. Sorry.

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