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Raining Miseries

Raining Miseries

Today I "celebrate" being ill at home for the last two weeks. It all started with falling and having six teeth removed. Like the Arab poet who said I went through very dry periods I prayed so that the sky would rain and wet my miseries. It rained, but more miseries on me. The teeth problems uncovered other serious health issues and more sufferings.
My seclusion from the world gave me a breathing period to think of myself, my past, my fortunes and misfortunes. Somehow, I remembered reading a post on human behavior and age. It said between 16-24 people are hopeful. They see rosy opportunities coming. Expectations of having a great job or marrying their beloved ones blossom and give meaning to life. They sound enter the second phase of 24-28. To their dismay, most people find that their dreams were difficult to achieve and they become optimistic and less hopeful. Now, they enter the third phase of 28-35 and still most of peoples' hopes were mirages. They feel time is running out to achieve their dreams and become pessimistic. As these people enter the phase of 35-44 years old they become magnifiers. They tend to magnify small issues into big ones as they become edge. They expend lots of their energies complaining and exponentially making of a small problem big one. As they spend lots of energy during these years these people turn accepting. This is how the ball bounces and there isn't much to do about it. People above 44 years old tend to do that.
I belong to the last group and I started asking myself do I accept things as they are? Did I fall in certain limiting patterns of thinking? Do I accept things the way they are? Do I accept my limitations? I have developed certain patterns of behavior over the years and would it be easy to drop them like a tree drops its autumn leaves?

To be living is to learning, growing and self-renewing. Over the last two weeks I wrote four buzzes for beBee and I enjoyed tremendously establishing The Consortium Hive. I enjoyed immensely the exchange of comments with brainy readers. I expanded my knowledge while getting more aware of my limitations. I aspire to learn more. I feel I am living. Ageing is not in the number of years we live; more it is on the attitudes that we accept and limit our options in life. Yes, like some cells they die or stop reproducing in our bodies, but there are also cells that keep replicating and self-renewing. We have the choice to be this type of cells or that.
Life is a journey and it is up to us to make this journey a living one. We may see a mountain and like a mountaineer we climb the "Mountain of Difficulties". Or, we may stay in the valley. But who gains more self-confidence and acquires more talents? You know the answer. We store not only memories, but also experiences that we find as a great source for facing problems when we are not as physically fit when we were young. We also store patterns of behaviors that grow like fractals do.
We need to stay "experience fit". This shall be our source of power as we grow older. What else would we store in our young hood so that we may have our own reservoir when we grow old? We need to adapt to age, but also we need the experiences and tools to make this adaptation a useful one.

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#57 Dear @Fatima Williams- it is a nourishment to the heart and mind to read your comments.
You know first you inspire me with the idea of establishing a hive calles "Quotes on beBee". I wonder if @Javier beBee would find it relevant. SO many people have written so great comments on beBee and unfortunately they are scattered. Your comment, @Sara Jacobovici and @Praveen Raj Gullepalli are just few examples of what you commented on beBee recently. I am going to stay experience fit and credit to to all my lovely beBees
Learning + growing + self-renewing
= Living ( A fantabulous formula)
#beBeesforever and what a great hashtag and formula you have developed. Yes, beBee deserves to have all such great comments in one place.
You have been a great contributor to ideas dear Fatima and the WPD is just another example of your valuable contributions. Honestly, your comment energized me more than you would ever think.

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🐝 Fatima Williams 3/11/2016 · #58

I am happy to hear the golden words " I am much better now" .@@Ali Anani

I am so glad and fortunate to have this cup of experiences being handled over to me each day by you @Ali Anani and many lovely bees. I take a sip each day and gain from the nourishment of knowledge I receive from other's experiences.
Experience is the mother of all Knowledge intake. Its better than the classes taught at school. Imagining to be able to have an experience similar to what I read and to avoid the pitfalls from that experience. That is going to pave a long way for me to turn my experiences into a very fruitful one and inturn share mine with others to turn this world into a lovely place where one doesnt say " Let him experience it only then he know ; I''d rather say this was my experience take care with yours.

I am going to stay experience fit and credit to to all my lovely beBees
Learning + growing + self-renewing
= Living ( A fantabulous formula)
#beBeesforever 🤗🤗

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Ali Anani 3/11/2016 · #55

#54 You know I consider you as my sister dear @Irene Hackett. My value here is linked to my valuable connections such as you and many bees who enriched my mind and heart. No question I am truly blessed with people like you around. This feeling is indescribable by numbers. It is like trying to count the number of molecules in a human body. At these times I find such warm words my real healing and I am indebted to you and all bees who made my healing a smooth process.

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Irene Hackett 3/11/2016 · #54

Dear brother @Ali Anani - I don't know how I missed this yesterday. Please know my thoughts and prayers are always with you. There is no number that can define you or your value; it is the core from which the warmth that emanates from every word you write where your power lies. Be blessed and be well ❤️

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Javier 🐝 beBee 3/11/2016 · #53

@Ali Anani that news make me happy ! have a great day !

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Ali Anani 3/11/2016 · #52

#49 Thank you dear @Javier beBee. I am much better now.

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Ali Anani 3/11/2016 · #51

#42 Reading this comment of yours dear @Lisa Gallagher made me feel better. How deep is your writing aging is a process is beyond description. It is up to us to enhance this process.

Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 3/11/2016 · #50

#48 @karen anne Kramer are you always this rude? Your comments that you've managed to spam all over others buzzes throughout afternoon into late night are completely unecessary and uncalled for. No one has been rude to you!

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