Visual Flow of Ideas

Visual Flow of Ideas

My latest three buzzes received more than three hundred comments on beBee alone. These comments are mostly in response to previous comment(s). The flow of comments may have been interrupted occasionally; alas they produced great ideas. This buzz is a humble attempt to review the new ideas these discussions revealed.

I am doing this with a purpose- to show how the exchange of ideas under certain conditions is a great way for all of us to learn, grow and create new ideas or modified ones for the betterment of all of us.

The discussions revealed a butterfly effect. The seemed little importance of a comment turned out to have a big effect in stirring the discussions. The effect was much greater than the cause. Equally important the discussions revealed the need to be able to visually see our different opinions to see the gaps and how to deal with them without deviating from the main purpose of writing a buzz. For example, if a comment attacks the author in person showed a variety of responses. Harvey Lloyd suggested ignoring them. Sara Jacobovici suggested the author to control his response because no one can control the commentor. Susan Rooks, the Grammar Goddess suggested avoidance whereas Lisa Vanderburg suggested forgiveness, if at all possible.

The author, I, suggested that the comments have their own risk. Like any risk, the impact of risk is defined by its frequency and impact. The scope of risk was further elaborated upon by Deb Helfrich who saw the risk as a contaminator to the discussion community and isn’t limited to the author and its negative impact isn’t limited to the author only, but also extends to the discussion community. Lisa Vanderburg expressed similar views. Chris Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA picked the thread and called for the need to mitigate such risks so as not to be repeated frequently and flow out of their tolerance level. Cyndi wilkins expressed her concern on the risk of those writers of negative comments. Harvey Lloyd picked these ideas by suggesting the introduction of a graphic of the risk of losing our purpose of discussions. To my best understanding I draw the graphic below.

(You may notice that I highlighted the DISC segment of Discernment in red for a purpose to explain soon).

You can see easily that the above discussions don’t fall on the diagonal line and deviate from it. We differ in our weighing risks and their impact. They range from zero risk (by avoiding, neglecting, ignoring and the like responses to seeing the effect being repeated and affecting the community and poisoning discussions and escalating to almost a value of 100). We need to see to what extent our actions deviate from the straight line so as to see how best to deal with them.

One reason for these deviations is that we have different DISC Profiles. MY profile is mostly D for (Dominant), followed by I (Influence), 33%) and I am low at both S (Steadiness) and C (Compliance). My behaviors shall be different from those people who are mostly S or D. Combining the Disc Graph with the above risk graph may be of great help for us to understand our varying responses to the impact of risks. This in turn would help us in better understanding each other and on expanding our tolerance zones.

The beauty of the above discussions is that they make management more visual and easier therefore to spot differences and build bridges of understanding. I like therefore the variation that Milos Djukic suggested for DISC to read as:

D for Determination
I for Interweaving of internal maturity
S for Self-similarity
C for C-butterfly

We have a new DISC system that warrants a dedicated buzz to explore it depth. I promise to do soon.

What helps us more in minimizing the deviations that drift us from the diagonal straight line in the risk graph above is using filters as Sara Jacobovici suggested. Meanwhile, Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA offered her filtering system composed of:

Maintain your professionalism; 2) be respectful and agree to disagree. 3) Speak only for yourself (we have no right to speak for others unless asked to); 4) Speak of the facts (absolutely essential) or use the phrase 'I believe'.

Chris… suggested an expansion of the filtering system to include:

5.Reserve the right NOT to comment if one has nothing of value to add (Often my approach personally; although I may add a "relevant" if any comment /(s)resonates)
6.Be sure to read the full buzz and the commentary sequence before adding tones own comment. This is essential to fully and properly contextualize ones response.

Yolanda Ávila Márquez suggested using Socrates three filtering system. So, we may combine all these ideas to develop the beBee filtering system.

The Blue Ocean Strategy has four pillars. These are Increase, Decrease, Eliminate and Create. These could also be adding the Filtering Pillar to increase its applicability. Avoid is part of this it. We are here suggesting a modified Blue Ocean Strategy.

These are some of the highlights of our discussions. beBee is truly providing us with an ample room to build on our discussions and move forward.

CityVP Manjit Sep 25, 2017 · #129

#127 No. There are explanations worth giving but while some of us are adaptive to thinking, the human race in general in creating conceptions such as nationality and religion are drawn to concreting what should adaptive. While the adaptive mind can adapt, the history of concrete and linear thinking has shown how symbols have been literally translated. Instead of the river of life being a metaphor, Indians treat the Ganges as a literal translation.

This is why I consider HR to be the bastion of a religion rather than a business enterprise. For sure there are great entrepreneurs who give life and meaning to HR, but just as religion has become obsessed with the symbol, so does the rank and file of HR. The last time I upset command and control HR it was a Myers-Briggs exercise that HR group was having with employees. That showed me how a DISC profile can quickly turn into a DICK profile. Why would people interpret these things any different in the future, when there are so many still messing up the past.

I celebrate this buzz because you are adaptive and the comments have my regard because you tend to attract adaptive minds, but no matter how well we explain these things, these things flow back to that very space which we find so much comedy, from Dilbert to Office Space, from House of Lies to Swimming with Sharks. An explanation of a DICK profile does nothing to enlighten the world but the existence of literal minded HR folk mean that we are left only with that image of comedy and tragedy as the paradox we have failed to overcome - and so instead of explanation, one must smile knowing that this is still actual life. This cow path has been walked on so long that we notice only the road less traveled and in that is the humour.


#126 dICK Profile- this sounds very interezting@CityVP 🐝 Manjit. Could you explain more, please?

CityVP Manjit Sep 18, 2017 · #126

When I began reading this it was because Chris had linked this to my Yellow Hive. The opening paragraphs seemed to be about complexity and the butterfly effect which would place this buzz in my Violet Hive, yet the actual meat and bones of this buzz is about communication and thus I moved this buzz into my Gray Hive.

Filter failure starts with our first primary response. Since I am going backwards in time reading old buzzes, this changes the context of recent buzzes but regardless of the context, my goal here is creating my own learning pathways and so I am constantly on the look out for new tangents and new avenues of inquiry. In a latter buzz I found one of those avenues which led me to the post on Curiousity, which I also immediately tagged today to my White Hive.

The umbrella theme of applying filters is a technicality that beBee can work out and in this context, the feedback here is going to @Javier 🐝 beBee but as I have arrived here, the context personally for me is my relationship with content and what the possibility of that content has for my learning. I can't design a filter for 7 billion people, but I can discern a filter for one person, which is my own self. Discernment is the most natural filter we have, because it is us as human being and not as a model.

If I created DREAMER - INFLUENCER - CRITIC - KOOLKAT such a DICK profile will be just as useful as a DISC profile for determining filters but such a classification remains unnecessarily complex. Our ability to hide content is technically available, but discernment is our own choice. In the world of comments people mostly forget what they have written, the content maker should have tools to curate their content, but discernment is a personal choice and not a group model.

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Harvey Lloyd Sep 13, 2017 · #125

#123 Be careful now, you are setting an expectation i may not be able to uphold in all settings. I appreciate your comments and also the learning journey. Thanks @Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA for your kind words.

Every once and while i find myself in sync with the world around me. Most often i am chasing the train. In DiSC langauge i get my D out ahead of reality.

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Chris 🐝R Guest Sep 13, 2017 · #124

#123 not to mention an intellectual behemoth if I may use the term.To stay with @Harvey Lloyd requires a real expansion of the mind ..excellent mental workout

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#120 I say out of experience that @Harvey Lloyd is not only talking as much as he is sharing. I ammost grateful to you @Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA for acknowledging the heart of Harvey. He gives his knowledge not expecting any thing in return. He is truly a great human.

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#119 this is what I call sweet differences dear @Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA. physical memomory may weaken, but not the desire to learn and share. You are so considerate my friend.


#118 believe me Chris this is my attitude. If I think of the hours I invested with @Harvey Lloyd over the last 3 days to learn so as to communicate my acquired knowledge to the readers you shall be surprised. To be living is to be growing AND giving.