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Trapping Ideas

Trapping Ideas

A great value of a social media platform is linked to its ability to promote symbiosis of minds. I have reasons to claim this. Like a tree and a fungus forming symbiotic relationship that both parties strive to keep so are minds that work together with both realizing that their survivability depends on fostering this relationship and preventing it from decaying?

Symbiosis of minds elevates sensitivity of thinking. Crickets tweet just before rain and their sound alerts the trees to open their stomata (breathing opening). My mind smells the fragrance of rainy ideas before it rains and the pores of my mind open to receive the fragrance of ideas coming from great minds. Trees can hear sound and we too can hear "sound" ideas. It was Backster who did a great experiment by deciding to light a dracaena plant in his office with a match to which an electrode was attached. The surprising thing is that the plant reacted to the threat before even Backster lit the match! Amazing- the plant anticipated the danger and read the intention of the man. Trees think, feel and anticipate. When we build symbiotic relationships we upgrade our senses and anticipation and we may then "read" events before then happen!

Trapping Ideas

One of the plants that catch my attention is flytrap. The reason is this plant is the closest to animals than any other known plant. It is stays on the edge between animals and plants. It shows some very interesting phenomena and provides unique opportunities for learning. For example, plants tend to defend themselves against predators using different strategies; In contrast, flytrap eats its predators. Staying on the edge as you see may lead to "reverse behaviors". Not only that as this plant doesn't like to live in nutrient-rich soil; it thrives on poor soils. Enriching the soil with fertilizers may in fact kill the plant! Are minds on the edge between two different worlds as peculiar as flytrap?

The flytrap needs to catch insects to use as a source of nitrogen. It has a four-step strategy to do that. I find this strategy even relevant to us to "trap ideas" from each other and further strengthen our symbiotic relationship.

Trapping Ideas

The strategy starts with seducing a prey by its color and aroma. But how a plant can tell if what is falling in its leaves is an insect and not something edible? Flytrap knows that assuming can be killing. Therefore it follows simple rules to avoid wasting its energy in consuming bad objects. The sensory hairs will become alert with the first touch; but only alert enough if the trapped object is a moving insect and the flytrap will wait for a second touch before getting more alert. Only after a third stimuli the insect will decide to close its "teeth" and digest the insect over a weeks' time before spitting out the residues.

We trap ideas and they may act as stimuli. We need to ensure first those ideas are of value and relevance to us. We need them as a source of nutrient and make sure they are before wasting our energy in dealing with them. We need to be able to digest them over some time to get the most out of them before discarding what remains. Flytrap grows the flowers way above the leaves so that the pollinating insects may not be trapped by the leaves. There are insects to be eaten and others to pollinate. The movement of the parts selve the functionality of the whole system.

We trap ideas and we can learn a lot how to trap the relevant ideas and digest them only when we are sure of their worth. How many times we spent times on ideas that were irrelevant? We need to attract new ideas with the simultaneity that what we attract is truly worthy. We need then to be able to interlock those ideas so that no "bacterial-like" ideas may contaminate them. We then proceed to digesting them.

Trapping Ideas

Trapping of ideas is not different from the way flytrap traps its victims.

namita sinha 24/10/2016 · #44

#42 And such a great perspective which only you could have shared, Dr @Ali Anani " Emotions have connections to each other. Love shall attract people and hatred shall do a well. I started to see emotions in different perspectives...

namita sinha 24/10/2016 · #43

#42 Hugely inspired Dr @Ali Anani by your acknowledgement and sharing ! Thankyou so much .

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Ali Anani 24/10/2016 · #42

#41 Dear @namita sinha- I wish every bee would read your great and penetrating comment. You wrote "Writing and reading are medium to feel aware of our feelings and give them a safe route of expression and exchange, its almost a kind of meditation to focus on conscious writing / reading". How true!
EMotional Networks based on clusters of emotions shall reveal new findings, and I have no doubt this statement is valid. The network might show five main emotions as clusters. Emotions have connections to each other. Love shall attract people and hatred shall do a well. I started to see emotions in different perspectives.
Dear @namita sinha- do share your ideas in a buzz. They shall be valuable.

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namita sinha 24/10/2016 · #41

#40 Well, a kind of synchronicity again Dr @Ali Anani, indeed after reading your post, as already expressed, I too have been thinking on posting on how Emotional Connections are so vital and fundamental to successful social media networking, ad infact they are but "Emotional networks .. ". Come to think of it, why we all are pulled to your buzzes , well of course because you put forth such wonderful ideas but also because you value our feelings and emotions when we respond with our comments , which ultimately helps us further with our expressions and ideations . It is indeed a symbiotic relationship of great content and emotional satisfaction . As humans , we are driven constantly by how we feel ,..and its anytime good to be aware of these emotions and not suppress them.
Writing and reading are medium to feel aware of our feelings and give them a safe route of expression and exchange, its almost a kind of meditation to focus on conscious writing / reading .And some social media networks as these, allow for this safe haven to exist for all of us - where we come together for an emotional as much as an intellectual exchange ; and that's also a reason why ultimately its the like minded and emotionally close ones who become a part of a certain group / hive / community.... We feel the bond and the connection growing strong, don't we, we almost start caring for each other even though we may not have even met or spoken to so many in our networks ! The vibes continue ... to attract more ...
And as I am reflecting more on this...glad to see that it rings a bell to you too...and you shall do great justice, I am sure :)

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Ali Anani 24/10/2016 · #40

#39 Dear @namita sinha-it is always a pleasure to read your comments any time. You concluded your comment with a gem "we tend to learn so much from the processes at play around us in the nature and its never enough ...".
I don't know how feasible or even silly the idea that started ringing in my head if we have social networks why don't we have equally emotions networks? When we socialize are emotions are involved. How to relate the two is an idea that started brewing. May be you can help, dear namita

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namita sinha 24/10/2016 · #39

Dear Sir @Ali Anani, loved this buzz from you and though a bit delayed my response, I still stand to gain even more - by the post and the enriching comments as well by so many Bees !

When you talk of symbiotic existence, I am instantly connected to the idea of Emotional Intelligence in Action in Human relationships , be it at workplace, family or any other social context. And its indeed true that Social Media is another powerful one to germinate a most powerful network of connected ones.

So though Emotional intelligence ( commonly referred to as EI or EQ) begins with building awareness of one's own feelings and behaviour and then to those of others, its all about using this awareness and knowledge towards constructive and mutually beneficial long term relationships. Hence the one who knows how his partner is expected to feel and behave in a situation uses this intuition and wisdom to build the most fulfilling relationships and experiences. The perfect case for harmonious existence and synergy, but ofcourse , only if purpose and intent as always is right and not manipulative towards greed and short term gains !
Coming to ideas again, I would say its all about being aware in the moment and taking it up one at a time rather than rushing and multi tasking or forcing ideas towards deadlines ! One needs to slow down at times or change gears so to say !
Your metaphors beautifully support the fact again , that we tend to learn so much from the processes at play around us in the nature and its never enough ...

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Ali Anani 22/10/2016 · #38

#31 As this metaphor extends, trees are such a perfect image of standing strong as an individual while collaborating with all sorts of lifeforms.- yes, I agree completely with @Sara Jacobovici in expanding this into what promises to be a great buzz.

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Ali Anani 22/10/2016 · #37

#30 Absolutely and very-well said @Deb Helfrich. No matter how strong a tree is, it builds symbiotic relationship with supposedly inferior fungi. It is what each party brings to the symbiotic relationship that determines its quality.

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