Seas of Creativity

Seas of Creativity

We are all familiar with seas. But there are unfamiliar seas that attract us with their behaviors and provide us with novel ideas to upgrade our creativity and puzzlement of our world. These seas are vivid and they have their calm periods, their waves, their richness of different creatures and plants having symbiotic relationships or acting as prey-predator to each other.

Let me start by giving few examples of unfamiliar seas. Do they show emerging properties as we see with schools of fish swimming together, namely the production of waves and their patterns of behaviors? Do normal seas share properties with the unconventional one such as showing symbiotic relationship? This is an attempt to swim in their seas with the intention of having them serve as “seas of creativity”?

Seas of electrons

I shan’t delve into any technical material; rather I shall focus on the startling behavior of the sea of electrons to create waves like those we see in conventional seas. The huge amounts of atoms in metals share their electrons and form a sea of electrons. Metals live in seas of electrons. If you wish to see visually a sea of electrons here is a video that explains this sea in simple terms.

Recently, research has discovered that there is also a sea of spinning electrons that is expected to generate waves of new creative products. Sea of electrons that behave like two schools of fish in a sea. Imagine that these fish swimming in millions in two modes: clockwise and anticlockwise. Millions swimming in two different directions will puzzle the eyes. The electrons in the sea of electrons behave like the fish in the sea. "We discovered a new collective spin mode that can be used to transport energy or information with very little energy dissipation, and it can be a platform for building novel electronic devices such as computers and processors," said Girsh Blumberg, senior author of the study and a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Rutgers' School of Arts and Sciences.

Nature repeats its successes. Look at the sea in the skies of huge numbers of the Dunlins “swimming” in the skies. They show a unique behavior as they spin their bodies so that they turn from upside-down to down-upside. Their turns propagate from one side of a flock to the other like a wave through a fluid. For an amazing video just see the video below and be prepared for surprises.

These dunlin birds produce a flashing light as they flip that dazzles the eyes of predators and this way defend themselves. Not only that as waves travel very fast. So, communication among the thousands of birds may travel very fast and synchronizing their movements becomes much easier.

Social Seas

To keep this buzz short, I am only extending the discussion to human seas. Social seas because they produce social waves. Social waves are known for creating waves of demand for a product as an example. The internet waves resulting from huge number of people interacting over the internet as another example. We can see them in stadiums and even in the seas as the video below shows.

Social waves carry rumors fast. Humans may emulate nature to create waves that act as carriers of information to millions of people very fast as birds and fish do. Or, they could turn those waves to storms. Human waves are a fertile land for creative ideas for marketing products, services and cultures. We also need creative ideas on how to make the millions work together as fish, birds and electrons do.

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva Jul 15, 2019 · #42

Thanks for sharing!

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#40 You have a fertile imagination @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven. This is well-reflected in "The end of the video looked like someone put a magnet under the water and slowly pull the dancing flock back down".

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven Jul 14, 2019 · #40

I truly enjoy your second video. It felt like all those birds where performing for my daughter and me while we watched. She danced in awe, listening to the music, and watching them. The end of the video looked like someone put a magnet under the water and slowly pull the dancing flock back down.

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Dear @Clau Valerio- I have just noticed your new comment. Your list of observation are great, capturing and cast light on observation profoundly. If you are so busy and still so observant I am just wondering to what level your power of observation will reach when you have cleaned your mind cache!

Clau Valerio Jul 7, 2019 · #38

#34 Clear!!!! Yesterday I was just meditating on what you are saying, about how our sense of creativity diminishes due to not observing, after these days of a lot of work pressure, yesterday I stopped to look at the beautiful things I had observed on this day, and even I notified him in my "WhatsAPP status", MENTIONING THAT: "THE FINE THINGS OF MY DAY" in him, publish an image of my blue sky at that moment, full of clouds; a picture of the green field on my way, a picture of my youngest daughter hanging from a branch of a tree, a video of my students' laughter before getting wet with balloons full of water and to finish a video where my oldest daughter wrote! The word "love" in the glass of my car before the vaporization of the storm that at that moment had! those are the beautiful things ... OBSERVE IS THE KEY TO ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY, as always according to you. @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee.

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#35 @John Rylance- your comment moved me and I liked the "Ignorant observer". Yes, ignorance can be helpful sometimes. I am so fond of this idea that my next buzz shall be based on it. I published a buzz today on "Swimming in Troubles" and I feel I am now swimming out of trouble. thanks to your lovely comment.

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John Rylance Jul 1, 2019 · #35

#34 There is in group problem solving the term "Ignorant Observer." Essentially someone who has no vested interest in the problem, but can offer advice, a possible solution not seen by those close to the problem. Arguably it would be a creative solution, also known as "blue sky thinking"
Which leads to buzz words/phrases which are used to gauge creative thought, like "let's run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it" or "let's put it all in the blender and see if we can come up with a smoothie." 

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#32 You know what it takes to be creative dear @Clau Valerio. For me, creativity is a reward for having senses to observe. smell, taste, touch and imagination to see new possibilities. Our lives today are fixed mostly in indoors. Our life styles is changing because of stress at work. We are always distracted by news, telephone calls and messages. Our eyes aren't looking into the seas and skies as they are getting more focused on the screen and moving rapidly from one website to the other. We don't allow observation to mature.
The creative ideas from collective and synchronized ideas are getting harder to get because of these distractions. The child in everyone of us is put to sleep.
This is a topic that needs more researching into.

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