The Wavy World

The Wavy World

Waves are everywhere. Our world is wavy. We are familiar with sound waves, water waves, spring waves, mathematical waves, stock markets waves, light waves, crowds making waves in football stadiums and now I report on words association waves. The idea of this buzz originated from the draft of this buzz to show a visual example of how to turn text into visuals. The text is based on the comments that @Harvey Lloyd wrote on my last ten buzzes. Harvey is so generous in commenting that his pooled comments reached more than twenty pages and their chronological order allowed for deeper analysis.

Reading a Writers’ Mind from his content writings

What goes in the mind of a writer will be expressed in his writings. Written words mirror that reflects the inside the writer.

Text visualization is one way to read through a writers’ mind. I wish to share my findings here.

Pooling more than twenty pages of comments of Harvey produced the following results. I used Voyant Tools to analyze the comment. What words an author uses and their association are one mirror of seeing through a person. It seems that conflict and its resolution with a purpose is one area that interests Harvey. This is shown from the word cloud and word association in the figure below. Remember that comments are in their chronological order.

With the frequencies of above terms as follows:

In bubblelines, each selected word is represented as a bubble with the size of the bubble indicating the word’s frequency in the corresponding segment of text. The larger the bubble the more frequently the word occurs. Overlapping of bubbles happens with word association.

We can see visually when terms are used together

· The lines in the TermsRadio show the trends of the term frequencies for the visible documents. Even movement of words go in waves. The waves show the chronological order of words. We may also notice when the waves of two words reach their maximum frequency together.

Noticing that “words waves” formation in the above image reminded me of life and that we move in waves. Not only us, buts words too. If you would observe the fantastic video below you see what I mean.

We may consider each ball on the pendulum as a “word Ball”. Uncoupled simple pendulums of increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and (seemingly) random motion. Some authors have their words dancing together to produce waves that move us. Even uncoupled words pendulum may move together to produce a wave that is like the waves observed in the video.

Notice in the video that when all pendulums are move with synchronicity better waves are created. We may produce waves in whatever form if we move items together. Examples include right brain and left brain, managers and leaders and marketing and sales.

Even coupled “associated words” can do the same as is shown in the image below. I picture two associated words are linked together on the ends of a slinky spring and their movement goes in a wave. It is moving the two “word balls” vertically and in simultaneity that produces patterned wave. It is the absence of such synchronicity that lead to the continuing conflicts between the right brain and left brain, between leaders and managers and between sales and marketing staff. Just by replacing each the words A and B in the following image by right brain and left brain or managers and leaders reveal the need to resolve their conflict so that they may produce harmonious waves.

Recent studies show that dancing electrons move in waves, markets move in waves, and marketing trends move in waves. I started this buzz writing about comments, but then I found myself immersed in waves. I shall share my thoughts about them in a forthcoming buzz.

In conclusion, our words create waves that reveal our consistency, uniformity and they could be our new fingerprints.

I dedicate this buzz to @Harvey Lloyd who is a continuous inspiration for me.

#65 @Imad Al-iroud

You are welcome to the world of beBee.
Thank you and I hope that the third time reading will make the post clearer to you

Imad Al-iroud May 22, 2020 · #65

I have read this article twice abd think I need toread anither third time. It's both interesting and intriguing . The idea is new to me atleast . Wonderful !

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Harvey Lloyd Jan 20, 2018 · #64

#60 please don’t misunderstand the limbic response is a response method and does apply SOMETIMES. It should be in consideration

But each response is sure to follow with one from the other. The choice of limbic will not garner a Christmas card. Be prepared

Another saying was. Don’t let ur mouth write checks ur but can’t cash.

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#59 Again, this is sheer brilliance @Harvey Lloyd. I consider your comment one of the best I have read over the last few years.
I couldn't disagree with you. You remind me of the way I deal with angry people. I wrote about it before, but your comment urges me to share my experience here again. You wrote "I find it typically is better to allow them top run out of energy and come back to the purpose at hand". This is exactly my approach with angry people. Let me give first three analogies"
1- never add water to hot sulfuric acid; the opposite is valid.
2- never pour hot oil on cold water. The opposite is safer.
3- When a hot wave runs into a cold wave we have turbulent weather.
In the three examples above we never add the hot (angry) person to a cool person. It is far better to let the angry person to vent out his anger till he cools down. Then we may add him to the discussions.
You are a great thinker my friend.

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#61 You are most welcome @Lisa Vanderburg. We learn a lot from you as well.

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Lisa Vanderburg Jan 20, 2018 · #61

#59 There - that's the perfect way to quell a storm; @Harvey Lloyd's analogy.
It has been a pleasure to read you (both) as always @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, I learn so much!

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Lisa Vanderburg Jan 20, 2018 · #60

#54 Totally hear you Harvey, and an excellent explanation of why the limpic system should not be exposed to sunlight either :)

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Harvey Lloyd Jan 20, 2018 · #59

#50 Waves in water always take a natural path. To change that wave requires energy. Communication wave forms will also take a natural path. The larger question is should apply energy and where.

Within a negative setting someone is using energy to sustain a wave outside its natural flow. I find it typically is better to allow them top run out of energy and come back to the purpose at hand. If i chase them and try and bring them back, with the best, well thought out plan, it only feeds the energy they have.

You will notice with this technique a lull begins to form within the negative purveyance. To punch into this lull, you could state, I believe i understand your thoughts now, what would you propose we start with? Don't quantify, or validate previous negative statements but rather wait for them to unload the bucket.

I went along with a friend who was a salesman to an international complaint on a product failure that would cost in the millions. We had discussed the hornets nest of various department who trying desperately not to catch the blame. He decided that the atmosphere would be volatile and that he would wait it out. I watched for almost an hour as various departments argued, positioned, my friend was silent. He was even asked why he was silent, he stated i am discovering your concerns.

After this hour and everyone had emptied the bucket. He let the silence grow over the room to where it was deafening. They asked if he had any thing to say. He stood up and said now that we have exhausted all measures of who to blame. I am here to fix the problem. From that moment on the discussions went positive and the situation was resolved.

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