Small Today, Significant Tomorrow

Small Today, Significant Tomorrow

It is very unfortunate that we tend to associate the butterfly effect mostly to weather. Humans are affected equally with the butterfly effect. Managers and leaders need to grasp the extensibility of this effect to the human domain. This buzz is an effort in this direction.

Fatima Williams shared a beautiful image on beBee that offers a great insight. I share the image below.

@CityVP Manjit was quick to realize the value of this image as he published a buzz to highlight its value. This fruitful exchange of ideas prompted me to write this buzz.

What Fatima wrote may be re-written in a different way to show the feedback effect. I mean the output of one step becomes the input of the next step.

We give to receive,

We receive to learn,

We learn to grow.

He/she who starts with giving ends up in his/her growth.

Gandhi was aware of this fact. We start in beliefs and no matter how small they are today they become significant later and determine our destiny. Notice the feedback effect and how the output of one line becomes the input of the next line. This feedback results in building momentum and in due course the small becomes the most significant one.

Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your Values become your destiny.

Not only beliefs are subject to the butterfly effect. Our attitudes experience the same. I have many stories to reflect on this. For the sake of brevity I shall share the bricklayer story. When asked why he was enjoying laying bricks for a new and magnificent cathedral he said, and I am putting his response in a way to reflect the feedback embedded into it.

I am building a cathedral so that people would visit it to enjoy its beauty,

Because visiting people shall like the cathedral and change their lives to the better,

Because they changed their lives to the better more people shall visit the cathedral,

Because more people shall visit the cathedral, more people shall change their lives to the better

You see the rippling effect of this great attitude. The man was not only laying bricks for the cathedral; more he was laying the foundation for thinking with positive energy.

Mentioning positive energy and its effect on us, again I may show the rippling effect of this as follows:

Positive attitudes lead to the flow of positive energy,

Flow of energy into thoughts,

Thoughts turn to ideas,

Ideas turn to plans,

Plans turn to actions,

Actions turn to learning,

Learning turn to evolvement,

Evolvement turns to growth.

Imagine if the thoughts were negative then instead in ending with growth we end up in shrinking. Little negative thoughts today may be very detrimental tomorrow.

This is the realization that should be highlighted by leaders- we are not immune to the butterfly effect. It is in operation behind the curtain of time. The drop of water today may fill a jar tomorrow. A little kindness today might turn into a huge reward tomorrow. A coin today shall build a hospital tomorrow. A drop of water may drown a house tomorrow. Minor pollution today may make living difficult tomorrow (background image).

We need to be alert that a drop of kindness today may build the future of others.

#78 thank-you for your generosity. I am always inspired by your posts.

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#77 Dear @Deb🐝 Lange- I have just commented on your buzz of today. You know by now that I trust completely what you say here. You are correct. It is in taking small steps that we may eventually have a great change happening. If we go too fast we might miss the real value of change. It is like the logistic equation- if we go very fast we lose seeing the steps in between. I couldn't agree more with you.

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Dear @Ali Anani yes - we often talk about all the changes we want to make in the world or in our lives and get overwhelmed. Once again, I "think & sense" when we do this we live in the world of ideas and abstractions rather than coming back into the physical world where we can take a fist step. If we take the first step, and the next first step, and the next first step - all those little steps begin to ripple out and the next minute we look back and say, yes we created change - and it started with the first act of kindness, or that first act of composting, or that first act of generosity. Thank-you again for a wonderful post.

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#75 Thank you dear @🐝 Fatima Williams for sharing your bright comment here. I only hope it would receive the attention it deserves. I don't want to repeat what I said somewhere else except to emphasis that your questions guide us son how to make our choices.

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams Feb 7, 2017 · #75

#71 I admire the comments between you amazing intelligent and creative people. I just read them and reflect on them as they reflect real life experiences and I am thankful to you for being so generous in your choice to give which leaves me with a choice to receive.

When we make a choice some fail to consider the most important question.
A.How does this choice benefit me ? B. Will it add value to my life? C. Will the consequences of this choice be good for the people around me?
" Rather than the above we end up with the below questions?Will this choice benefit others ? Is it good ? What will he/she think of my choice etc "
I believe that an embedded choice for me is asking the questions A,B & C. You might call it selfish. But this is the lesson I've learnt from my experience with the people and MY choices in life so far.

Thank you @Ali Anani for tagging me to share and also read these great comments which I would have otherwise missed.

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#71 I wish @🐝 Fatima Williams would share her comment on how to choose which she made today on a previous buzz of mine here. It is very relevant for sharing here as well.

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Max🐝 J. Carter Feb 7, 2017 · #73

#60 I am not sure this has anything to do with what I said.

#67 @Ali Anani Who wants to go against the tide and lose popularity?

I do it daily and with nearly every piece I write.

That we let popularity dictate anything is part of the problem. It is again something that stifles growth and progress in society and in humanity.

Scientific studies on the herd or mob effect show that generally speaking the popular thing is usually the dumbest thing as when we gather in crowds we lose our intellect and become as intelligent as the least intelligent person or people in the crowd. It's one of the most damaging things we do as a species to allow ourselves to give in to popularity.

This is why I never really care who I am about to piss off because the ones who I usually piss off the most are more concerned with their popularity and showing off then they are with getting it right.

The thing I find interesting is watching the unpopular gaining ground against the popular for finally cutting through all the bullshit that every one is tired of seeing the results of the now we live in.

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Sara Jacobovici Feb 7, 2017 Β· #72

#71 Honoured @Harvey Lloyd.

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