Open Minds Vs. Closed Minds- which is better?

Open Minds Vs.  Closed Minds- which is better?

The questions that occupy my day are considering open vs. closed situations. Examples include:

Do you prefer open-minded or closed-minded people?

Do you opt for open systems, closed systems or both? Example: Windows vs. Apple

Do you prefer working in an open office or closed office?

Do you opt for open questions, closed ones or both?

Do you care for open principles, closed principles or both?

Do you prefer open mouths or closed mouths?

Do you prefer open-cells foam or closed-cells foam?

Is it better to sleep with an open mouth or a closed mouth?

These aren't trivial questions and don't have simple answers. It amazes me how we rush into one option and only to discover later how mistaken we were. One example is our rush for open offices because they allow more exchange of information, create team spirit, reduce backbiting and lead to more cooperation. Later studies showed that open offices generate more problems than they can solve. Open offices are blamed for the drop of 32% of workers well-being. Wasted times are estimated to average 86 minutes per day. Trust decreases and so the collaboration spirit among employees.

Sometimes we focus on closed or open regardless of the intended use. For example, open-cells insulation material is intended for acoustic insulation whereas the closed-cells materials are intended for thermal insulation. The closed serves one purpose and not the other. Do we want to insulate employees from noises and keep them in closed rooms or do we want to insulate them from the heat outside. We need to balance our needs.

An interesting reading for me was to find answers whether it is better to sleep with an open mouth or closed one. It turns out that sleeping with a closed mouth has the advantages of:

Your oxygen/carbon dioxide balance is better with nose breathing.

Teeth need saliva to protect against cavities.

Your partner will appreciate you not snoring!

Is it for the same reasons advisable to keep our mouths shut and not open them? I believe trees teach us a great lesson here. They open and close stomata in their leaves when they do photosynthesis. However; when the trees are short of water they close their stomata. Trees sense that their major need shifted from generating energy to saving water. We need to know when to open our mouths to synthesize something of value or close them to preserve our reputation.

Open systems exchange energy and matter with their surroundings. Closed systems don't and they may end up in chaos. Closed minds may end up in chaos as well. Like a kettle on fire without a lid on it. It shall exchange matter and energy.. If we cover the kettle with a lid it shall only exchange matter, but not energy. We may isolate the kettle with an insulation barrier so that the kettle will be isolated and shall not be able to exchange energy with its surroundings.

Do we have a new classification for managers?

· Thermostat-Like Managers- they exchange no information and energy with their subordinates.

· Closed-Cells Managers- they exchange information, but aren't energizing their surroundings

· Open-Cells-Like Managers- they exchange info and energy with their people.

Your thoughts shall be welcome. I have an open mind for criticism.

#129 I fully understand Anthony. I just respected your wish and I like people who search knowledge

Anthony Winner 13/7/2018 · #129

#127 I was not challenging your research Ali. Just expressing a curiousity about the 'office, open closed' quoted and presumably done by some other researchers

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Anthony Winner 13/7/2018 · #128

#123 Deb I love the way your mind works...oh how I wish I could meet and interact with more 'DEbs...on every subject.


#126 I did search before writing the buzz and I summarized my findings. I am currently away from home @Anthony Winner and shall try to find the references when I return home. I agree with you on the open mind issue.

Anthony Winner 13/7/2018 · #126

I believe, but I hastily add, it is my belief, (as opposed to I know for certain), that humanity would benefit tremendously if all individuals were aggressively open minded rather than being locked in to positions because 'that's the way it's done. In terms of open vs closed office space, that's an interesting study. I am curious about the metrics, questions and samples used to arrive at such a conclusion. I worked with a Japanese multi national firm and the practice is diametrically opposite the conclusion arrived at by the quoted research. Of course, that does not necessarily imply the Japanese practice is 'right', but I wonder if the research was OPEN to include Japanese among other societies.

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#123 Great to read your comments again. Surprisingly, I tagged your name dear @Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee in one of my comments on trusting our senses. I can't recall where I did that, but I hope you get tagged.
I appreciate your comment and your highlighting of a very important point. This is realizing "what is happening at the time" because what happens now changes what happens next. You are spot on.


#122 Please comment more @Sneha One as we need appreciative souls like you


Interesting isn’t it, how often a choice is made that eliminates other choices. And sonif the thinking behind the choice is binary, or black and white thinking we think “ closed or open”. Yet as you have some wonderfully shared in living things, it is not a matter of open or closed, it is when is open most suitable and when is closed is most suitable.
Can almost question be on a continuum or in a complex system, with many variables, and inter- dependencies, and so it always depends on what is happening at the time, and what will serve us the best at that time. And of course then being able to adapt and change when the variables change. Another rich post @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

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