The Fractal Hidden Force

The Fractal Hidden Force

We don’t see the wind, but we see the wind’s effects on moving the trees and blowing flowers and seeds. We see the force by its actions. Likewise; I believe there is an overlooked force- this is what I call the hidden fractal force.

Let me explain what I mean by the findings of recent research. Our brains are fractal and being, so the brains synchronize the brains of human friends. This is the finding of the research at Dartmouth College. This hidden fractal force make friends are 'exceptionally' like each other in how they perceive and respond to the world around them. Synchronization is common among friends. The researchers found the activity of friends' brains was more similar than that of people who didn't know each other, especially in areas involved in attention, emotion and language. This led me to think if it is advisable to have team members work together for extended periods. They may become too friendly and the hidden force synchronize their thinking leading to groupthink. As much as synchronization is needed, yet, we need to avoid group think and thus limiting our ability to explore new possibilities.

A fractal pattern is a repeating pattern in which the same configuration occurs throughout the structure, on a variety of different scales.

I question now that the emerging fractals of the waves in stock markets. Greed and fear go in cycles. Greed is hope for more. Fear is fear of loss. The two “antagonists” fear and greed remind me of the prey-predator simulation that end up in cycles of flourishing preys and then rapidly growing preys. The interplay of these two emotions lead to the formation of the fractal waves. Fractality is order and order has synchronization embedded in it. I am asking myself if synchronization and fractality are like the chicken and egg and which one comes first. Does synchronization come first, or is it the fractals first? Maybe they come together. I thank my friend @Roberto De la Cruz Utria who mentioned greed and fear in his comment on my previous buzz that made me think of this example.

It is dancing between the opposites that leads to fractal behaviors. Healthy hearts have a fractal rhythm as they dance between aperiodic rhythm and a periodic one. So is the dance of stock markets as investors’ hearts dance between greed and fear. Fractal behaviors indicates good health and natural living. Is the heart of our global society pulsing with a fractal rhythm? It is not because it one side is going to the extreme od the greed and the majority beating to the extreme of fear. It is staying far from equilibrium. We need the body too alternate between the two extremes and not that one body beats to greed and another body beating to the extreme of fear. Our global society lacks

I am inspecting the videos below. In the first video you see dancers synchronizing their movements and you me see that seeing part of the resulting star looks like a scaled-up fractal from a small part of it. Fractal force that leads to the beauty of the dance that we all enjoy. I strongly encourage the readers to watch these two videos. They are both amazing.

And the dance of thousands of fish forming a “fish ball” out of fear to be eaten by predators. Here, fear is the driving force. To dilute fear the fish, synchronize their movements to act as many in one. I am showing this example because it reminds me of the stock markets with most of the investors are in a state of fear of losing their invested money with few greedy predators surrounding them. Fear freezes and the predators “smell” the scent of their fear and keeps attacking the fearful.

I shall not be surprised if such systems have a high degree of fractality. I call here for the use fractal indicators to gauge the healthiness of our societies and organizations.

We dance between opposites. It is the synchronized dance between the millions of us between this opposites or lack of it that may yield to highly fractal society with a fractal heart that drives the world to live healthily. Synchronization that leads to fractal structures is the way to lead to healthy societies. This is the real social capital. Not that one party dances to its richness and the other party dances to its poverty. It is when both parties synchronize their movements that healthy societies emerge.

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Thank you Ali for asking, reading and commenting ;~) you are an always lending encouragement
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Just read and shared your first poem. You are an excellent poet. More,in my comment on your poem.

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I have written volumes of poetry Ali
Some are quite lengthy like: Blueberry Banter & Blueberry Blues (written for the Blueberry Council )
Some political in nature like "The Swamp" (also very long)
Many about nature & for family & friends

Here are 2 poems included in posts on beBee:
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Sharing with you the Haiku poems I wrote for my Birthday
Savor time today
Life hour-glass is rushing ;~)
Grate-FULL is my heart

Decades slipping by
Choices made cannot be changed
Nor life rearranged

Son-Light every day
Possibilities unfold
Where will my heart lead?

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#31 That is the least I could do for a great buzz dear @Fay Vietmeier. By the way do you write poetry?

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Thank you for sharing my post and elevating the encouragement to "MUST READ"
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@Fay Vietmeier wrote a buzz, which is a great a great extension of the idea of the hidden force of fractals. IT IS a MUST READ.

The Fractal State of Humanity & the "hidden forces" at work: FOR you & against you

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Thanks for sharing! Very interesting.

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