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Thinking on the Edge

Thinking on the Edge

Would you like to be in the middle or the extreme ends? Is there a simple and scientific approach? How answering these questions will help us improve our thinking and hence our actions? I promise the reader a soft sailing in attempting to answer these questions and then deriving the appropriate conclusions.

I am thinking of the edges between many things that we do in our lives without consideration for those edges. I shall show by examples what I mean. Let us fill a beaker with tangible things first, water to begin with. The water molecules in the body of water are bonded to each other except for those molecules at the surface (the edge between water molecules and surrounding air). The water molecules at the surface are tensed because the underneath water molecules pulls them downwards. To reduce this pulling water molecules at the surface take a spherical shape. Being in the "bulk" is different from being on the edge.

If we add oil to water without stirring then we shall have a new edge between water and oil. All oil molecules and water molecules are surrounded by similar molecules except for those on the "meeting edge". It is by stirring that causes oil to disperse as droplet in water. Now, we may visualize filling the beaker with other tangible and intangible inhomogeneous bodies.

Thinking on the Edge

The edge between each pair of opposites may not be visible or it could be rugged as well.

In each case, or would it be better: to be immersed in one half of the beaker or to be on the edge of opposites? Or do you prefer to be on the tensed edge or in the calmness of the bulk? Would you be immersed fully in the past, the future or in the edge of the present? Would you rather be in the order of whatever it is such as the order of learning or the disorder of searching?

To be fully immersed in the bulk of waters shall deprive you from the challenge of the tension on the edge of opposites. The edge between being a solid or gas (liquid) is where real life takes place. Chemists know well that rapid changes take place in the liquid phase because you need the reactants to collide and also move away so that other molecules may collide and the reaction may propagate. We need our ideas to collide and propagate and this possibility shall be reduced if we are "solid-like" or "gaseous" in our exchanges of ideas. We need to learn from our collisions and move on temporarily to the gaseous or solid states so that other ideas may collide. We need to have to the chaotic collisions of ideas in our searches for reality, but also we need the order of learning. Things happen at the edges and then we move away to one region so that we may put what we searched in order and then as new searches reveal new findings we need again to re-learn. In the continuous cycle of searching and learning we need to stay on the edge separating them because there is the creative edge.

We may stir our edges and form droplets of oily ideas in the waters of our thinking. We disperse our thinking and create new situations that may lead us to further discoveries. It is not planning or not planning as much as staying on the edge of the two opposites. Any other approach is only pleasing our comfort zones and swimming in calm waters.

If there is no visible edge I shall try to create an invisible one to stay on the edge.

Sara Jacobovici 9/10/2016 · #64

#62 #63 Your kind words @Ali Anani and @Irene Hackett, encourage me to keep at it. Thank you.

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Irene Hackett 9/10/2016 · #63

Dear @Sara Jacobovici - here's where I am finding the absolute brilliance in your thinking more deeply on this idea "a duality holding a triad containing the integrated area formed by the internal side of the edge." This "integrated area" is intriguing me and I am so looking forward to more! I am in full agreement with @Ali Anani - "you are hitting a treasure..Great thinking." Indeed!

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Ali Anani 9/10/2016 · #62

#61 Dear @Sara Jacobovici- what a great insight "So we are not just discussing being on the edge but whether we are on the internal or external side of the edge". I can't wait to read about your thoughts. My intuition you are hitting a treasure. I was thinking of @CityVP Manjit last buzz on which I commented and I feel this ideas takes us even a step further. Great thinking

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Sara Jacobovici 9/10/2016 · #61

Dear @Ali Anani and @Irene Hackett. I have not forgotten the encouragement to develop the concept of being on the edge of a triad. I'm working on it and studying the comments from you both. I was working on something focusing on duality and integration and thought of the possibility that the duality of the edge, one side connected to the sides that enclose the triad, the internal side facing the triad and the external side, although connected with other edges, the external side faces away from the containment produced by the triad. Could this external boundary be the edge of integration formed in the contained internal area, or integrated area, where we do not experience the integration? So we are not just discussing being on the edge but whether we are on the internal or external side of the edge; a duality holding a triad containing the integrated area formed by the internal side of the edge. Just updating you both with some of the thoughts going through my mind. I hope I am not travelling too far beyond the original concept. Please let me know.

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Irene Hackett 5/10/2016 · #59

#58 Dear @Sara Jacobovici - what rises to the surface as I think more deeply about what it may mean to live on the edge is to face our fears: to 'free fall' into the deep, expansive spaces we resist in order to feel the intensity of aliveness; in ourselves, in others, in all the universe. Ironic that to live on the edge may mean non-resistance.

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Sara Jacobovici 5/10/2016 · #58

#56 Dear @Irene Hackett, I'm not forgetting for a moment that the idea comes from you. If you wish to expand on it...after all we believe that good things come in threes.

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Irene Hackett 5/10/2016 · #57

And of course honored to have been mentioned in this fine collaboration 😍 @Ali Anani @Sara Jacobovici

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