The Coldness of Success

The Coldness of Success

Living is to grow. When we succeed we reach higher levels. The more successes we have, the higher we reach. But the higher we reach means the colder it gets. Success is like the weather as it gets colder the higher we ascend.

Reaching high peaks brings new and emerging challenges. One challenge is the lack of enough oxygen to breathe. This forces our bodies to work harder.

People who live at high altitudes either breathe faster to take in more oxygen and this assisted by lager artillery, or they produce more hemoglobin and their lungs increase their expansion capability.

Another challenge is the coldness. It is established that the temperature drops by an average of 9.8 Celsius degrees/1000 meters. This average drops to about 6 Celsius degrees/1000 meters if the atmosphere is rainy or cloudy. The abundance of high trees and high buildings also affect this drop range.

When we reach high tops we may face coldness, lack of support, people with personal agenda and the like. Success is stressful because we need to move among many peaks that emerge and we might be exhausted to fulfill this requirement. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity surround us and even may reside in us till we find it difficult to breathe or take a breathing pause. We get chilled being in the coldness of such situations. Stress initiates and our artillery get narrower rather than lager and our lungs may shrink instead of expanding. We get cold hearts that fail to adapt to the new conditions we find ourselves in.

Going up demands the presence of leaders endowed with very distinctive traits. These rare leaders realize that their positive thinking is the oxygen they breathe. They expand their possibilities thinking positively. These leaders understand that negative thinking will deplete oxygen and even replace it with toxic gases to inhale. They know that their pulse rate and blood pressure go up as their hearts pump harder to get more oxygen to the cells. So, instead of complaining they think of how to increase their oxygen intake and how to increase their lungs’ capacity to deal with this problem.

The challenges for being at the top are to think clearly in turbid environments. They aren’t exposed to the “high altitude sickness” as they keep their appetite for leading.
They face the external challenges and the internal ones as well. They may be surrounded with cold hearts and falling support from workers who are unable to support themselves to support the leaders. These leaders see the light coming and implant hope in despairing hearts.

A leader realizes the shrinking support from workers because of the turbidity prevailing outside and inside them.

Leaders aren’t naturally-born as much as they learn from nature how to adapt to the cold periods of a business.
Ali Anani

lisa william Sep 15, 2020 · #70

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#68 Thank you dear @Tausif Mundrawala for your sharing the post and commenting.

Yes, people tend to get drunk by the "wine of success". They need to be alert and not sleep on past successes. Your oxygen analogy is outstanding.

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Tausif Mundrawala Feb 18, 2020 · #68

When a person is still in the making he tries to infuse as much oxygen and positivity he could. Once successful he didn't know that the filled oxygen would deplete so early. One has to be surrounded by more supporters and likewise thinkers. Never allow that success to go to your head otherwise each person below oneself and maybe others might seem like parasites to them. One's ego would lead to nowhere. Everything should be balanced properly and never allow that humility in you die. Once it's gone then we the worst mechanicals (one of Disney's movie character) of this world.

A mind-stimulating buzz, Sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

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#63 r
You are spot on my dear friend.It is the internal structure that hold us from falling into peaces. Examples are many. One example, is external motivation versus internal motivation. The latter is self-driven and is far more powerful than the external one. And our friend @Jerry Fletcher keeps saying "And so it goes".

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#62 Thank you Jerry for the reminder of "cold Minds" and "Attitude is a reflection of Altitude". Both are relevant and reflect your high altitude.

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 13, 2020 · #64

@Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
@David Navarro López
Mohammed's rich insight:
"We find silliness everywhere when the whole system isn’t working properly. When everyone is adept in some sort of obstinacy and trickery, then what’s apparent is disordered culture.” ~Mohammed Jawad

… I would use these exact words to describing our world … and the mindset & heart-attitude of the residents
(well a large percent)

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 13, 2020 · #63

@Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
@David Navarro López
David & my dear Professor I am sharing a comment that I just posted on @Mohammed Abdul Jawad excellent post
“Be Truthful, Tactical and Trustworthy”
I was reminded of a line from Disney’s recent release of Frozen 2 “do the next right thing”
I’ll share that I worked 18 years in the staffing industry both as a branch & regional manager
My role was business development but to help the businesses I worked with find the “right” candidates
I had to understand the organizational processes & more importantly their challenges
There are no perfect people and no perfect company’s
But putting into place quality standards & quality processes is vital to outcomes
I helped one company who was seeking The Malcolm Balridge Award
It is so comprehensive that it does transform an organization

Performance is internal
Management is external
“To transform an organization you have to also transform the people in it.” ~Fay

Such transformation is Divine & spiritual … requires recognition & cooperation

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